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Count Down

On 2009-10-08 Category: Couple Tags:

I am kaberi ghosh, 21years old young lady with good looks and hot assets. My complexion is fair and has silky black shoulder length hairs. I stay with my father and step mother. Fortunately my step mom is affectionate and caring to me. My dad works with a private marketing agency. I have just finished […]

Pua Ku Genhili

On 2009-10-08 Category: Desi Tags:

Raju jama padhunathila. Sabu bele sex bahi aau photo dekhiki muthi maruthila. Board parikhya deba. Sabu bele taa katha bhabuthili. Swami agaru marijaithile. Nijaku bahut kastare sambaluthili. Bhabili pilankara sex katha bhabiba common. Jadi sex kari kari mana santi huanta bhala padhante. Dine ratire mu jani jani bhitare kichi napindhi khali sadhiku gudei soithili. Niswasre […]

Two Sisters

On 2009-10-08 Category: Group Sex Tags:

Hi, I am Amit 22 years old and I will narrate you my experience with two sexy sisters. It is really a true story, and it happened with me around two months’ back. I am living in Delhi and not too far from house lived two girls Anu and Rashmi. Let me describe you Anu […]

Lund Types

On 2009-10-08 Category: Poetry/Jokes Tags:

Types of Lund- Mirinda lund:-zor ka jhatka dheere se lage Vediocon lund:-bada hai toh behetar hai Lux cotton s wool lund:-sardi me bhi garmi ka ehsaas Alpenlibe lund:-lage raho Royal enfield lund:- jab ye chale toh sab rasta de Iodex lund:- aah se aaha tak Allout lund:-choot ka yamraj Amul lund:-the taste of india Nova […]

Horny Memsab

On 2009-10-08 Category: Maid Servant Tags:

I am Chandu, working as a male servant in a family, I am 21 year old medium build having 5ft 8 inches height. After attending school in English unto 5th I turn to work due to some problems. My memsaab is very beautiful woman in this world. Anybody see her he will definitely keep on […]

Family Sex

On 2009-10-08 Category: Incest Tags:

Once after my brother got married, i happened to peep in his room in the night. I saw both of them were enjoying sex. Neeta was standing in front of my rajesh. Rajesh was holding her melons in his hands and pressing them. He licked her nipples, held them in his fingers and pressed them […]

School Incident

On 2009-10-08 Category: Virgin Tags:

I’m Ravi (name changed), this was happen 8 years ago. I was studying 10th, There was girl who was fond of guys and every time she would fall on me speaks Ok I was also controlling and kept quit she was little fat she was football player, she was having will build body. One day […]

Shantini My Teacher

On 2009-10-08 Category: Office/Teacher Tags:

Hi, guys it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your overwhelming comments have encouraged me to come out with all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another incident. This was happened when […]

Sandra Assaulted

On 2009-10-08 Category: Lesbian Tags:

Sandra was watching TV and was bored. Her friend was out for a stroll, and naturally, there was nothing of interest on TV. For a time she enjoyed trying on clothes, but even that was no fun without someone there to appreciate it if she presented herself in hot, glossy PVC and leather. Now she […]

Hot Punjabi

On 2009-10-07 Category: Couple Tags:

I’ve been reading the indian sex stories from past 4 years. Throughout this time i’ve read the stories to boost the sexual appetite. However, i used to read and think are these real stories? But, whatever be the answer, i would like to publish my real story, which happened 2 years ago. My name is […]

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