Exotic Sex With Married Woman

Hello friends, this is Sahil and today I am going to write a true incident and Indian sex story with a married Lady. Her name is Aditi. her husband is a taxi driver and lives near my home. She is very beautiful Lady nearly 30 years old. Our first encounter took place when she was buying some stuff at general merchant shop. I was there smoking with my friends. From that moment everything in my life changed completely, Day and Night the only thought occupied my mind was of her.

Her home was near that shop, daily I go there for smoking and she used to stand at her door. She was dazzling hot and sexy and the only thing I want to do was to grab her in my arms. Time goes on and she started talking with me.

‘Hey Sahil, You are looking Handsome today’,she said
‘Hey thanks Aditi but not as beautiful as you’,I replied.

‘Don’t flirt with me I am a married woman and having two children’, she said
‘But you are Hotter than any Unmarried girl’, I replied

‘My husband never appreciated me in this way for him I am a bitch, he use me like a doormat’, she said
‘Why don’t you leave him and find a person who really loves you’,I replied

‘He used to drink heavily after coming from work and even use abusive language when I goes closer to him’, she said
‘How could someone abuse such a beautiful women like you, I mean you are an angel’, I said

She giggled and winked as No one ever appreciated her in this manner. She goes inside her home and closed the door.That whole night I was thinking about her cleavage, which was perfectly crafted in such a manner it gives an impression that why god loves spheroid things.

Next day I went to the market and brought a beautiful gold bangle for her and at usual time I started waiting for her.

‘Hey sahil you are looking stunning Hot today’, she said while opening door

‘Like Moon shines because of sun, your presence makes me Hot’, I flirted with her

‘You know what Sahil, you are very notorious’, she replied

‘Let’s have Tea, Come Inside’, she said

‘I have brought a gift for you, give me your hand and close your eyes’, I said in excitement

And as she closed her eyes I put those bangles in her hand.

‘Are you gone Mad? how could I accept these expensive bangles from you, what I am going to tell my husband about these’, she said in anger

‘If you want to accept it you could say anything like these are made up of Chinese gold and I brought them for Rs 50 Only’, I gave her a practical suggestion

‘Ok, but my husband will kill me if he came to know about the reality’, she said

‘Don’t worry Aditi ‘I replied and kissed on her hand.

She take a deep breath and said ‘sahil please don’t do this’

‘You don’t like my kissing’, I replied

‘No, even it was the most exotic experience I ever had but if you do this I will Lose my control, I will forget that you are not my husband sahil’ she said and a very deep meaning was hidden in it.

‘Let’s Nature Play its Role Aditi don’t come in between what is going to happen’, I said

‘Sahil I Love you so much and I want to marry you right now, I love you more than my husband ’she replied and brought her sindoor dibiya with her. I took a bit of sindoor and put it in her mang, Now I am officially her husband.

‘Now allow me to hug you as I am very humble man and respect dignity of women so I need your permission’ I requested in a very humble manner

She hugged me like a wild animal and our bodies come in contact with each other, this gives a sensation of fire in me, I looked in her eyes and said ‘do you Love me?’

She said ‘I Love you sooo much, more than my husband’

Firstly I kissed on her cheeks and then on lips, she opened her lips as they were waiting for my lips to play with and then I put my tongue inside her mouth. Our Tongue dances with each other, our saliva exchanged with each other…and I put her on the bed.

‘I Love you Aditi, you are beautiful ‘I said while kissing on her neck.

‘Hey I can’t go further as I am in Periods, whatever you want to do you can but don’t fall inside me ‘she replied

I said ‘it’s ok Aditi’ and unbuttoned her blouse.

Her Boobs were more beautiful than any sculpture perfectly crafted; I hugged her very tightly and felt the warmth of her body.

Suddenly an Idea came into my mind, I Brought Honey Bottle with me, put her on my yoga mat and start pouring honey on her naked body. I unhooked her stalwart and Panty.She closed her eyes and started taking deep breaths

I poured honey on her naked body and start giving Massage, her whole body was experiencing that wonderful sensation. I put my hands on her back and started moving there she start moaning… ‘aaaahhaa aaaahhaaa ‘ I moved my hands to her butt and start massaging her beautiful butts and put my finger in her ass hole.she said ‘aahhaaaa don’t do this please’, I moved my hands on her front side her lips,eyes,boobs, pussy… I was massaging like a painter painting on an empty canvas.

Now it was the time to eat the dish I made so I started licking her body from toe of her feet… I took her toe in my mouth and start licking it then her fingers … slowly I goes up her legs, butt, pussy, ass hole, boobs, armpits, neck everywhere I was licking her like a wild animal and It was a wonderful experience for me.She was moaning like Hell ‘aaaahhhaaaa aaahhhaaa please stop I am yours sahil you are everything for me, I never experienced this ecstasy ever’

Now I Put my Penis inside her Pussy and she screamed ‘’aaaahhaaa please fuuuccckkk meee, I am all yours .. Fucccckkk meeee aaahhaaaa”

I started Fucking her like a wild animal, ‘ fffuuuccckk meee, I am yours … fuuucccckk meee .. aahaaahhaaaa aaahhaaa fuck me, I am your bitch … fuccccckkkk meee’

I fucked her for next 10 minutes and finally we parted, she wear up her clothes and came closer to me and said ‘ My dear husband you are amazing, you can make any women happy, what you did to me gave me a deeper satisfaction and meaning, my life is changed completely ‘

‘It’s my Pleasure ‘, I replied

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