The Mangalorean Teacher’s Desire

Hi, readers. My name is Melroy and I’m 24 years old. I am born and brought up in Mangaluru. I am working as a researcher. This true incident is about me and a high school teacher who actually never taught me. We never even spoke to each other during my school days. Let’s call her ruth.

Ruth was a 23-year-old fair, short and slightly skinny lady when I was in my 8th grade. She was cute and was very popular among the boys in my school as she was very friendly.She got married when I was in my 9th grade and left to Dubai along with her husband. Nine years later I find her on facebook and I add her to my friend list. She happens to wish me on my 23rd birthday and we just start texting each other and speak about my school days.

We start sharing some personal stuff and become good friends. She had also tried to find a good job for me at Dubai and also offered me to stay at her place during this process. She has two kids and is a school teacher at Dubai.

She then starts telling me as to how her in-laws harassed her when she gave birth to a baby girl. Although her husband supported her, he was too possessive and had his own strange rules about how his wife should be. She even told me how he used to force her to have sex even when she didn’t want to have sex. Due to lack of emotional support, she gets into an emotional relationship with her 9th-grade student at Dubai.

After sharing all this, she realizes how stupid she was and asks me for suggestions to get over with her current situation. Although I suggested divorce, she didn’t consider it because of her children who loved their father.

However, I suggested her to end her relationship with her student and take up a part-time job to keep herself very busy.

As a result, she even stopped texting me and was happy with her life. After a year, I happen to text her where she expressed her gratitude for helping her out and said that her life is way better than before.

After a lot of messaging she opens up saying that although she is emotionally happy, she was unsatisfied physically as her husband had become very passive and uninterested in sex. I felt it wouldn’t be wise to ask her to go to male escorts in Dubai and asked her to talk to her female friends and find out as to how they got over such a situation.

However, truth was not happy with this suggestion. I tried my luck and offered her to have sex with me. She said she couldn’t do the same as I was almost 9 years younger to her and felt that she was exploiting me for her selfish needs.

After a lot of discussion over this matter, she finally agreed to have sex provided I use condoms. She flew back to Mangaluru with her husband on December 15th for Christmas celebrations.

We then planned to meet in a restaurant in order to just meet up and speak. I asked her to come to a restaurant and was waiting for her. I recognized her when she was walking towards me from a distance.

She was wearing jeans pant with a floral top. Her skin color was fair with a pinkish glow on it and look very pretty.She had a very beautiful smile. We met in a very formal way and I complimented her.

During our meeting, we decided to meet at my place when my mother wasn’t in town.

We also decided to text each other like we are in a relationship so that we feel very comfortable with each other. She also said that she would purchase the condoms of her choice because she didn’t like all types of condoms. The day finally arrived and I picked her from the bus stop and bought her home.

We sat for a while and then went into the bedroom. She was sleeping at a distance and I pulled her towards me. She was in a black sleeveless top and blue jeans and had a different glow on her face. I then kissed her on her cheeks and slowly moved down her neckline.

I eventually kissed her lips and we kissed for a few minutes. I then pushed her top and sucked her belly button and licked her navel. She started moaning softly and she breathed harder. I pulled her top off her neck and came over to her hips.

She was wearing a gray cupped bra as she didn’t have large breasts. But had brown nipples which were very erect and I loved them. I undid her pant button and slid her pant along with her white panties. Her body was slim, fair and very beautiful.


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