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High-Heeled Guddu – Vicky’s Wife HOT!

On 2017-01-11 Category: Couple Tags: anal sex, clitoris, drunk

I got married to Neeta but fancied her younger sister Guddu and wanted to have her even if I have to swap my wife. I discovered that Vicky is an alcoholic and does not like to work. Guddu suffers a lot and she did not get even love from Vicky.

Herstory – Chapter 6 – A Thought HOT!

On 2017-01-10 Category: Couple Tags: anal sex, blowjob, dildo

This a novel about a girl who used to sell her body every night in a motel and now she got married to a guy. And the sex story will continue how she started her after-life, efforts she requires to erase her past.

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