My Slutty Bhabhi Fucked Hardcore

Hi all, myself Rohan. On 21st March 2014, my elder brother got married to Namita. My bhabhi was little skinny before marriage, not having big boobs or ass and also I was not attracted to her as she was not so beautiful. After the marriage function and within 10 days, I returned to my college in Jaipur to complete my study. During studies, I didn’t have a word with bhabhi and I was not having her number either. But I used to chat with my family members.

I came back to home in 2016. I was shocked after seeing my bhabhi. She was totally changed after marriage. Her boobs and ass were bigger now and she was looking very sexy with her busty figure.

Well, it was the time for dinner and we all had dinner together. I was watching my bhabhi secretly. She was in a normal dress and we all were just chatting with each other and this was the first time I had a word with bhabhi after brother’s marriage.

After the dinner, I went to my room and started thinking to have bhabhi in my hands. I knew it was too difficult but still, I wanted her. On the same night, I did masturbate by imagining her.

On the next day, my brother left for work, father left for his shop and only we 3 were at home. Me, mom and bhabhi.My mom said that she was going to the market for buying vegetables. Suddenly I told her that I and bhabhi will go and buy vegetables. Mom said ok. But my bhabhi said, “Rohan you stay here. I will get the vegetables. You just take rest” and she went alone that day.

On a daily basis, I was staring at her silently and now she was talking to me little freely as a friend. She even noticed that I look at her some time but she never said anything.

She was very sharp minded and forward. Mostly I have seen her on phone using WhatsApp and FB. One day I invited bhabhi for a movie as we both were feeling bored at home.Bhabhi said she would like to but she had to go and meet her college friend. Then she asked me, “Hey, can you please take me to Bandra west. I want to meet my friend Anushka.”

I took her on my brother’s bike to her friend’s apartment. Bhabhi asked me to wait outside or go and sit in some coffee shop nearby.

After one hour 15 minutes, she came and she was smiling. We both left for the home. I asked her openly and told her I doubt her she didn’t go to meet her friend Anushka.Bhabhi said if you want to check, I can call anushka right now in front of you on the loud speaker. But I decided to keep my eyes on her.

After 2 days again bhabhi asked me to take her to the same place. But I told her that I will not be waiting downstair and instead, I will be going to with my friend’s place after dropping her. After dropping her, I kept my bike aside in a corner and was waiting for her.

After 20 minutes, she came with one girl and one boy and all three left in a car. I took my bike and started following them. On the way, they stopped the car and the girl walked out. Now it was only bhabhi and the boy in a car. Again they started moving further.

They stopped at a cinema. Bhabhi came out of the car and she was on the phone while that boy moved to the parking.I was waiting at the ticket window.I stayed on the 3rd number in the same line after that boy and took a ticket for the same movie. I waited for the movie to start so I can enter while lights are gone.

I thought I will get a seat beside them but actually, my seat was one row behind them. At the time of interval, that boy went for some snacks and I got up and went near bhabhi and asked her with a smile, “Bhabhi do you need something to eat or that your boy Anushka will get it for you?”. Without waiting for her reply, I left from there.

Soon I got a message on WhatsApp from bhabhi saying, “Please don’t make any situation at home, will talk to you about this”

I replied, “No worries, I am happy for you” and she sent me a smiley symbol.

It was evening so we didn’t get a chance to talk about it at home as everyone was there. So I waited for the right time.

On the next morning when everyone left for their work, I went to the 1st floor where bhabhi’s room was and entered without knocking. While entering, I saw her first time in nighty. I grabbed her and started kissing her but she pushed me away and slapped me. She closed the door angrily and said to me, “What are you doing?”

“I only kissed you, sorry,” I said.

“It’s fine, I am going”, I said.

Bhabhi stopped me and told me to sit. She said sorry too. We both sat on the bed and bhabhi said, “Rohan you need to understand my situation. Your brother doesn’t take any interest in me now and we both hardly had sex 3 times in a month from the last six months.”

“I can understand you and I don’t have an issue with you having a relationship with someone else. I just want to say that I like you bhabhi and just wanted to kiss you. Even if you don’t kiss me back, I won’t tell anyone and still, I will take you to that boy to have fun. I really like you and I will do anything to make you happy.”

This time bhabhi smiled and she kissed me on my cheek and hugged me. I got up and kissed her on her lips and left from there. Bhabhi said nothing but she was smiling.

From that day we both were very friendly to each other and I used to take her to Bandra west to that boy so bhabhi can have a fuck. I want to fuck bhabhi but I was playing very slow.

After 3 weeks I started a little naughty chat with bhabhi. I asked bhabhi with a smile that how good her bf is on the bed.

Bhabhi smiled and said nothing. I requested bhabhi that I want to see her panties and also her bras. At first, she refused. But I said, “I do so much for you and you can’t make me happy for such a little demand? You also need to understand me. I am not asking you to touch or for sex.”

Bhabhi took me in her room and opened her wardrobe and told me that you can see whatever I want. I took all her panties, bra and nighty out on the bed. I started smelling the panties in front of bhabhi and she was laughing. My penis got little tight and bhabhi said, “Your rock star is getting up.”

“Rohan I will let you watch me in panties and kiss me if you take me to my bf every week twice. And you will not touch me or force me for sex.”

On the next day, I went to bhabhi’s room after brother left for his work and this time I kissed her on lips for 10 seconds. I asked her to show her bra and panties which she was wearing then. She smiled and said no.

I said, “Please or I won’t take you to your bf.”

Bhabhi said,”Ok, I will only let you watch but not touch.”

I said ok.

She removed her clothes and now I was seeing her sexy body parts. Her boobs looked so nice under the red bra and her skin was very white from inside.

I took my pant off in front of her even though bhabhi told me not to. I didn’t listen to her and took off my pants.

“Ok, it is enough for now Rohan”

I said, “No, at least for 15 minutes.”

I grabbed my penis and she was staring at my hard cock. So I took my underwear off too. Now I was masturbating but bhabhi said nothing to me as she was enjoying too.

Meanwhile my mom called bhabhi from downstairs as they needed to go to the mandir. We woke up from the situation and quickly dressed ourselves. Later bhabhi left with my mom for the mandir. At late night, I got a message from my bhabhi, “Hey what’s up?”.

Me: Nothing, just thinking about you. Brother will catch you please keep the phone away. Will see you in the morning.
Bhabhi: your brother is sleeping, so don’t worry.
Me: so you missed me?
Bhabhi: not sure or maybe a little.
Me: whose cock do you like? Mine or my brother’s?
Bhabhi: your cock is good like my bf.

Me: then why don’t you make me your bf bhabhi, material is the same nah ๐Ÿ™‚
Bhabhi: hahahahah
Bhabhi: don’t you have a gf?
Me: yes I do, very very sexy charming and beautiful gf.
Bhabhi: are you trying to make me jealous, show me her pic.
Me: it’s you, bhabhi
Bhabhi : oh my god, really, am I your gf in your imagination?

Me: little in imagination and little in real life.
Bhabhi: ok I am feeling sleepy. So will see you in the morning and do you want to come with me lingerie shop?
Me: yes sure why would I say no bhabhi. But I will choose for you.
Bhabhi: ok no worries gn
Me: gn my sweet gf

On the next day when everyone left, I went with my bhabhi to the lingerie shop and I selected bra and panties for her as per my choice. While coming home, I asked bhabhi to wear them and show me. She smiled and said come to my room when mom moves from the hall. Now I knew that fucking my bhabhi is going to be a reality soon as I was playing very well.

As mom went to the washroom I went on the 1st floor to bhabhi’s room. She was waiting for me. She started changing the stuff in front of me but this time I was not only seeing her I got up and went near her and started kissing her and moving my hands on her big ass.

She pushed me gently and said to me that we had agreed on no touching. But still, I turned her back and opened her bra and took off her panties and my clothes too.

We both were naked and were looking at each other’s body parts. Bhabhi was very warm. I took her to the bed and got on her.

Bhabhi said, “Rohan I think we are crossing our limits. We should not have sex. I only thought of kissing with you as I got attracted to you.”

I opened her legs and took my mouth near her pussy. Then I started licking her pussy very gently. She did not even try to stop me. I was constantly licking her pussy from inside and outside and bhabhi told me that she has little cum in her pussy. I asked bhabhi, “Do you want me to take your cum in my mouth” and bhabhi eagerly said, yes.

I took my tongue inside her pussy and started licking all the cum she got in her pussy. I was playing with her pussy and with her pubic hair. Then I took her in doggy style and started licking her ass hole and moving my hands on her ass. Bhabhi was moving her ass very gently. Bhabhi said that she was enjoying a lot with me and asked to lick more.

Then I got her in the right straight position and started licking her boobs. At the same time, she got a call from her husband (my elder brother).

I stopped licking her boobs as she was on the phone but she moved my head onto her boobs. She was on the phone for 3 minutes and I was kissing her boobs and fingering her pussy simultaneously. As she disconnected the call, bhabhi said in a little loud and sexy voice, “Rohan bang me hard..”

I was trying to enter my cock in bhabhi’s pussy and then..The door of the room was by mom. We both were shocked and literally frozen. Mom looked both of us angrily and closed the door without saying anything. We both were so tensed. Bhabhi asked me to stop and told me she will talk to mom right now before she does anything.

Then bhabhi went to mom and came back within 15 minutes with a smile and hugged me and said, “You are my second husband now and you can fuck your bhabhi during the day as many times you want.”

I was shocked and asked her, “What did you say to mom?”

Bhabhi said, “Nothing you just fuck me now.” But I asked again.

Bhabhi said that she went to mom and said, “Your elder son have sperm count problem. So we are not able to have a child and also we had a medical course and a lot of things but still, I was not getting pregnant. So doctor advised to take a help of a sperm donor but your elder brother refused to do this. So I asked my husband if I can have a baby with your younger brother and he said yes to it. But he said that mom should not know about this or he will die. So this is the reason and we are trying to save our family’s name.”

Mom said nothing and just said ok. I and bhabhi decided to take a bath and change the clothes as it was a time of brother to come from the job. Late night, I received a message from bhabhi on WhatsApp.

Bhabhi: our sex was incomplete
Me: ok coming right now ๐Ÿ™‚
Bhabhi: just send me your cock’s picture. I will insert it in my pussy.

I sent her 2 pics.

No response then****

On next morning I asked bhabhi, “Why didn’t you reply yesterday?”

Bhabhi said that brother woke up when he got a call from his office colleague. I invited bhabhi for the movie and we both went for it this time and took last row corner seats. The theater was only filled with only 20 pax and we were in the corner. We both were kissing and she took my cock out and was moving her hands over it. We both had fun in theatre.

As soon as we reached home, bhabhi went to her room and me to my room as mom was there.

After 5 minutes, she called me loudly to come into her room with a bottle of water. As I entered the room, bhabhi was naked and started dancing like a bar girl. I closed the door while bhabhi was dancing and moving her ass nicely and pressing her boobs.

She took off my clothes and went to the bathroom and started the shower. Under the shower, we started kissing each other and slowly I sat down on the floor and was fingering her pussy and kissing her pussy hair. She was pushing my head towards her pussy. Then bhabhi took my cock in her mouth and sucked it for nearly 10 minutes.

As my cock got very hard she came up in doggy style position and then I put my cock in her pussy. I started fucking her very gently for 5 minutes. Then she said to bang her hard.I started fucking her very hard.

After few minutes, we changed position. She came on me and started jumping on my cock. Her boobs were jumping wildly. Her boobs were so big that I was feeling excited by the scene. She was very loud at the time of fucking, aahh oohhhhhhhh aaahhhh.

After 10 minutes of fucking her, I turned her back and started spanking her ass. We both had a great sex and finally, I jerked off on her boobs and inside her mouth.

On the next day, me and bhabhi were in the kitchen talking while bhabhi was cooking.

Bhabhi told me she wants to have a threesome with me.

“You want your bf and me to fuck you together?”, I asked.

Bhabhi said, “Even if you and my bf fuck me together, I don’t have any issues.”

But I refused. After a lot of arguments, finally, I said that I will get my best friend for it. I called my best friend to my home to watch a movie at bhabhi’s room.

First me and my friend we both were watching the movie and after some time, bhabhi entered the room with some snacks and asked us if she can join us. I said yes immediately and she came on the bed and sat between us. My friend was little nervous. After 10-15 minutes, I went to the washroom and left them alone in the room.

After I came back, we decided to watch another movie. I inserted my USB into the tv and opened a folder. When the folder was opened, we saw some porn photos on the screen. Everything was planned. I said, “Oh shit sorry. I inserted the wrong USB”

But bhabhi said, “It’s fine, we are all young. We can watch this too.”

My friend was quiet. He wasn’t saying anything. I started playing porn on led screen and we all three were watching silently. Then I and bhabhi started kissing each other and my friend was shocked to see this and asked, “Rohan what the fuck are you doing?”

My bhabhi caught his shirt and started kissing him too. After two minutes he was ok aroused too and we all started doing this and taking off our clothes. My friend was sucking my bhabhi’s big boobs and I was licking her pussy.


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