Unexpected Night With A Shy Girl

Hello readers, am a very regular reader of ISS. Then I thought of posting my experience too. This is the first time am doing so, if any spelling mistake and etc ( if there) then sorry.. fine here we are with the story.. My story of how I met her, how things went on to the pole, how that aroma and the satin gown turned me into a beast. Seems that I should go on to the story now. So ladies and lads get hold of your tool coz this journey is going to be wild and sweet as honey.

So before going up to the story, I deserve an introduction of myself. Well,am BEING NAUGHTILICIOUS (pen name)   am a 21 year old chap, decently built,almost 6″ feet tall.. living in a Posh area of MUMBAI..and girls love to me see me in Ray Bans as I have a huge collection of them ,ridding my bullet across the streets..( very much crazy about Ray Bans..) Well, this happened when I was in 12th, as usual life was just hitting around books and schools as it was the time of board exam.. just as boring as possible.

Every year I just keep expecting some new girl coming inside the class, and all boys having their jaws down, and the perfume should carry them in the air when she passes by.. STOP.. imaginations work only in fairy tale.. but sometime even fairy tales turns out to be true in real… yes, it did happen.Yeah it was SHREYA ( dummy name), from Chennai.. Wait, I had a very bad impression on Chennai girls.. they were very conservative, play politics. Never mingle with guys.. and the bad thing is when some guy would just try to say ” how are you darling ” then trust me u are gone for no reason.. (hated them…)

School started as usual at 8:15 am.. first period was maths, I hated it when it’s first period… the best part of maths is The Teacher, she defines hotness.. a mere 40 year old lady, looked like in her 25-30s.. well maintained figure, pink lips, always wore a tight patiala (a punjabi dress worn by ladies ) which defined her well shaped boobies, tight ass… her slim hips.. wwoooww, it’s just like a morning feast for me to see her like that.. and sitting on the first bench during maths period was a never let go luck.. ( as everyone fought for that bench in maths period) .. my imagination was pouring for her..

I wanted her to pounce on me where I will feel her boobies slowly slowly over her patiala, turning her back and kiss her shoulders on her patiala holding her hips.. pinching it.. play with her hot boobies from behind.. fuccckkk morning was always great if it was maths.. the period got over so was my imagination.. second period was chemistry ( boring subject of all, nothing was interesting nor the teacher, nor the subject) I was just drawing some shit on my book and then suddenly someone just said sweetly ” ma’am may I come in “… my head just turned on as if someone called my name.. it was SHREYA.. not too fair looking girl..I was scanning her from top to bottom..

FACe- not bad, could be better with make up..
LIPS- won’t mind sucking it all day long, pink and juicy..
BOBBIES- Wwooowww what a creation of god, beautiful.. suckilliiiccciiooouuss..might be 36
ASS- this thing deserved to be fucked hard by me..

The scanning was all over when she just passed by me exposing her long hot legs , skirt above her knees..Wooww her perfume.. the aroma turned me on.. didn’t know about other guys but my jaws were dropped down.. WAIT WAIT SHIT she’s sitting with PRIYA ( aaarrgghhh I hate this girl, a fighter cock, never liked boys.. seems that she was a lesbian.. ). As my eyes were following SHREYA, PRIYA caught me looking at shreya. Huh..!! Whatever..

Am sure this bitch is gonna tell something or the other when SHREYA would ask ” who all should I mingle with, as I am new here ” ..

Days passed by, things were all good when one day this distraction made me very embarrassed. One day she just entered the class and was walking towards the bench where PRIYA was sitting, my eyes were following her.. Wooww, her ass.. going ting tong ting. Left to right.. fuck god, I want that thing to be on my ass, shaking it up and down moaning oooouuucccchhh, fuck me, fuck me.. she sat and then I was just starring at her juicy melons, wwoww what a thing that was.. I was caught by PRIYA, then she whispered something in SHREYA ‘s ears she then shifted her bag a bit such that my view gets blocked.. ( I hate that bitch PRIYA)  ..


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