My First Time Sex – The Srirangam Connection – Part 1

This story is part of a series:

This incident happened in 2014. Before getting into the incident, an introduction to the story is needed. Her name is Janaki. My name is Ashok. We studied in the same engineering college in Tamilnadu. I am a native of Kerala and she belonged to Srirangam. She was a Brahmin and I was not.

We liked each other in the college but she rejected me because of my caste. Caste was the obstruction for me marrying her. She was willing to marry me but her caste prevented her from doing so. I loved her a lot in those four years.

She didn’t reciprocate the love but was affectionate towards me. After completing the engineering, I cleared civil service in my third attempt and was posted as ASP in Tirunelveli. She cleared bank exams and was working in a bank in Trichy. There was a relationship kind of connection between us.

But you guys know who a long-distance relationship works. It had its own issues and I soon found that I was being avoided. So I too started to maintain distance. After I cleared civil service, I broke all contacts with her and started a fresh life. We didn’t meet until 2 years ago. And when I got things changed entirely.

In 2014, I was transferred to Trichy as ASP from Tirunelveli. I hated the caste to the core. When there was a caste violence, I took a tough stance and filed strict cases against the upper caste who started the violence.

This led to political conflicts and as a result, I was transferred to Trichy as ASP and that too in traffic dept. I felt very bad that it was more like a punishment transfer. I went to Trichy with half heart and took charge.

I took a house for rent and stayed there alone as I was not married. The staff quarters was not available for my designation. It was a bit stand-alone house and the owner of the house was in abroad. They happily rented me the house.

It was near to the bus stop but there was less house in that area. So there was very few social contact with the locals. Life was boring in the traffic dept. Once, I was going doing my duty and was coordinating a vehicle check when that twist happened in life.

During that vehicle check, the SI brought before me case of a lady whose insurance papers were not proper. I realized that it was Priya and she too realized me. Though she had avoided me years ago, I didn’t take the opportunity to take revenge. I had a character of not taking advantage of situation negatively.

So I politely pointed out to her that she needs to pay fine after showing the insurance copy. She was arguing that she had the papers at home. This went on. I finally said her that either she can pay fine and leave or else leave her vehicle there, go home and return with papers. She was damn adamant just like college days.

Finally, she left that place leaving her vehicle and went to her home to collect her papers. She returned to my office in the evening with papers, showed them to me and I still insisted on paying a nominal fine. As usual, she was raging in anger. Somehow she agreed to pay fine. That was the incident when I first met her.

For about a month I didn’t see her. One day, after a month, she came with her colleague, to see me. Her colleague’s husband met with an accident and there was a case. They came to know about the details of the accident and its procedure if anything was to be done. I directed them to the SI who was handling the case.

After everything was over, Priya alone came to my office. She apologized for that day’s incident. She began striking a normal conversation and I offered her a tea. She began telling the changes that happened in her life. She got married to a person of her caste.

He was also working in a bank as an officer. She said she was very much happy after marriage. They are soon hopeful of having a baby and they are undergoing a treatment. I acted very coolly in her conversation. She inquired the place of my stay and comfortableness.

The very next weekend, she came to my home in the evening. I had a fever and I didn’t go to the office. It seems she went to my office and was informed that I was not well. So she decided to pay a visit. I was least expecting her in my home. Since she came, I had no other way than to invite her to the inside of the house. She came to my home alone and was inquiring about my health.


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