A True Love Story – Part 1

Hello everyone, myself Deep. I am a huge fan of Desitales and had been reading sex stories from quite a long time.Finally, this time I decided to my pen down my experiences.

So let’s come to the story without boring you much. This is quite a long story. You will not find much action in this part but yes this part is also important to make the real action explainable.

So this incident happened when I was in my second year of engineering.

One day I visited a marriage of my dad’s friend’s son. There I saw a girl. I thought I had I seen that girl before also but was not able to recall.

After few minutes, my mind clicked and I remembered her, we use to attend same classes in 11th standard. Her name was ridhi (name changed) but then I ignored her.

But after few days, I received her friend request on fb. I was filled with excitement. I accepted her request and things started. As you all know chatting, then exchanging phone numbers etc.

Time passed and we became best friends. We use to spend the whole day messaging each other from the morning to the night. We just talk, talk and talk. Because of that, our bond was increasing day by day and it became so strong that whenever one of us is mood off, the other get to know instantly. I still use to remember when my mood use to get off, she just called me and ask, ”Deep, is your mood ohk??” and I use to ask only one thing, ”how you know, I didn’t even message you?”

She would just smile and say, ”Deep, I can feel your mind. I don’t need your message or call to know about you. I feel you in me”

And trust me guys, those lines always make my heart gets melt like chocolate. Things kept going like this. One day we had a fight on some issue. I managed to make the things right but she was still angry with me a little bit.

So to make things right, I called her next day to meet me at our regular coffee shop. We talked a little bit and had coffee. I was able to feel that she is still angry with me. So I said, ”ridhi, I am sorry I didn’t want to hurt you and you are the person without whom my day doesn’t start and my night doesn’t end.”

She just nodded her head and we came out. When we were about to leave, she said, ”Deep, I want to say something” and she came towards me and hugged me tightly and said, ”Deep, phir kabhe aisa mat karna I don’t wanna lose you”

I was barely able to manage our balance. I just hold her softly and said, ”I will never” and then kissed her on her neck.

Guys and girls, if you had experienced this you know what it feels like and for those who has not experienced this, trust me guys that is the best moment of your life. You will never be able to forget that day. And after that, we smiled looking each other and then we left for home and quickly after entering the home, we started chatting.

The conversation was like this

Me – thanks for the hug, that was awesome.
She – ya, it was incredible. I am still feeling you in my arms, I can still sense you.
Me – same here never wanted to end that hug
She – me to feeling like being this forever
Me – how was the kiss?? 😉
She – don’t ask. It is still giving me chills.
Me – so you liked it or not? (keeping my fingers crossed)

She – of course, you stupid and because of that kiss, I am missing you a lot now.
Me – hehe sorry I was not able to help myself and your neck was making me crazy at that time so I planted a kiss.
She – haha got crazy. You stupid idiot now I am feeling the vibration in ma body and can’t able to stop thinking about you.
Me – haha I can understand I feeling is mutual. Let’s meet tomorrow and complete our hug what you say??
She – ya sure.

So the next day, we met at a park because I knew that the next hug will be a long one which is not possible in the cafe.

So next day, when we met we sat at the bench in the corner took a little (yes we both were a shying little bit) but after some time we just held each other in our arms and kept increasing the grip till we felt that we are quite close to each other and cannot get further close. It was the best feeling. My heart was pumping blood with a very high velocity at that moment and other moments, it was skipping beats. I kept rolling my hand on her back and she was increasing her grip on the back.

And then I planted a soft kiss on her neck. I was able to feel vibrations in her body.

I took my lips near her ear and asked, “Did you liked it?”. She said in moaning romantic voice, ”yes a lot” and I asked, “Does she wants more?”. She just nodded her head.

Then softly I started kissing her on her complete neck and on her collar bone.

Guys, if you really wanna impress your girl, kiss her on her neck bone and on the area between her neck and on her shoulder. The girls simply love this. They just can’t resist its effect.

Now our hug became more intense and I was slowly kissing her on her neck while blowing air from my mouth on her neck. Whenever I use to do this, she just held my back tightly and inserted her nails in ma back. By that time, she also responded back as she was kissing me slowly. We both got totally drenched in sweat but no one was in the mood to leave the other.

Finally, our hug got broke due to a noise. And I saw the time and I was amazed to see that we had spent more than half an hour in each other’s arms.

It was a moment of mixed expressions. We were satisfied but we were not. We could see in each other that we wanted more. But the place and time were not right. But one thing was sure, we were more than happy.

We kept holding each other’s hand and she just leaned her head on my shoulders and there was silence between us.It was the time we both were trying to store as much feelings as we can. We both were trying to differentiate whether it was a dream or was a reality.

But one thing was true. That day that we both were happy with each other. And that moment was ours which we both can never forget.

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