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Put It Here 2

On 2009-12-26 Category: Foreign Tags:

Janet was coming into the living room, heading to the kitchen, to go out to the yard. She had washed her twat and changed her shorts. Her body was still vibrating a little from her intense orgasm. She would have to be careful to not be alone with Kevin while she was still feeling the […]

Sofia – A Typical Woman Boss

On 2009-12-26 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Hi Readers, This is Sofia C again. Find below is my new story. Your comments & replies are welcomed at [email protected] Sofia is a typical woman boss, hard and randy for the girls who work under her. Sofia still has vivid memories of her seduction of her plump little co-worker, the luscious but amazingly naive […]

Black Maid Satisfaction Part I

On 2009-12-25 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

I wont go to the boring details of who i m, what i do etc etc. I lived in nairobi during my hey days when i was a bacholer. I had just rented my own two bedroom flat and moved in after all the refurbishing had been done. All alone, i wondered how i would […]

Best Ride Of My Life

On 2009-12-25 Category: Couple Tags:

My name is Sameer ( Name changed ) and I am 24yr old , I am a normal person with normal looks. I am a regular reader of ISS. Let me come to the point, I got great interest in sex. But I never got a chance to fuck anyone. This happened when I came […]

Pole In The Hole Of Cousin

On 2009-12-25 Category: Incest Tags:

Hi my name is Ajay.I m 28 yrs old & has a Cousin Sister Nisha who was 25yrs old. She is married & separated from her husband. She came down to Bangalore for some medical treatment. She had to stay here for a month. We were very close to each other & shared everything from […]

Pleasure To Be Sucked

On 2009-12-24 Category: Gay Male Tags:

Hi…my name is Dhilu… well that 10000 is a special id of mine. well am a business man doing travels business… am married too… Though I had sex with many women, here I would like to share the cock sucked by a boy… this story happened 5 years back… One of my most memorable moments […]

Rekha Kitadaptijawani

On 2009-12-24 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

Hi friends its me sunny sing back again with my new story but first i would like to thank you all who mailed and read my other 3 real incidents. But this is a tale of my imagination that i fantacised for my accounts teacher rekha when i was in the school.some part in this […]

Put It Here

On 2009-12-24 Category: Foreign Tags:

Janet stared wistfully out the window as she finished up the prep dishes. Her husband Tony was out in the driveway, telling one of his stories and making a drunken fool of him again. It was their annual 4th of July bar-b-que and a couple dozen friends and family were there. Tony always put the […]

Dukan Dar

On 2009-12-24 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

dukandar : as bori oe mat bethna ? gahak : kun ? as main kia gubare hain , dukadar : nhi is main keel hain!

Fucked Lalita In Both Side

On 2009-12-24 Category: Virgin Tags:

Hi to all ISS Readers. This is deepak (Name Changed) from Delhi. I am 24 Male based at Delhi. I am a professional from accounts domain. I am frequent visitor of ISS and enjoy it a lot. I have gained courage to share my experience with my female colleague Lalita (Name Changed) who was designer […]

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