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Dream come true

On 2009-08-17 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

I am Aditya from Mumbai, 29, tall, handsome, fun loving. This is a story when I used to work for engineering company at Thane. In our office all the staff members used to enjoy the festivals, games, picnic, and party together. We were in a very friendly environment. There were many ladies (Married / unmarried) […]

Sexy in Lungi

On 2009-08-17 Category: Gay Male Tags:

I am a handsome guy of 24 years of 5’8” height and not a very muscular body and fair. I am staying in Kolkata .We recently shifted to stay in a place where there are mostly muslim families living. I quite liked muslim guys who are usually quite handsome and stylish staying around the place. […]

Neena And Richa

On 2009-08-17 Category: Group Sex Tags:

Hi I am Mannu. At present I am 40 years and 6.2 ft tall, slim and still maintaining a good health and physique, but due to my jovial nature I get lot of responses especially from young and teenage females. I am always interested in sex films, stories and eager to read and hear experiences, […]

My les teacher

On 2009-08-17 Category: Lesbian Tags:

I am 29 years old from feudal family of Punjab now settled in Punjab with sexy body. It happened when I was 15 in grade 8 of St.Martins high school. A cousin of mom died and my parents left in hurry with younger sis and bro leaving me behind. We had maid working in our […]

Home coming 2

On 2009-08-17 Category: Couple Tags:

Here is Raman again at your service with the second part of my story Homecoming. Vasu did not know where his life was leading him to. There was his mom, naked as she was born, her boobs heaving u and down as his hands travelled all over her bare body. Shanti moaned at the touch […]

Hot bhabhi in pune

On 2009-08-17 Category: Virgin Tags:

Hello guys and girls. Myself Rohit (20 yrs) from luck now. I am a student. I am here to narrate the first & till now last encounter of my life. I hope U guys like the whole encounter .It was summer vacation. I was alone at home since everyone from my family had gone to […]

Ind vs pak

On 2009-08-17 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

1 pakistani havin his business in iron rods was sittin in his office and got a Cal frm INDIA.. Indian: rod hai?? Paki: hai Ind: “Gand mein dal le..!” & disconnected.. Next day.. Ind: rod hai? Paki: nahi hai…! Ind: “kyon gand mein daal liya!?” & disconnected. . Next day.. Ind: rod hai? Paki: hai […]

Tongues of Passion

On 2009-08-17 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hello readers. JJ is back to entertain you with a nasty but horny story which is bound to take your hands to the itchy area between your legs and its time you have some napkins around to clean yourself. This incident takes place when two lovely bodied woman bump into each other while attending a […]

Anita mere pyari bhabhi

On 2009-08-16 Category: Incest Tags:

Hi I am raj here again with yet another mind blowing story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law. Let me explain to you about my sister-in-law she is my brother’s wife, Anita. I used to call her Anita bhabhi. I live with them since I was at the age […]

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