Fucked So Called Sister All Night- The First Virgin Sex

Hello, friends. This hot story is about the first virgin sex I had with my fuck buddy. Who does not love sex? None. I cannot imagine a day without sex. With whom I have it with is not a problem. With my 7-inch dick, I do manage at least 1 girl every day. If not, I have this understanding with my best friend Nikita that we bang each other in case we do not find other partners.

Nikita is extremely hot with a figure to die for. She never wears more than a bra and butt covering shorts when she is with me. Even when if we are doing nothing my hand is always inside her panty, fingering her always a shaven pussy. She is always hungry for sex.

This story is about how we lost our virginities to each other. We were in class 12 when her boyfriend broke up with her to date some slut. Nikita came crying to me. So I took her to my terrace and we both smoked a bit and had some whiskey.

After a while, without any warning, she lifted her skirt and sat on me and just said the 3 words I was waiting for. “Rohan, fuck me.” for the first 15 mins, we just kissed like crazy couples. Our tongues were fighting and we kissed like there was no tomorrow.

From the way she kissed me, I could tell you guys that she felt very hungry for that fuck at that time. Her loser boyfriend made a very big mistake ditching her for some other girl. I just wanted the time to stop when she played her tongue with mine. Since I too was a virgin, I liked that moment very much. My first kiss with the girl I like a lot. I could never forget that moment.

While we kissed, we undressed each other. My dick sprung out of my boxers and she kneeled down to give me a superb blowjob. While she sucked me, I turned her over and started licking her pussy. My tongue inside her pussy made Nikita mad. She kept moaning my name till she started panting for breath and started squirting.

That moment made me actually crazy. I looked at the women orgasm for the very first time in my life. The time she called out my name aloud made my dick very hard. I could not control anymore and I so badly wanted to enter her pussy. But then, I thought I wanted to do it step by step.

We then lied down and kissed again for another 10 mins and then I got on top of her. I had a packet of condoms. So I rolled one and slowly started entering her. The feeling of her pussy wall felt so fucking warm. But the bitch wanted it rough. Who was I to refuse? I started pounding her like crazy.

Her hymen broke and she started bleeding but I did not stop fucking her. After a while, she started asking me to fuck her even harder. I turned her around, held her hair back and started fucking her in the doggy style. I was about to cum, but she wanted to suck me dry. So, I took off the condom and jizzed in her mouth.

It had barely been 5 mins since I had cum that she had to do it again. So, she started rubbing my dick again. I was erect in almost no time. Then, I rolled another condom and this time she rode me like a cowgirl. I kept sucking her nipples and leaving love bites all over her cleavage.

Then she laid back and we again fucked in the missionary position till I came hard. But this time into the condom. We kept kissing, our bodies were sweating but we both knew we wanted more of that. So we slept for a while. By that time we woke up, it was evening. So we had a quick session where I held her against the wall and fucked her like an animal. She, of course, loved it. Then I dropped her home.

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