High-Heeled Guddu – Vicky’s Wife

I got married to Neeta but was attracted by her younger sister Guddu by virtue of her skin color and beauty. Guddu is just 4 feet 11 inches whereas my wife Neeta stands on 5 feet 41/2 inches. Guddu likes high heels and I get aroused at the sight of beautiful ladies wearing high heels with hairs in big bee-hive jhura style like actresses Nanda and Sadhana.

My wife Neeta is quite dark-skinned but Guddu is fair with good facial features. Her husband is a lazy drunkard from Calcutta who relies on my wife for help with food and paying rent.All happened when I got married to Neeta. Her sister had no money to pay rent or buy food and clothes. Out of compassion, I provided both Guddu and Vicky with everything I had great pity for them. Needless to say, I gave Vicky expensive drinks and he was delighted of my generosity.

Vicky once asked me how I find Neeta and whether I enjoyed making love with her. I told him that Neeta has a good appetite and I fucked her regularly since our marriage. He told me that he hardly does it once with Guddu every six months.Guddu is unhappy and moans for being sexually neglected. He proposed to me if I would like to swap wife as he fancied Neeta a lot because of her superior height and intelligence.

After some discussion, I agreed. One evening, we went out to buy some whisky and champagne. When we reached home I told Guddu that I have bought some champagne for her and Neeta whereas Vicky will take the whisky. I do not drink alcohol.

After one or two drinks Vicky started to whisper in the ears of Guddu and I could see Guddu looking at me and smiling. She nodded her head as if to say “yes” but Neeta was looking at her curiously. I also approached Neeta and told her how Vicky fancied her. We would want to have a group sex night with Vicky fucking her and I fucking Guddu.

Vicky started to feel very drunk and out of control. He approached Neeta and pinch her boobs. Neeta pushed his hands away and told me:” Shyam , look at this sharabi Vicky. He is touching me and you do not give him a mookah or a tappar on his face. What kind of husband are you?”

I told Neeta, he wants to have you and I will have Guddu tonight. She exclaimed: “Aacha! This is your plan”. She said:” I never fancied him and he is too inferior for me.” You can have Guddu. I do not mind because if we are sharing money with her to buy food and pay her rent she would fancy having you inside her yoni.

By that time, Vicky went into deep sleep. The whisky has made him unconscious. His head was on the shoulder of my wife Neeta. But Guddu was aroused by the effect of the champagne. She looked at me with lusty eyes and said, “Jejaji, can you imagine me living with such a husband.?”

I filled her glass with some more champagne and asked her to drink it”.Then I requested her to stand up. Her high heels fell off her feet. She stood on her toes to touch her lips with mine. I bury my lips into hers and passionately kissed her. My wife Neeta blushed crimson when she witnessed this romance between us.

Guddu bucks, writhes and moan with ecstasy. I let her released her tip-toe position. She accentuated on her high heels and I kissed her again and this time continued into fondling her breasts which are bigger than Neeta’s. I pulled down her churidar and peeled off her pants.

I parted her labia and licked her pussy. She screamed with pleasure and when I touched the tip of my tongue on her clitoris she screamed further saying” I feel electric impulses there”.The noises woke up Vicky and he said what is going on.

Guddu said :”Shyam ids giving me the treat that you never gave me, Vicky”. Vicky said:” Really, where is Neeta? Let me give Neeta a treat,then?”. But my wife Neeta told him that she did not want anybody to fuck her as her husband is a champion in sex.

Vicky again fell into a deep trance. By that time I sucked the toes of Guddu, licked her heels, did goodd guddi on her soles and her waist tires. I parted her legs, raised them up on the floor. I shove my 6 inches lingam deep into her and fucked her vigorously. She got multiple orgasms the first time since her marriage after three years.

I looked at what Neeta was doing! She was startled and told me:” You have to do like this with me Shyam”. Treat me as well. I cannot see you enjoying another woman in front of me. By that time Guddu was satisfied and exhausted. She stretched herself on the floor and parted her thighs wide.

Immediately, I disrobed my wife Neeta, and started to lick her yoni and tongue her clitoris. I raised her feet up to penetrate her and my lingam went nearer to her arse hole. She exclaimed:” Do you want ANAL?” I said:” Ah! The first time you proposed this to me.” I shove my hard cock carefully in her arse hole and fucked her for about 10 minutes hearing her moan with pleasure.

Vicky woke up again seeing Guddu lying on the floor with her thighs parted and I was fucking Neeta in her arse hole.

He said:” Shyam, you enjoyed alone. Where is my share?” He said:”Guddu, Guddu, what happened?” Guddu said:

“You are a nipuna.” Vicky got upset and climbed on his wife to fuck her.

Before penetrating he ejaculated and Guddu told him:” Look idiot! What kind of man are you”. By that time I have pulled my cock from the arse hole of Neeta but Neeta told me to fuck her in front as well.Vicky said: “No,no! It is my turn. He jumped on my wife Neeta but fell into deep sleep again.

Neeta pushed him away and I hooked Vicky’s penis from the entrance of my wife’s labia. I penetrated Neeta and slowly fucked her with great love and passion until she orgasmed and said:”Ahhh! That’s it”

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