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A Hungry Bihari Widow

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Hi, am ashok again with another true experience and this time I am going to narrate a true story of an erotic sex with my servant boys mom who was a widow. I was posted in Patna during my training and I was 28 yr old. I was working and I had engaged a servant […]

Indian Lesbo Mother-In-Law

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This story narrates the story of a young pregnant indian bride who discovers her lesbian desires at the hands of her voluptuous mother-in-law, who seduces her into lesbian sex and wins her love as well as her body. I do hope that readers of both sexes enjoy it and i would really like to get […]

Tuition Teacher

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This is story about a student and her mother when i used to take tuition. Sana is studying in 12th class and her father is working on USA. Her mother ayesha is 34 years old and she is a housewife. This story happened when one day when i went to their home to take tuition […]

Wife Gangbanged

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Me and my sexy wife Payal were on vacation to a Caribbean island . We had selected a lovely beach resort to stay for a few days and were delighted at the beautiful hut they made available. Payal is 35 and very well ‘put-together,’ if you get my meaning. She has got sexy face and […]

A call boy story

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Hi this is Rit from Guwahati. This is my 1st story with all you people and I have 3 clients at Guwahati all through my 1st client. I am not a good writer and this is my 1st story so there may be some mistake in words for describing my story than I am sorry […]

Malsej Mein Mauj

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Hi friends, its me again. I got your responses and I am very excited to post one more of my experience on this site. Also guys, remember, I am not a whore. Do not expect me to accept invitations for meets and other stuffs. I would like to keep my experiences to this site and […]

Screwed a tribal virgin maid

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Hi am Ashok again with another real sex encounter with a virgin tribal maid during one of my postings. Hope my real sex encounters are being liked. This incident happened when I was 27 yrs and had got my first project site posting to an interior site at Asansol. I reported at the site and […]

Deliverance From Cocks

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Hi all, It’s me your JJ back to back stories was something I was always wanting to do unfortunately it has never happened. I made a valiant attempt though but what came out is sizzling hot encounter between two lovely girls in their late twenties grown up in the off late Chennai culture. Its nothing […]

Secret surgery

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A sexually active woman tells her plastic surgeon that she wanted her vaginal lips reduced in size because they were too loose and floppy. Out of embarrassment she insisted that the surgery be kept a secret and the surgeon agreed. Awakening from the anesthesia after the surgery she found three roses carefully placed beside her […]

True Joy of Sex

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I’m a lonely soul seeking a sweet companion with a love hole Your every wish is my command we will do it in bed,in the bathroom and even in sand Just try me once for free and I’m sure you will keep me till enternity Hold me, hug me, chain me make me your personal […]

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