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Long Time Friendship

On 2010-01-24 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hi ISS Friends & fans,This is my first attempt at any sex story. I hope you like it.Comments and suggestions welcomed. You can put them on this site. Thanks for reading, and thanks ISS for letting this opportunity for budding erotica writers.They have been friends for a long time, almost 5 and half yrs now […]

New Year Ki Shaam

On 2010-01-24 Category: Desi Tags:

Mera naam Aasha hai.. mai aaj aap logo ko ek kahani sunane jaa rahi hoon.. Mai ek garib ghar ki ladki hoon .. aur mere ghar mai meri mammy hai meri do badi bahene hai.. aur mere papa ki death ho chuki hai.. hum chaaron log ghar chalane ke liy naukri karte hai.. tab jaa […]

Amma’s Coconuts – Part II

On 2010-01-24 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

He grabbed her huge tits in his palms. With a cry, my mother caught hold of his wrists and tried to push his hands away, but he was too strong for her. She kept on trying to stand up, but he held her in place. He dug his nose under her thick, straight hair and […]

Gangbang With Step Mom – Part II

On 2010-01-24 Category: Incest Tags:

As I had said earlier I shared a L-shaped room with three other friends at the city hostel. All of us were in high school and came from nearby towns. My friends knew about my sexual trysts with my stepmother and whenever I came back from home they pressed me for stories about my mother. […]

“Shultz is dead!”

On 2010-01-24 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

This man was walking through the park one day when he couldn’t help but notice a woman crying. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Shultz is dead! Shultz is dead!” she sobbed. He didn’t know who Shultz was so he just continued on. Then he came upon another woman. “Shultz is dead!,” she too sobbed. He just […]

Threesome With Geeta And Sarita

On 2010-01-24 Category: Group Sex Tags:

I am Raj. I am 32 yrs old. I am not married. Living in Mumbai remote area after my friend Manish (33yrs) told me buy a flat near him. I bought flat and moved there my flat was some 100 ft from him there is no flat in between so we came see ourselves a […]

My Seduction With A Hunk

On 2010-01-24 Category: Couple Tags:

It has been a long long time, since I posted my last experience. I did receive a lot of mails asking me “What next, Why the delay?” Well, friends here I am narrating one of my hot and erotic experiences for you all to enjoy.Well this about one of the liveliest and hot lady, with […]

My First Girlfriend

On 2010-01-24 Category: Virgin Tags:

Hi this is Raja from Mumbai, 26 Height 5.7, fare, Married, this real incidence happen to me before my marriage, with my Girlfriend, her name was Preeti, she was my school friend sister, I always used to go to my friend place and their family respect me lot. After her graduation she used to talk […]

My Secretary Pooja

On 2010-01-24 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

I along with my Secretary after completing a hectic conference in a remote area work spot returning to the hotel in a hurry to make some preparations for the next day review meeting. Due to sudden political bandh the roads were closed for traffic and witnessed a heavy fighting in the streets. We were an […]

Converted From Guy To Gay

On 2010-01-24 Category: Gay Male Tags:

To-day I am writing how I was converted from a guy to gay. It is a sweetest incident in my life which became revolution in my sexual desires. It had occurred in those days when my wife had gone to her parent’s house for delivery of my first son. I was waiting for bus in […]

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