School Time – Episode 1

Hi friends, my name is Puja Shah. I am 22 years old and I want to share you my stories about sex. ?

As it goes; I am talking about my school days when I was 18 years old. I was 5’6” in height and had a weight of 60kg.I was slim and my hormones acted efficiently over my body, thus hips were kind of 30ish and waist 29 and breasts were 30b ?

Our uniform consisted of grey skirt,red tie and a white short blouse/shirt

It was good for the time being When I was in class x I was a lot sexual in nature, maybe due to hormones.I used to wear my uniform’s skirt in mid waist along with knee high socks making it a classy combo.

Class XI, I sat at one of the last benches of my classroom. I sat with a girl on one side, and on the other side with some guys.

One day, after the summer holidays my friend who sat beside me, didn’t come, which made me bored for a whole lotta time.

After the first two periods I grew more bored and thought would do something to waste time in the history class and I did. As I wore a short skirt, I was able to lift them up a bit to check my underwhelming vagina and the panties covering it. I decided to pull them down sneakily and then start inserting my pencil slowly.

I pulled a desk and covered one side and then put my hands on the side of my skirt and pulled the panties slowly to my knees. I saw wetness in it and then I dropped them on the floor, I picked it up and put them inside my bag in a hurry.

After few mins I parted my legs a bit and then started caressing my vagina with the pencil, it felt really good. I inserted one then two and then had fun with it, this made me wet a bit. I pulled the pencils out just to find it covered in my discharge. I kept them on my table to let them get noticed by someone ?

The period ended and I stood up, I licked my dry lips and then did a sexual gesture to the boys at my side, they didn’t know what I did or the fact that I was pantyless.

I moved a bit here and there, went to the toilet and did it without caring to pull my panties down. The fact that I had no panties made me go more extreme, I went inside a booth and unbuttoned my shirt, then I took out my camisole and wore my shirt back again.

So basically I was a schoolgirl with no undies. I put the camisole in my pocket of my skirt and put it inside my bag too.

On the next period, I couldn’t take the fact that I had to work out with pencils or pens so I decided to tease a bit. I managed the desks a bit and started talking to the boys.They were discussing sex and how they see women are not at all interested. I intervened and said I am interested and we watch porn too, they were shocked at first and one guy asked if I masturbated, I said yes I do and then the conversation went on.

During that time I started raising my skirt a bit and bit, exposing my thighs and my lovely tanned legs.

They thought I did that unintentionally and took glimpses of it once in a while. I carassed my legs during our conversation and then one of their mates, risab said you got nice milky legs puja. I was delighted atleast someone noticed. I said thank you and they all were like ya, your smooth legs make me feel hot.

They asked me what type of clothing do you like and what panties do I mostly wear. I answered them by saying, leggings,skirts, lehenga and as for panties I said I like the cotton bikinis and thongs. They asked me what I wear to go to sleep.It was a hot question because I wear shorts, miniskirts or just panties to sleep

And I said all of em.

They got horny I knew it.

I said I got to go and moved out to check the teacher’s note, as I checked it out I bent myself to allow them to take a peek.

As I bent down, my skirt rose a bit to expose my upper thighs and they were like hooligsns, everyone started shouting “Dekh dekh, samen dekh”

I guess everyone got a nice view.

Now I was wetter and started playing with myself, the discharge leaked on my legs couldn’t help it but moan a bit while I fingered.

The boys asked me what I did and why I made such a sound, I guess they were noticing me after they got the view.

I explained that I’m just tired and then they saw my wet fingers and said.

“Tumhara haat toh pura bheega h”

“Naah toh”

“Tum kya kar rhi thi hmlog sabko pata h”

I started getting a bit worried, whether they would ask me to do something unusual.

They pushed the bench away and saw my legs wet.

“Areh tmhara pair bhi bhiga hua h”

“Shayd pani gir gya”

“Areh dekhne do”

I turned towards them and during that time, due to my body movement the skirt rose up, exposing my pubic hair. They were suprised and said, “Tumhara niche ka fuddi ka baal aisa h”

I was silent,

“Areh dekhne do thoda aur uthao”

One guy lifted my skirt

And the whole group saw my hairy pussy

“Wah kya badbu h”

“Itna bal dekh k abhi hilane ka man kar rha h”

“Fuddi toh pura pani se bhara hua h”

Did you masturbate in class?Yes I did

I said I was just horny and wanted to masturbate

They were saying “Nah tumko aj maza deke hi chorenge hum”

It was a free period

They shifted towards me and started caressing my legs.

“Panty nhi pehnte kya tum?”

“Bag m h”

“Ohh khol diye”


They opened my bad and found my undies.

One took my camisole and one took my panties and started their work. Two guys started caressing my legs and pinched my nipples. I was just silent and didn’t do anything.

As one of them started touching my pussy, I insisted and said

“Mat karo”

“Tum bhi toh kar rhe the”

“Nahi, sensitive h ”

“Ungli ghusa rahe h yaar”

Then he pushed his finger inside me and was like

“Areh dosto, iski fuddi toh ekdam garam h andar se”

These words made me morr horny and I was wanting more and more. The one who took mypanty covered it with his penis and masturbated in the corner,he cummed on it and made it dirty. The two guys fingered me until I cummed and then started licking my nipples through my shirt making them poke through.

I was enjoying everything they were doing and asked more

“Aur chaihe?”


“Chaat doon?”


One got down and started licking my wet pussy and he did it hard, I moaned in my class and gained attension. They saw me getting a lot of things but they didn’t care.The boy under me was sniffing my vagina and asked me whether I can give them handjobs or blowjobs depending on their choice. Three guys asked for handjobs while one wanted a blowjob.

They sat beside me and unzipped their pants, I saw their large 6inch penises come out like snakes, hard and stiff.

Pramod pushed his penis inside my mouth and I sucked it, well it tasted like salty cream. The smell of the penis was very unusual. I took another two penises or dicks and started stroking them.Gripping and stroking them to make them cum.I did that for about 3 mins and then they said they wanted to cum, but where.

I said do it on my panties as they were already dirty.

But they insisted and one guy cummed on my legs and socks,uh. Another two wanted me to take the load in my mouth and did it one by one. I liked cum already, the taste, texture, and smell made me go mad. The last guy,Risab   wanted me.

He said he’ll fuck me.

But I insisted on his decision and told him I’ll do that later. He said okay on one condition, I had to give him my undies forever. I said I had no use of it, so he took it and was really happy to have the panties of the sexiest girl in the class.

I drank a lot of semen, and my tongue was white.Legs covered in cum but not shamed. I wiped off the cum which were on my thighs, but the ones on my socks made a yellowish stain so I left it.

It was a fun day and the starting of my sexual life.

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