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Hot Sun!

On 2009-10-11 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

Teacher To College Boy: What Special Do U Do On Mother’s Day. Boy: Any Girl Who Wants To Be A Mother……I Help Her To Become So!! —————————————————————————————————- Q: What three things are common between the sun and woman’s underwear? A: Both are hot, both look better while going down and both dissappear at night..! —————————————————————————————————

End To Her Virginism

On 2009-10-11 Category: Virgin Tags:

Hello everybody! This is Mannu 40 male from Gorakhpur. I stand 6.2 tall with an average built, good looks and positive attitude. My couple of stories is on ISS and had got lot of mails from readers. I am sure that you will agree with me that Age, Caste and Status don’t matter in Love, […]

Gay – New Beginings

On 2009-10-11 Category: Gay Male Tags:

(This is not a sex story. If you are looking for a quick jerk off then you may be disappointed. Reminder: This story is of love between two boys (gay). Please stop reading if this offends you. ) Senthil had moved to pune for his engineering. He didn’t make it into the iits and the […]

Computer Training

On 2009-10-11 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

Hi Desi Fan from reading the story in DF I also share my real experience with this DF Fan. I am 37 year old graphic designer, and my hobby is internet chatting and cyber sex. I am also giving the graphic designing and internet surfing training at home as a home tutor. I have one […]

Lesbian Love Sister

On 2009-10-11 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hi to all the ISS readers and my lesbian counter parts. This is my true story when I was at the tender age of 17 years. My name is Seema and I stay in Mumbai with my parents. The incident goes 4 years back. Before that let me tell you about my self. I am […]

Love Of My Neighbor

On 2009-10-11 Category: Couple Tags:

I am Ravi married since 17 years and my kids are in hostel and we are living alone with my wife. We are living in apartment and there are 4 home in each floor. We have one neighbor couple Rahul 32 years and Kinjal 27years.. My daughter is very fond of Kinjal and she used […]

Family Story

On 2009-10-11 Category: Desi Tags:

Me punjab ka rehne wala hun m1 frnd he uska naam ajay he wo mera class mate & best frnd b he & baju me rehta b tha soo uske gahr me 4 log the ajay, ek choti bahen aur dad or mom rahte hain his dad is a gov. Servent and they are living […]

Truck Ride

On 2009-10-11 Category: Group Sex Tags:

Madhu cursed under her breath as she heard the announcement. Her flight from Mumbai to Bangalore had been cancelled due to a technical problem. This was the night before Diwali weekend. There was no way she would get another flight. She tried all the airline counters, and as expected, was told that all flights for […]

Bidding Sex

On 2009-10-10 Category: Foreign Tags:

My wife Keri and I love each other very much. I’m a little older than she is, and there’s a dominant/submissive thing going on here too; she tells me what to do and I do it. It wasn’t always that way of course, but the more we got into it, well, the more we got […]

Private Secretary

On 2009-10-10 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

One lady at Dhaka was serving as a private secretary to an old boss, though the boss was old but sexually he was not old, he tried to seduce his PS a number of time but could not as u know the young beautiful ladies normally don’t like old hags, so the boss got frustrated […]

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