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Difference between three

On 2009-08-24 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

Teacher to students :- what is the difference between these three ………. 1.Callgirl 2.Girlfriend 3.Wife Student:- 1.Prepaid 2.Postpaid 3.Lifetime

Dream Rose fucked

On 2009-08-24 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

My name is guru name changed i am from pune and this is my real story that happened 9 onths ago i am working in wipro and have a girl who is working with me on the same floor her name is rose. This is the girls real sudo name.we are from delta floor. Now […]

Holi Day Fun

On 2009-08-24 Category: Group Sex Tags:

Ours was a distinct group in our MBA class of 2009- the fun loving, easy going group. We loved traveling, adventure, hanging out in pubs and trying new things every time. We were 3 hungry hunks (Neil, Omkar and myself i.e Sai) and 3 glamorous sexy ladies (Sakshi, Surabhi and Neetu). It was a Holi-day […]

My horny maid

On 2009-08-24 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

My name is Vivek from Chennai. I want to share my experience which happened with our maid-servant about one month back which is 100% true. Believe me friends, I am not cooking up some story and posting it. Our maid`s name is Kumari. She is some 30 years old lady and she is a little […]

My lesbian experience

On 2009-08-24 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hi ISS lovers and admirers, This is Seema your love here to share one of my intimate sexperience which has led to a new lifestyle together with me and my cousin sis, the incident happened a day prior to the marriage of my uncle and there was a huge crowd as this was a love […]

Parody of song

On 2009-08-20 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

Aao bachchon tumhe dikhaye jhanki filmistan ki Bindu ke tum boobs dabao Gaand maro pran ki Dara singh ka lund Dara singh ka lund Dev anand hema par joro se marta tha Dharmendra ko pata chala to vo uske piche dauda tha Ek haath me tel ki shishi aur ek haath me lauda tha.


On 2009-08-20 Category: Foreign Tags:

It is not necessary to tell something about me, but I guess it will help you to visualize the incident in a better way. I’m a 29 year guy, working in MNC and with handsome look and lifestyle. Life is cool in Kolkata with friends and girlfriend. I had a break up last year, so […]

My neighbor virgin girl

On 2009-08-20 Category: Virgin Tags:

Hi I am Rajesh finished a Degree course last year. This is the first time I am posting my real story that happened with my neighbor virgin girl, Sandya (name changed).We are living in the same colony in Amatur a village in vnr district tamilnadu. I am fair, Jim body person. Sandya though moderate color, […]

My roommate

On 2009-08-20 Category: Lesbian Tags:

She had been my friend from work and it was a Friday night where everyone was meeting for drinks and some relaxing.I had a few drinks and so did she.We were always a bit over the edge at work and so we did the same here. I invited her to come to my house after […]

Seducing couple for swapping

On 2009-08-18 Category: Group Sex Tags:

This is Manoj from Kolkata to share my happiest moments of fucking with ISS viewers. I Got many replies from many couples from my last story, my mail box had almost became a database of couples. I got hundred of mails but only 32 are genuine couples, in which many were asking how to convince […]

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