Popping The Cherry Of A Newly Married Hyderabad Aunty

Hi guys, I am Vikram (name changed) a regular sex stories reader for the past 3 years and now with a lot of sexual knowledge and techniques, I learned through the erotic stories here. I worked hard to make the following incident possible and now I am successfully posting it here.

I am 5″11 tall with a well-built athletic body. My good body is an advantage for me. I am a shy kind of person but still, I made it ‘work’ even for the first time ever in my life.

I stay with my parents in Alwal, Hyderabad. Ours is a well-disciplined and strict family. But I was very fond of women between the age 21-35 rather than younger girls. I lived in quarters which is fully secured. I always wanted have something special in my life which would last longer.

My opposite quarter was empty for 2 months since the last family left. Then came my princess Ritu, who was just 26 with a matured and attractive looks and figure. Ritu had the hottest figures I have seen till date. She was 36-23-36 with a perfectly curved and slim body.

She was a newly married girl and her husband was not so romantic. It had been 6 months since they were married but guys believe me if you can, he hadn’t touched her at least for once. She was a virgin till I pounded her.

She was friendly in nature and very kind to everyone on the block. I always wanted to speak to her and make friends with her as she was merely the same age but elder than me.

She had made my mom a good friend of her. Her husband was fully busy so that he couldn’t give attention to her and has mainly night duties. So she use to be alone at night and used to chit chat with my mom until 10 pm.

One day she came to me and started chatting with me.

Ritu: Hi Vikram
Me: Hi Aunty
Ritu: I heard that you are a good player and played at very high levels and even very good at computers.

Me: ya. I am a nerd when it comes to computers.
Ritu: I think my system ha some problem. Would you be able to fix it?
Me: sure, I’ll look into it. But later.

However, our chat went on for a long way and we became good friends within no time.

I always used to stare at her blouse where her big boobs were prisoned. I wanted those in my hand but I was afraid what may happen if she refused. My image would be spoiled amongst the block. So I kept those feelings to myself.

One day, I went to her house for repairing the system. I knocked her door and she opened it. I went in, took my seat she explained what happened to her system. So I moved to the room in which the computer was kept. Within a few minutes, I was able to solve the problem. She was happy to see that.

Then I was looking for folders with a huge amount of data and I opened a folder on the desktop. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was a folder full of sex videos! It was around 50 GB (nearly 1lakh+ videos)!

I was shocked to see this. I started opening the videos one by one as she was busy making lunch. When I reached the 6th video, she came in. I was watching with headphones plugged in.

She was standing behind me and to my surprise, she kept her elbows on my shoulders and said, “Watch this video (pointing a video) as this too hot” and she started suggesting me to watch her collection of videos in another folder.

Really guys, she was damn bold and also looking hot in her saree. After watching some videos, my tool started rising. It was becoming rock hard when she was talking about her collection.

She noticed my tool which was erected in my pants. She then started asking about my college girlfriends.

“As I was shy, I only had just girl friends and no girlfriend” I said.

Then she started to talk about her sex life and that she was still a virgin. Her husband never tried to have sex with her. He only watches the videos in private and then sleeps off.

I was totally shocked after hearing this. Then she asked me whether I can help her.

I was overjoyed and said, “I think we must be on the bed by this time then”

She suddenly hugged me and pressed her big tits against me. I started kissing from her lips to her navel, each and every part of her was being enjoyed by me.

Then I slowly went up and had a deep breath and then resuming our liplock. She was getting very horny. This went for 10 minutes and then we headed towards the bedroom. There was a mattress available on the floor which was convenient for me.


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