Herstory – Chapter 6 – A Thought

“Hmm! Jim, you are too good!” Rose exclaimed while taking a sip from her cup of coffee. They, after their make out, were just relaxing in a coffee shop and enjoying their coffee. “Your cock is so good!” again she added. Both the guys were not paying much attention to Rose’s sensual talk. Just looking at Anamika, who was unable to sit properly after her double penetration. “Who’s are you feeling Anamika?” Both of them asked at once and giggled. Giving a smile of satisfaction, she asked Arun like a hungry child, “So… What next?” “Home! Jim’ll also accompany us.

Soon they were done with their coffee and all four of them were on the way home. Anamika was sitting on the front seat, beside Arun who was driving. In the back, no sooner did they set out both Rose and Jim were kissing vigorously. She was pressing his fat dick over his denim and he was crushing her big boobs. Now it was an easy calculation, two cocks for two pussies. But something was making Anamika weary a lot.

“Your blood content has a very high volume of progesterone.”

“Progesterone how! She exclaimed. “Yes someone must be giving you ECs!” A blonde lady, wearing a lab coat sitting on the other side of the desk told Anamika and she was shocked to hear that someone is giving her ECs. She was best in her job but still she again went through the reports.

Again with a disappointed look on her face, she said, “Someone is surely giving you anti-pregnancy pills! Are you not aware of that?” Anamika, after months of patience she came up to her ‘Dr. Kate Jibbs’ a gynecologist. Every time after their adventure when she used to check, results were always positive but the very next day she found that everything is ruined.

Now, she found this thing and after a few days later she found her husband was fucking Rose, a neighbor and today she was fucked by someone else other than her husband.Though it wasn’t like that she didn’t enjoy it, she enjoyed a lot. She wasn’t ready for this, as she had made up her mind after leaving Rina’s motel that, “from now her husband has the only right on her vagina her.”

“Hey!” Arun exclaimed while undoing his seat belts asked her and turned back, saw that Rose was suck Jim hard and he was holding her hairs, making her job hassle free and she was trying to make an eye contact. “We are home!” Arun made a remark but was not at all ready to stop and Jim was moaning.

Soon he saw his dick nerves shooting, she slowed down, took in all his liquid. Anamika was still in her deep thoughts.He shook her a bit and her out. Both of them got down Anamika was having a bit trouble in, due to their deep double penetration. After a while, Rose and Jim came out. A drop of shiny white liquid was rolling down her cheeks. Both the guys started to giggle. But Anamika was standing aloof. “Rose wiped that off.” Arun gestured.

They continued with their jokes, Anamika was having a great difficulty in standing, so she moved in. She was trembling and walking towards the door, her ass was looking a bit bigger and it was swaying more here and there due to her trembles. She went in and sat down on a couch.

A minute later Arun and Rose came in kissing each other madly, followed by Jim. As they passed Anamika, Arun broke the kiss and sat beside her, “Ann… Are you right!” “I am unable to conceive” with those words tears gushed down her cheeks. “I want a baby….” She continued her sobbing. Rose came on her side and said”Don’t you worry darling! One day it’ll happen! You’ll be able to conceive.” She tried to console. “Till then enjoy to eternity”, quoting that Jim gives his cock to Anamika. Something struck her mind and without a second she started to suck him. Rose started to cup her boobs and Arun began to finger pussy.

She was using all her tricks on his cocks. Sometimes going extremely fast and another blink of seconds she slows down to make him last long. Times she used to bite the shaft and the other she used to take his balls also in. He was moaning in deep pleasure, she was also moaning a bit due to Rose’s and Arun’s mischief on her big melons and her love hole.She didn’t have any idea how she nude. She paid no attention to that, her full attention was on her Jim’s cock.

Rose was sucking her glory hole and Arun, like a hungry child, was sucking her areolas for milk. Anamika was sitting on the couch with both her legs perpendicular to each other so that Rose can access her pussy well, her boobs had free access to Arun and she was sucking Jim hard. He was taking care of her long black silky hair.

Arun got up. Took out his tool and introduced it to her she without wasting any time, she started to suck him and continued massaging Jim’s fatty monster. Later she started to take both the cock in her mouth. She was having a great difficulty but they were liking it, her bites on their cocks. By the time Rose stopped working with her fingers and took out her dildo. It was a very long and a thick took. She was working with it hard, pushing it in and out, vigorously.

Arun took out his cock and sat down on the couch. Anamika settled down on his lap, facing away from him. He stretched her legs apart and gave a hard thrust in her hole. He didn’t move for minutes and enjoyed the warmth.

Rose was heading towards Jim’s cock but he was excited for a warm hole, placed his cock on the pre-filled vagina and gave hard thrust. His tip was inside the hole. She was shouting to take it out, pushing him, doing the every possible.Again he gave a push, followed by one more and it was all in. “Ahh! Take it out! Ohh! Ahh! I am dying!” she was screaming and pleading them.

After a moment both of them were pounding her with rhythm. She was bleeding blood stains were clearly visible. She fell unconscious. Next when she opened her eyes found that both of them were applying lotion on their cock and Arun took his position and pushed his cock inside her ass hole.

Jim came near her settled his cocks tip on ass hole. She got too frightened and gestured for a No! But he was not in a mood to stop pushed its tip inside her. She lost her controls on her body. Again she was unconscious. But they didn’t stop went on penetrating her the same day they had penetrated her pussy.

The whole night they were fucking her hard, in the every possible way. She was just like ‘unconscious’ all night. All time Rose stayed aloof and enjoyed with her dildo only.

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