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A Great Night

On 2009-09-18 Category: Foreign Tags:

My wife and I recently went out with our usual group of friends, mostly couples. We went to a bar called Huge Organs. Basically it is a piano bar where comedians play the piano, sing songs, tells jokes and the audience participates, in the fun. On this particular night my wife Teri was wearing a […]

Jewelling Nights

On 2009-09-18 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in. ‘Mother, where do babies come from?’ The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, ‘Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug and have […]

In Bus

On 2009-09-18 Category: Virgin Tags:

As it was a luxury bus we had booked our tickets and all the seats were booked. We were going to Jaipur. The bus was at 10 in night and we headed from Udaipur so it was a night journey. I and my family with family friends, we all were round about 8 of them […]

Once Bitten Twice Shy

On 2009-09-18 Category: Gay Male Tags:

The winter vacations were starting and there was quite a crowd at the bus depot. I was to take an overnight bus to my uncle’s place where I planned to spend my vacation. Father had overruled mother’s objections and let me travel alone; they were to join me later. He said I had grown up. […]

Tutor Turned Sex Slave

On 2009-09-18 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

Hi all readers this is my first posting. My name is JK. Jai Kishen. It’s an incident that happened in Rohan’s life and changed his life forever. He is 25 years old and employed in a private firm.Along with the job he also used to conduct private tuition for students up to Std 9 so […]

Matured Fuck

On 2009-09-18 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

I am Raj, 28 unmarried from Pune. I recently found ISS site and started reading stories. Well some of the stories were very hot and erotic which prompted me to put my realtime stories here. I am going to share my experience with my mature maid here.This was happened last year when I was staying […]

Malathi the Seductress

On 2009-09-18 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Author’s Note: Incase you are expecting a hardcore sex action down below I request you to kindly skip this one. This submission is meant for those who love to enjoy the slow and smooth way.Hi, there readers. Wishing you all the very best arousal in this New Year & forever more. This time around Chennai […]

Train Bang

On 2009-09-18 Category: Couple Tags:

Hello readers, this is Rahul (name changed for secrecy), I am a software engineer in a giant MNC and working in Pune. Basically I’m from Mumbai. I’ll narrate about my experience with a horny girl with whom I had sex in the train bogie itself. There is a proverb that girls and ladies behave in […]

Unsuspecting Wife

On 2009-09-18 Category: Group Sex Tags:

If you are a husband from Kerala having the same dreams and wish to make it real, Let us collude and make our fantasies come to life. Let me narrate a recent incident which happened and looking back at the incident I feel that my wife might just be opening up without her knowing she […]

Baby Elephant

On 2009-09-17 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

There was a guy who had been having chronic trouble in trying to get an erection. After weeks of frustration, he finally breaks down and goes to the doctor. The doctor gives him a thorough examination and finally makes the diagnosis. “Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news,” she says. “The bad news is […]

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