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Woman on Woman

On 2009-10-06 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hai!!!!! My name is Sandhya.Iam 29 years old,Fair,Good looking well built married,employeed indian women. My husband is a very nice gentleman,33,strong bodied person.He is working as a drug inspector in Calcutta. I am also working as a bank employee in Calcutta.Though We are so busy every day but still we enjoy sex daily. We had […]

Synergy of Two Bodies

On 2009-10-05 Category: Couple Tags:

Hi, all happy to be back to entertain my dear readers, it’s been long since your jj gave you a good long whack off story. Well i am little guilty on this end but fair enough this one is going to be short but definitely have all the required stuff for you to spend along […]


On 2009-10-05 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

Bablu: “teacher, teacher! Is bus male or female? Teacher: thinking……. Pappu: “teacher, teacher! It is female” Bablu: “kyon?” Pappu: “kyon ki sab log uspe chadte hain.” Teacher is pareshan. While bablu gets in doubt. Bablu: “agar bus female hai aur sab uspe chadte hain to uske bacche kyon Nahin hote?” Teacher is more pareshan. Pappu: […]

Foursome Fucking

On 2009-10-05 Category: Group Sex Tags:

My name is Kishore; I’m an software engineer by profession. I’m 32, happily married and doing own business in Delhi. My wife Renu is 28 and very beautiful. She is very aggressive and open in sex and has no inhibition. She never said no to sex in our eight years of married life. Let me […]

Karachi Family

On 2009-10-05 Category: Incest Tags:

Alia’s father, mr ali tahir, was an impressive looking man. He was a 6 ft 2 giant; light brown with broad shoulders and bright grayish blue eyes. He kept his head shaved and allowed his beard to grow as long as it wanted. It hung from the chin of his fifty three year old face, […]

Wife Sex

On 2009-10-05 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

This is a story that connects with the incident I had sex with my beautiful young secretary. I have related this story before with a graphical description. I am wondering why I called my secretary home. May be I was living alone away from family, working for a Foreign Company in an Asian Country. May […]


On 2009-10-05 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Yes, somewhere, somehow, sometimes certain events happen which goes beyond the explanation of normal human behavior. Perhaps, the mind of a human being are too complex to gauge . Therefore, the endeavor to search for uniform rationality in the behavior of every human being is mere foolhardiness. We all behave in our own way and […]

Sexual Autobiography

On 2009-10-05 Category: Virgin Tags:

The only reason behind not disclosing my identity is because I am expecting true feedbacks for my writing! If you really like the story you can write me at “unidentified at live dot com”. This story covers the desires of a GIRL before loosing her virginity & also expectations after that! NO MORE WASTING OF […]


On 2009-10-04 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

A Guy is driving his girlfriend home when she decides she wants to go to her friends instead. Her friend lives out of the way so she tells her boyfriend that she would get naked for him if he drove her. The guy says ok and the girl takes off all her clothes. The boyfriend […]

Beautiful Journey

On 2009-10-04 Category: Virgin Tags:

Hello to all ISS reader, I read stories from this site from 10 years. I don’t know how people get chance to do sex with any one. Some time I think they are just imagination of people and some time think it may be possible. I m playboy (not real name) 30 years old still […]

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