Online Chatting Leads To Romance

When facebook was not so famous, everyone busy with Orkut, one day when I open my Orkut there was an alert saying Suman want to be friend with you. It was a new face to me but I went through her profile and I observed my wife and my brother already in her friends’ list. I thought she might be our far relative, whom I don’t know personally. I accepted her request, later in the evening I asked my wife, who is this Suman, she said she also doesn’t know, and she accepted her request blindly.

One day when I was browsing in Orkut, I saw Suman also in online, I pinged and said Hi to her, little later she replied with a Hi too, I said, sorry I don’t know about you please let me who you are, and how you come to know about me.

She replied, I sent you request by mistake, I have one friend with the name of Prashant, I thought it’s you. I said, no issues if you wish to continue, we can be friends forever. I got a positive response from her, later we exchanged details about us, our family etc. She was originally from Bombay but settled in my native city Udupi with her husband and kid.

Slowly our chat increased, whenever we were free we hangout easily, we start exchanging our thoughts about general topics, family problems and more. She was trying to show she is very happy with her husband, even I didn’t ask much about her family background.

Within three to four months’ time, we had a good bonding between us. Whenever she is sick or she has a problem, as a good friend I was showing concern to her and tried to give solutions for her problems. One day she was not well and I was asking her to take medicine, take rest and showing her my care, suddenly she said; please don’t show that much of care, I will fall in love with you.

From that day onwards, my feelings about her is changed, I thought she was not happy with her husband, I tried to ask her again and again about their relationship, finally, she agreed their relationship is not in good condition, she said they are together only because of their kid.

Slowly she opened up with me and starts sharing every problem of their home. Our bonding was so strong, within six months of time we shared every secret of our life with each other, one day she asked me for video chat, she wanted to see me, but she doesn’t have cam on her laptop so I couldn’t see her, this has become regular to us, she was watching me in video but I was not able to watch her.

Finally, she said, her husband going to install a camera on their PC, after two or three days, she showed her face in the camera. I saw her picture before, but now I am seeing her live face to face, her face was not so attractive but she is slim and fit, her body structure is very attractive and hot, can satisfy any man. I just said wow after looking at her, she felt shy. While looking at her, I start sending comments and smilies to her; she is blushing by reading those comments.

One day she said, I am not so attractive, why you pampering me like this. I replied her, you are one of the hottest women, and you have very attractive figures. For that she asked what you saw attractive in me, I said her boobs are most attractive part of her body and her hips also very attractive, and said I can tell you more if I get a chance to see more.

From there onwards our chat turned towards romantic chat, we started to chat emotionally, I asked her to show her melons many times but she said she won’t show in the video, she said if we get a chance you see personally, not in the video. One day she said her husband is going for outstation that night; even my wife is gone for our native place, so we decided we chat in the night.

That night after her kid’s sleeping she came online, we chat till late night, we started with normal chat and slowly it turned to romantic chat.

We started to imagine each other and start sending chats with our imagination, we both are horny by that time, I asked her, do you want to see me, she said yes, then we continued with our video chat, I was saying to her what I feel for her, she was getting hot, slowly she start to rub her boobs unintentionally over her night dress, again I asked her to show me her boobs, initially she hesitate to show it but finally she opened her front button and shown her beautiful melons. Later we continued our chat with a seminude condition and get our climax in some time.


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