An Intoxicating Experience In Woods

It is about my first sexually experience and sex story with a girl name Kavita, she was an 18-year old dusky beauty.The depth of her eyes was fascinating enough to make anyone fall in love with her. I was in love with her or it was just a passionate attraction, I didn’t know the only thing I knew was ‘I was unable to resist myself to praise her beauty’. She was my crush for past one year and I was unknown that god is going to be that much merciful on me and my darkest desires.

And one day we met on an occasion of my friend’s birthday, a normal discussion took place between us but it was the day her intoxication started to increase day by day in my life. I used to think about her all time, the only thing I want from her was her companionship. I took her mobile number from a friend and gave her a ring.

‘Hello who is this’, she said

‘Its Sahil how are you’, I reacted passionately.

‘Hey Sahil how are you? ‘, her voice came at this point of time clouds of mild unconsciousness start coming in my mind as it was my deepest desire to be a part of her life and this gives power to my emotions over me and I start saying nonsense stuff, actually, ‘I like you..Sorry sorry I love you..I am sorry again I mean I don’t know what I am saying ‘..‘but I don’t know you and how could I accept a proposal from a stranger it’s better to be a good friend first’ she replied.

And from that day I start sending her some emotionally charged messages, she responds some days and some day it ends up waiting incessantly for her reply. But it all seems good; finally, on her birthday I proposed her and gave a beautiful teddy bear she accepted it. Life was more beautiful with her; she was caring, loving and helpful.

So finally we make a plan for a long drive on my bike it was the first time when something took place between us she was holding me tightly I was riding on a smooth road with a speed of 40-50 kmph.

She hugged me tightly and said, ‘I love you Sahil and don’t wanna loose you’

I replied, ‘do you think I am crazy enough to lose this beautiful gem?’

She replied, ‘sahil I trust you more than myself and I can surrender everything for you’

I said, ‘you are now mine and I am yours’.

Finally, she unzipped my jacket and put her hands inside my shirt from the space between two buttons and said I want to experience the warmth of your body. I stopped my bike near woods and hugged her passionately we both went inside, the place was covered with dense trees; no one was there other than darkness.

I kissed her in a very passionate manner and she was also responding in the same manner as we both were dying to do this. I was licking her beautiful lips, our tongue was touching and gives us a sensation like, ‘ on full moon night how two super high tides met with each other’.

Our saliva was exchanging and it was nearly 10 min long kiss when we open our eyes and took a deep breath and stay apart. Two three deep breath and then she came near me like a hungry lioness and unbuttoned my shirt I was half naked.

She starts playing with my chest hair with her fingers sometimes she bit here and there, sometimes lick my flesh and said passionately ‘I love odor of your sweat it intoxicates me’ and unhooked my jeans button. I said stop Kavita

Let me first undress you as the passion in my veins is a thousand times stronger than that of you

I put her aside and undressed her purple color top, now she was in bra, I hugged her tightly we both were naked and as our naked skin touched each other the fire within us makes forget everything about ourselves a complete egoless experience

My hand unhooked her bra, her boobs comes out, her nipples was touching my chest and she was feeling a little shy she looked in my eyes as it was something she always wanted, to be completely naked in front of me.

Her breath was mixing with the air of my breath and the proximities between us were decreasing, our sweat, breath and saliva all were mixing with each other and the same was with our soul.

I started licking her skin, her naked body it was really very intoxicating and delicious as I was experiencing her odor and licking her flesh like an ice cream. Her breath was getting deeper and deeper and mine too. She grabbed my hands tightly our fingers crossed each other like our bodies.

And then I unhooked her jeans she took a very long breath and a tear came from her eyes, I asked why is it so, a tear in this pleasurable moment she replied it’s a tear of ecstasy.

She was in her pink color panty I put my hand inside it and touched her love hole. She said aaaahhhh please stop I said what happened she replied its uncontrollable and hugged me very tightly I kissed her lips to divert her focus and start fingering it was wet and taste like something salty and intoxicating.

She started saying aaaahhhh ahaahhaa aaaahaa stoop stoopp pleaseee her voice increased my passion and I start kissing her more passionately and start squeezing her boobs like a wild animal…She opened her eyes, there was a fire in her eyes it looks now she is on and now she is not going to leave me at any cost.

She unhooked my jeans and holds my penis in her hand and start giving a blowjob. She was staring at my penis like she is going to eat it and start squeezing my balls like a wild animal my penis was inside her mouth.

We both were naked in a lonely place. No one was there other that our darkest desires. Our breath was very heavy and we both were sweating very heavily. 30 min long foreplay strengthens our inner fire to a point that now nothing on this earth could stop us. We came close again and I started licking her love hole with my tongue, she screamed aaaahhhaa my tongue start exploring depths of her love hole, the rhythmic movement of my tongue matches with the tone of her scream.

She was grasping my hair in a crazy manner.

Now I stood up stared in her eyes and asked for her permission to penetrate her pussy, she nodded positively.

I inserted my penis in her pussy the insertion was slow as I knew she is virgin and it is going to be painful, drops of blood start coming from her love hole. She screamed aaaahhh aaaaaa.. pleeeasssse don’t do thiss..aaahhaaa and my penis was inside her. A smile of satisfaction was on her face because this is what she was waiting for a long time too.

I started to push and pull movement and she was screaming like she was in seventh cloud aaaahaaa sahil I am yours pleasssee make me pregnant I wannnt to be mother of your child pleeeasee fuck meeee..aaaahhaa fucckkk meee sahill..The process was very intense and continues for nearly fifteen minutes.

And then we both dressed and looked into each other eyes as we both did something very wonderful.We both were unmarried but there was no guilt in us about our act as the love inside us was much more potent than any social boundaries or restriction.

Hey, friends, I am Sahil..mail me at [email protected] Please comment your honest opinion about my sex story.

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