Fucked My Sexy Classmate

Hey, my name is Kanu and I am a very big fan of ISS, and I have reading the stories for the last 5 years. And today finally I have decided to share my experience that how I fucked my classmate. It all happened when I was class 12 and my age was 18 at that time, I have a good physic and good in sports too. I meet her when I changed my optional subject. I entered my fist class where I saw her. Her name was Vandhana (name changed). She was the sexiest girl I have ever seen. Perfect shaped body may be 34, 36, 34 I thought, and her pink lips were just inviting to suck them. She was wearing the school dress, and her dress was drawing out a sex appeal, her skirt was 2 inches above knee and was revealing her white thighs, and her shirt (Top) was revealing her cleavage. My sight was stuck her for a moment and I was just staring at her, but as there was class I have to stop and took my seat, in the whole lecture I was just looking at her.

Slowly, slowly I get to know about her, and I found out that she was very open minded girl, we became friends, a bit even closer, than friends, I came to know from a common friend that she also have feelings for me. One day there was a function at school, and I got the chance and propose her and at once she accepted my proposal. I was very happy, we were standing very close to each other and there our lips meet and I kissed her, she also responded me well and then it turn out into a deep smooch. We were just sucking each other’s lips like if there is not any other thing in this world, my hand ran inside her top and I press her soft melons and she moaned in pleasure, but as we were at the school we cannot do anything further.

But soon we got the chance for which we were waiting, her parents was out for the day she told me that. I went to her home she opened the door and I was just stuck to see her she was just wearing a sports bra, and shorts which was reviling her shape perfectly. I just grab her in my arms and started smooch her, but she stopped me and said not here, she first closes the door and took me to her bedroom. As soon we entered in the room I gram her in my arms and put her on the bed and started smooching her and with my hands I was pressing her soft melons and she was pressing my dick. I removed my cloths and she was shock to see my 6′ cork. I also tried to remove her bra but it was a little bit tight, she helped me to remove her bra, and there was the scene which I cannot explain in words those 34′ melons was just inviting me to suck them, her nipples was pointed giving me the sign that she was aroused.

I just grab them into my hands and started sucking them badly, and she started moaning like hell, she was screaming oh yeah, oh yeah she said in my ears please just fuck me. I can’t take it more. I saw I spot on her shorts, and I removed them along with her panty, and I saw the most amazing pussy all clean and clear, pink in color untouched 100% virgin. Her pussy lips were closed and were inviting me to suck them, I started sucking them and she started to moan like hell oh yeah, mmmmm hhhhhh ohhhhh yeah, fuck, oh yeah, oh yeah just fuck me, fuck me. She was begging me to fuck her, but I was in a mood to tease her more so that she will never forget this sex in her whole life time. I kept sucking her pussy her juices started flowing from her love hole and she hold my head tight into her pussy, I got that she was cumming and I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and she cummed.

I put my middle finger into her cunt and started to finger fuck her then with two fingers, as I increase my speed she scream so hard and cummed again. Now it was the time, I took my dick and started rubbing on her pussy, she screamed just insert; on hearing this I got more aroused and inserted into her, but she was very tight in about 4-5 attempts I get her inside. And now with the full pace I inserted my dick all into her pussy, she felt extreme pain, I placed my lips over her so that she cannot scream loud, and I just still into her pussy until her pain was turned into pleasure, and I started to stroke her slowly in the missionary position, she grab my waist with her legs and asking me to fuck her hard. I increased my speed and the whole room was filled with our moans and blood was coming out from her pussy.

I whispered into her ears that “you are not a girl anymore”. And she was just moaning like hell aaahhhh, aaa, aahh,aaah, she had cummed more than 5 times, and now this was my time, I asked her where to cum she said inside her and then I increased my speed and within 10 to 15 strokes I cummed and we both collapsed and exhausted. We were lying naked in each other’s arm and smooch each other. I can see a satisfaction in her eyes, and then I grabbed her into the bathroom she feeling pain in walk so I took her in my arms and cleaned ourselves, I got to the store bought a pain killer and an I pill because I don’t want to take the risk, I gave it to her and I left. In the night she text me thanks for such a wonderful love making. Next day in the school I found that she was feeling difficult in walking. But afterwards she told me that she is fine.

We kept doing until we were in the school, we are in contact today also but not physically, and this was the first love making of mine. I hope u guys like it. Send me your comments [email protected], or any girl interested in me do contact.

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