My Moneyshot Mother Raasi

Dad leaves house 5:00 am and returns home at late night .This is a short description of my family

My mom is fair 5’1 in height and chubby with little bit saggy tits, a round ass to die for and belly not flat in sense she is not so fat wears always sarees with no bra as she stays at home with routine of cleaning house and vessels in the morning and preparing breakfast for us.

She usually goes out to temple on weekends by getting ready with light silk saree and hair full of jasmine flowers visualizes her as a mature women going to first night (suhaag) her appearance make any man itchy to fuck her. As days were passing routine one day a shocking news that dad has met with a major accident in the highway cross collided to a truck carrying wooden logs. We went to the hospital and saw dad he was in a serious condition that doctors said it takes 48 hrs to say the whereabouts of dad.

We waited in the hospital for 3 days and spent all the savings we had on hospital expenses, next day doctors called us and said that he is still in serious condition and had injury to his back and kidneys which needed dialysis treatment which cost 12000 each time and as a whole it cost approximately 1,50,000 rs.We were blank in mind how to adjust the money mom was crying and I was in no state of consoling ,mom got a idea of asking dads younger brother (51 yrs) is in real estate business and earned much her wife died last year .

The next morning we traveled to uncle’s house and explained him the situation his servant served us breakfast which we refused , I called the hospital to know the condition and walked out of house, mom was crying and talking to uncle due to bad signal I could not call so I was returning inside reached the window and listened my uncle saying that “raasi don’t cry I can’t see you crying .I’ll pay the amount but not as whole but in installments as all amount is trapped in business and in return I would ask you a favor ”

Mom: sure, anything please help me get out of this misery.

He moved close to my mom and said

Uncle: raasi, my wife died a year ago and don’t have any female attachment to make love as I was fantasizing of you raasi from the first day of marriage to my brother .Now I would like to take advantage of this situation and ask you to act like my wife no money debt longer.

Mom hearing this stood without saying a word to uncle and came out I immediately ran farther acting as I was talking in mobile. I was angry too and returned to the hospital after 2 days doctors said to take my father to another hospital as no fee is paid, we cried a lot and asked the doctors at last gave us 2 days time.

That evening mom was sitting side of dad was crying suddenly mom left the place I was afraid and followed mom by bus which reached uncles house and pressed calling bell, uncle opened the door and said

Raasi , I knew you will come to me as you have no choice. Mom entered the house with tears in eyes as uncle closed the door, I entered veranda without making noise and stood at the window crack with complete view of inside

Mom: what should I do?

Unc: you do nothing it’s on me to make love to you. And drank a glass of wine offered it mom she refused

Uncle sat nearby mom and laid hands on her thighs like consoling her but he was lusting and lift mom face by chin which was down and attempted to kiss her, she moved in a way to escape him

Unc: raasi if u refuse you may leave then no money no husband . Surrender to me for your life as no one sees and knows

Mom: please don’t cheat me. Saying this she removed the pallu and caught his head to kiss

Uncle took a sip of wine and exchanged it with mom mouth to mouth sucking her tongue and biting lips mom was shedding tears which he drank by licking her face this scene made me go mad and had hard-on .Uncle placed hands on moms boobs over blouse and squeezed them as balloons he could not resist and took off hooks of moms blouse which released the great mounts as she never wear innerwear.

He rubbed and squeezed which did not fit in his hands it continued for more than 15 min with pinching of nipples he was vigorous that mom bit her lips out of pain

He removed shirt and began sucking and biting moms tits trying to milk them like a cow.He took mom in his hands and took her into the bedroom I climbed the terrace window to see and in mean time took my cock out and started to stroke.

Unc: those are beautiful I would like to spend rest of my life sucking your boobs. He took off her petticoat and she was fully nude with a great view of pussy full of lengthy pubic hair,he started to spin the pubic hair with his fingers and bent to reach the pussy and started to lick mom’s cunt and tongue fucked her.

Mom left soft moans from her biting lips and lay down completely closing eyes after 20 min of sucking he removed his inner and took out his tool which is very thick and 8 inches in length .He took moms hands and placed on his dick mom was surprised by the size of his dick and opened her eyes .Mom was shocked and started to stroke it slowly then he said to lick his dick mom said no way she is going to such that tool.

Then he said he is gonna leave her mouth today and spread moms legs wide open to make it easy.

Uncle then caught mom’s tits like support and fucked her fastly mom was moaning loudly .

Then turned her over squeezed moms ass like flour balls and caught moms waist lifting to his height then inserted his cock from behind and kissed her neck.

He started talking dirty language calling her a whore, slut, prostitute then caught moms hair with one hand and placed other hand on moms shoulder and humped like a dog crazily at last he said he is gonna cum mom said to remove and cum in hands but he grabbed her tightly and cummed inside my mom’s pussy where I came from I was uncontrollable and came on wall front to me and tucked my cock in.

Mom hurried and went to the bathroom for a wash picking up all her clothes . Uncle laid on the bed tired and satisfied mom came out after 10 min dressed up and hair tied.

Mom called uncle to give her the money then he went to the cupboard and opened it taking rs 50000 out and handed over to mom which she grabbed and tied it in pallu end, uncle kissed mom and said that he was bored of using his hand daily to get off that she made him satisfied the fuck of an year.

I ran down and returned to hospital by bus.

Mom came after an hour and I asked where she had gone mom said she went to a friend of hers to borrow money who was successful arranging her 50000 now and remaining promised later. We paid the amount in the counter, mom was happy that treatment started and dad was kept in icu again.

The next evening said too mom took the bus and reached uncles house there mom and uncle called a friend of his to come over to his house immediately. Mom was puzzled of what is gonna happen.

To be continued.

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