Seduced A Matured Virgin Lovingly

Dear friends,

Love and Sex as I believe are eternal things so far materialistic world is concerned. The spiritual mind may be apathetic on worldly pleasure, but life is incomplete without love. Throughout our life we get opportunity to enrich life with different experiences and cherish the moments of pleasure for rest of the life. This story is also one such event of life to remember and share with others.

Anuradha is my colleague much junior to me under circumstances remained a spinster. Her complexion is bit darker, slim body construction, wide eyes, long hair and a graceful walk. Her chest is not pronounced but two tight breasts like orange with a pointed tits like pea nut challenge any male.

Her curvy buttocks are also not fleshy to give her a status of 32-28-30. But in spite of those she provokes most of us as a sexy lady. Is it due to her sexy tone and movement or due to the fact that she is having her seal in tact, I don’t know. When I got her in my department as an assistant a natural attachment towards her developed in me.

On the other hand she was very reserve and courteous in dealing with me.But within a short period she became bit open to me due to my intimate and friendly behaviour.In the office everybody respects me for my sincerity and jovial nature. So Anuradha also slowly shed her inhibition and coming closer to me.

We discussed about our family life and I came to know that she is very much attached to her father and sister staying 200 kms away from our work place.

Her father was a retired old man,but very smart and open hearted person. Once he telephoned me and admired me for my good dealing with her daughter.

He met me once at the office and also visited my house along with Anu to build a relationship which I accepted with pleasure. Thus we become family friend and Anu got my wife as a elder sister(didi). Days passed on nicely with Anu as a close companion in my work place. But there was always a desire in me to get her as a sex mate which was very difficult due to her indifference and unresponsive towards sex.

Then came a nice occasion,an official trip for both of us to Mumbai for an week. We travelled in the same train in near by berth and have a pleasant journey.

During the week we stayed in the same guest house in different room and I took this opportunity to develop a close bond between us. In the evening time we visited the malls for shopping and enjoy her choicest food in good restaurants.

We travelled in auto and taxi through out the city’s various places including the beaches like two close friends. Towards the end of the week she became sick with stomach upset due to outside food. I got the opportunity to take proper medical and personal care of her till the end of the return journey. In the train she got a little fever also. I sat beside her and put my palm on her forehead and asked her if she is filling well. She closed her eyes in satisfaction.

Throughout the night I was almost watching and taking care of her. I made special arrangement of food through the railway catering and keep her feel good in the sickness also. While leaving me at the railway station with her brother she came to me,hold my hand and profusely thanked me for my caring nature with tears in her eyes out of emotion. I was also feeling loneliness inside and missing her. The seed of love for her sprouted in my mind from that instance.

After that trip our relation took a different turn,I always dream to have sex with her. Only problem is she is quite averse to sexual activity only because she has decided to lead unmarried life. My efforts now is to create a urge in her for sex.Now we spend hours in gossiping and playing card or Ludo at her residence or at my house specially on the holidays.

As usual I cut meaningful jokes with her in front of my wife as done with a sister –in-law. Once we both were at her residence in a light moment I told –

“What is your feelings towards me ? Do you want me to be your friend for whole life.”

Suddenly she became silent and looked into my eyes with a gloomy face.

I gathered courage and asked next – ” Don’t you feel that we have gone beyond the mere friendship. Ask yourself what your mind desire. Don’t you need physical relation with me. I will anxiously wait for your consent “.


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