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My 35 Year Old Maid

On 2009-11-26 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

Hi guys my name is madan.M 21 years old i am from karnataka.this story is quite long because it details my real life experience as to how i got my maid from fantasizing about her to bedding her over a period of two years.I live with my parents and parents go to work at […]

With Father In Law

On 2009-11-26 Category: Incest Tags:

My name is Suganya, a house-wife aged 30. I reside with my husband and our four children, at Chennai in India. We are a middle class South Indian family. My husband is a nice man and takes good care of my children and myself. Though I have four children with him, yet somehow, my private […]

Discovering Sweet Nisha: My Lesby

On 2009-11-26 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hi, I am going to reveal one of the most exciting experiences of my life, which I never disclosed to any one before. Even though I am 38+ now, I’m considered to be attractive and have always taken good care of myself. I’m proud to say most men find my pretty face attractive, but my […]

Naughty Priya

On 2009-11-26 Category: Couple Tags:

I completed my Engineering and entered into construction business. Soon I had scattered my work to various cities. Most often I keep visiting to various places on my construction work. My friend Ravi got settled in Pune and even got married. We both were good friends during our college days but later couldn’t meet for […]

Padosan Bhabhi Meri Pehli Sex Partner

On 2009-11-26 Category: Desi Tags:

hiiiiiiiii frnds .!!! main Samay ek or kahani lekar ayah u jo ki mere ghr ke paas ki hain or main hamesha se chahta tha use app logo ko tuk pahuchana jo log mujhe nahi jante unko mera introduction detta hoon main Samay from Delhi . main ek patla dubla normal looks wala ladka hoon […]

Wife Gangbanged

On 2009-11-26 Category: Group Sex Tags:

Me and my sexy wife Payal were on vacation to a Caribbean island . We had selected a lovely beach resort to stay for a few days and were delighted at the beautiful hut they made available. Payal is 35 and very well ‘put-together,’ if you get my meaning. She has got sexy face and […]

Pain & Pleasure

On 2009-11-25 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

Hello, here is Huma again at your service. I hope and pray that I can entertain my loving readers with my humble contributions on this site. Today I am going to narrate the weird story of Ruchi, a young girl whose life course is determined by her parentage, circumstances and many other facotrs as a […]

May I Cum Inside?

On 2009-11-25 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

Ek baar ek school ke bachhe ne apni teacher se pucha, “Madam may cum inside?” Madam boli, “Yes come inside!” aur aur Bachhe ne madam ke choot me pani chod diya$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Horny Aruna

On 2009-11-25 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hi, my name is Aruna. I was born in Mumbai but moved to London, England when I was 15 years old. I was 18 when this happened. I loved sports. The chance came for me to join the netball squad. The team made up out of mainly Asians, which is comforting. I was surprised I […]

I Lost My Virginity To My Sister

On 2009-11-25 Category: Virgin Tags:

I am Nathu from Jaipur, mail me at [email protected], and have married sister, Anita didi. 26. We lost our parents in an accident and now I was staying alone. I used to get nightmares after death of parents and used to wake up in the night, screaming. My neighbors informed this to Anita didi. Anita […]

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