Rise Of The Beast – Episode 1 – First Time Masturbation Of Teen

Hello readers,

Hope you are having a fun filled life especially a great sex life.

Now coming to my introduction. I am prem, thirty years old, five and a half feet tall, athletic sex beast – wild by nature.

I would like to share my entry into sex kingdom, for that we need to rush back to 2005. Those were the initial days of my intermediate (11th) standard in a residential school. I was a bit relieved after I cleared tenth exams with distinction. Life was cool and calm but hostel life was completely new for me had some minor issues in adjusting.

One night, I woke up due to some unusual sensation in my private area. It took some time to come to my senses but when I was fully awake, I realized one of my classmates beside me with his hands inside my shorts and moving his fingers all over my organ. I was in a confused state whether to enjoy the new feeling or to shout at him.

After some time, it was not good and I kicked him hard. He fell down from the bed and ran away.

The next morning I was a bit nervous with last night’s events. But the feeling of someone’s fingers moving on my private organ was building up deep inside me without my permission. Somehow I was able to complete all the classes and had lunch. We had lab sessions post lunch during which our professor gave a brief introduction of activities to be carried out throughout the year.

After that, it was free time. I went back to the hostel, slept on my bed but was unable sleep as some unknown force deep inside me was driving me crazy for something which I was unable to identify.

Finally, I made my mind and rushed to the toilet room. Slowly, I pulled my shorts till knee length and started moving my fingers on penis. The feeling was making my blood to rush into my brain but soon I realized that my penis was growing in size and becoming hard. I was terrified stopped myself then and there, pulled back my shorts and came out.

There was some kind of fear that what to do if something wrong happens to my penis. Whom should I tell? And if they ask how it happened, what I should tell? Will they come to know what I did?

While all these questions were running through my mind, I started sweating. Soon I realized that my penis was back to its original shape. I was very much relieved after that. Then I went to play volleyball along with my classmates.

I spent the time chit chatting with my classmates. After that, I had dinner and a short walk in the cool breeze. It was 9.30 pm by that time and I went back to the hostel. As soon as I was on the bed, afternoon’s event was running like a real time movie in front of my eyes. Again I was having a desperate feeling to touch my penis.

I switched off the tube light and pulled the blanket covering head to toe. Then slowly I pulled my night suit’s knot and pushed hands inside my inners. I was having heavenly sensation moving my fingers on my penis, I was tempted to hold my penis in hand and started moving. Soon I was on the ninth cloud.

I was enjoying the act immensely. Soon I felt something rushing out from my organ, a heavy amount of fluid came out and I was back to my senses. I was worried whether the fluid came out was blood? Is something wrong inside? Did I hurt myself? Soon I went to deep sleep unknowingly.

The next day and day after that, I didn’t feel anything unusual so I was sure by myself that nothing wrong has happened.

For the next few days, I was having a usual routine and no temptation.

Almost after ten days, my body was yelling to have the pleasure I had last time.

By this time, my fears almost vanished on this act and my penis has grown in size and was stiff too. So I started shaking my penis slowly for initial sometime and then increased the speed. I was flying high and high.

After some two to three minutes, again the fluid came out. This time, I was enjoying a lot when the fluid was hitting my inners. After that, I don’t remember when I slept.

That was the beginning of my sex journey. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

I will come back with the further events in this wonderful journey in the next episode in which I was introduced to sex stories. I don’t whether to address her as girl or woman.She entered the blank page I reserved for my imaginary sex queen.

She was one of the beautiful creations by the creator whom every single man on this earth would like to enjoy unlimited like Jio pleasure-filled life. Also, I will share whether she is limited only to my dreams or I will be the lucky guy to explore this gorgeous treasure.

Please share your valuable comments and advises to improve my narration skills, as this is my first post. Please share your response to the following email address –
[email protected]

Wish you all a fun filled romantic sex life…

Do love each other unconditionally.

Love and let love….

Love sex pleasure

With love, yours

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