My Slutty Bhabhi Fucked Hardcore

Hi all, myself Rohan. On 21st March 2014, my elder brother got married to Namita. My bhabhi was little skinny before marriage, not having big boobs or ass and also I was not attracted to her as she was not so beautiful. After the marriage function and within 10 days, I returned to my college in Jaipur to complete my study. During studies, I didn’t have a word with bhabhi and I was not having her number either. But I used to chat with my family members.

I came back to home in 2016. I was shocked after seeing my bhabhi. She was totally changed after marriage. Her boobs and ass were bigger now and she was looking very sexy with her busty figure.

Well, it was the time for dinner and we all had dinner together. I was watching my bhabhi secretly. She was in a normal dress and we all were just chatting with each other and this was the first time I had a word with bhabhi after brother’s marriage.

After the dinner, I went to my room and started thinking to have bhabhi in my hands. I knew it was too difficult but still, I wanted her. On the same night, I did masturbate by imagining her.

On the next day, my brother left for work, father left for his shop and only we 3 were at home. Me, mom and bhabhi.My mom said that she was going to the market for buying vegetables. Suddenly I told her that I and bhabhi will go and buy vegetables. Mom said ok. But my bhabhi said, “Rohan you stay here. I will get the vegetables. You just take rest” and she went alone that day.

On a daily basis, I was staring at her silently and now she was talking to me little freely as a friend. She even noticed that I look at her some time but she never said anything.

She was very sharp minded and forward. Mostly I have seen her on phone using WhatsApp and FB. One day I invited bhabhi for a movie as we both were feeling bored at home.Bhabhi said she would like to but she had to go and meet her college friend. Then she asked me, “Hey, can you please take me to Bandra west. I want to meet my friend Anushka.”

I took her on my brother’s bike to her friend’s apartment. Bhabhi asked me to wait outside or go and sit in some coffee shop nearby.

After one hour 15 minutes, she came and she was smiling. We both left for the home. I asked her openly and told her I doubt her she didn’t go to meet her friend Anushka.Bhabhi said if you want to check, I can call anushka right now in front of you on the loud speaker. But I decided to keep my eyes on her.

After 2 days again bhabhi asked me to take her to the same place. But I told her that I will not be waiting downstair and instead, I will be going to with my friend’s place after dropping her. After dropping her, I kept my bike aside in a corner and was waiting for her.

After 20 minutes, she came with one girl and one boy and all three left in a car. I took my bike and started following them. On the way, they stopped the car and the girl walked out. Now it was only bhabhi and the boy in a car. Again they started moving further.

They stopped at a cinema. Bhabhi came out of the car and she was on the phone while that boy moved to the parking.I was waiting at the ticket window.I stayed on the 3rd number in the same line after that boy and took a ticket for the same movie. I waited for the movie to start so I can enter while lights are gone.

I thought I will get a seat beside them but actually, my seat was one row behind them. At the time of interval, that boy went for some snacks and I got up and went near bhabhi and asked her with a smile, “Bhabhi do you need something to eat or that your boy Anushka will get it for you?”. Without waiting for her reply, I left from there.

Soon I got a message on WhatsApp from bhabhi saying, “Please don’t make any situation at home, will talk to you about this”

I replied, “No worries, I am happy for you” and she sent me a smiley symbol.

It was evening so we didn’t get a chance to talk about it at home as everyone was there. So I waited for the right time.

On the next morning when everyone left for their work, I went to the 1st floor where bhabhi’s room was and entered without knocking. While entering, I saw her first time in nighty. I grabbed her and started kissing her but she pushed me away and slapped me. She closed the door angrily and said to me, “What are you doing?”


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