Sex With My Office Mate

This sex story is about how I fucked my office mate. About my friend she is 5.4” with slim body having 32 D size tight boobs with amazing curves and she is a black beauty. Her name is chocolate.. I used to call her chocolate as we have become very close and good friend in just startup of my job.

When I joined my first job I met with her she was quiet friendly and out word nature girl so everybody used to like her and used to talk to her too much she was at some senior position also.

So in no time I also got the affection from her side and she started to talk to me and made me comfortable in new job. Gradually she also started taking care of mine as I was out sider I was not having facilities of daily routine things like transportation and food and everything. So she started to carry me with her on her scooty and also started bring lunch for me some times she also arranged dinner at late nights also so we became very close and good friends.

As she was leaving very near pg from my pg so we used to meet in the evening also, we go for a walk to gather, started to sit nearer to house till late night and having talks of everything.

Those things made us close with each other. So it started suddenly with kissing and smooching and playing with each other but having sex was not getting done due to place. We do not have place to enjoy with each other, she was planning the same thing at one of her friend’s flat to stay there and enjoy each others company. So days were passing and time was going wonderful I was also enjoying her company same as she.

One day we planned for going for trip at some place after holi so after celebration of holi in office we went to our pg and cleaned up ourselves as we have to leave for that trip also. So after cleaning up myself she called me at her pg, no one was there so she called me for pick her up. She was still in bathroom so told me to wait in the hall for some time.

I set there and was waiting for her, then she came out of the bathroom by wearing skin tight jeans and t-shirt from the cloths I was able to see her curves of body very clearly and she was looking quiet hot and sexy so then we were getting late she told me to leave early so we made a move towards the door and suddenly what happened before opening the door she suddenly put a long kiss on my lips we both were liking each others lips.

I was also in shock for what happened suddenly so after kissing for 15 mins we both left, there was hard erection I got and she also knew about that and she was giving naughty smile to me, I also understood what happened she was seducing me by calling at her pg. She admitted that also that she was checking if I am doing something or not but she thanked me and said sorry to me also that she was testing me. As she wanted to know what I am doing by finding her alone.

After some time she planned to stay at her friend’s house for night and the finally the day came. We went at her friend’s flat at 10.30 pm and settled there. We talk with each other for some time then she went to have bath

After some time she came out by wearing towel. She was only in towel and by seeing her my heart started beating little faster and then she came near me and told me, “You wanted to see me in towel naa babu.” , I replied “Yes”. Then set beside me and started applying body cream on her body and I was like in havens my sweet sexy friend was now totally open to me and we were ready to get in to bed.

I started pressing her boobs by side and I was smelling her washed hair’s aroma what a smooth hair she was having. I have started getting very weird feelings of love and love making. Gradually she put her hand on my cock and started playing with it, after some time she came over me on sofa we were sitting by side.

So now her boobs were in front of me and she set on my thighs and very gently she put her lips on my lips.. “Ohh my god what a kiss it was”.. Usne muje pyaar se chuma aur kaha.. “Babu ab me sirf tumhari hu aaj bs me aur tum jo chahe vo karlo or karwalo”.. “Love you”.. I replied the same.. Now my cock was also getting out of control. It was trying to get out from underwear

Then we shifted to the bed room I pulled her in my arms and made her laid on bed and then I removed her towel and started pressing her boobs again and licked also. Then I kissed like mad. Then gradually I got down to her naval part I kissed and licked her naval what a experience it was. I was getting out of control.

Then finally I got her pussy. I fingered her pussy and she was moaning very heavy and she was making loud moans I was enjoying that after 10 mins she came like hell. Then she came on her knee and started playing with my cock and then she put my cock in her mouth and she gave me a very sexy blowjob.. She was sucking my cock like lollipop..

After 15 mins I also came so I come on her boobs then we slept together we were breathing very heavily, she told me to get ready for another round..

Then the second round got started after 20 min, now I was lying on the bed and she started playing with my cock and again she sucked and made it hard .. My cock was now like rock hard..

I also fingered her to make her pussy wet again. She was moaning like hell and told me “Ab bas aur mat tarpaao ab nahi raha jata”, “Please dal do na ab tumhara me pyasi hu”, Then I teased her for some time and then I entered my cock in her pussy.

I pushed my cock in her pussy in 3 strokes she also had pain for some time for taking my cock as I have 6 ” 3″ cock.

Then slowly I started fucking her pussy in missionary position she started enjoying fully now and moaning.. Mm.. Aah.. Aah.. “Oh my god please fuck me please fuck me” faad do meri chut ko aaj.. Muje tumhari banalo.. Me tumhari hu.. Chodo chodo muje jee bhar ke chodo puri rat aaj tumhari hu.. By hearing that I also got more excited and started stroking her very fast and she was moaning with enjoyment.

Then after 20 mins she came and I also came at the same time we both were exhausted now. Both were sweating.

I lied down on her in the same position only and my cock was still inside her pussy. She kissed me on my lips with satisfaction. I was clearly able to see satisfaction and freshness on her face.

Then I also kissed her on her for head, she told me she loved the fucking session so much. And thanked me also..

At that night we fucked 4 times till morning 5.30. Then we slept for some time at 8.30 we woke up as we have to go to office also.

This was the story how I fucked my office mate.. And it was a very nice experience.. If any girl, cogour aunty wants to have secret relationship then buzz me at [email protected], everything will be secret..

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