Accidental Sex With The Hot Office Girl

Hello, Desi Tales readers. This is Aman (name changed) again. I am back with a new fantasy. I am working in Chennai. Let me tell you about myself. I am 23 years old. To be honest, I am a normal guy with a fair color. A height of 5’8. My dick’s size is not like other guys, it’s nearly 6 inches and 2 and a half inch thick. This story is about how I had sex with my hot office girl.

Coming to the story, let me tell you how it began. It was Monday evening 6:25 pm. It’s the closing time in my office. The cab leaves at 6:30 pm. The lifts were taking a long time, so I took the stairs to get down. Many people were taking stairs. I saw two girls walking behind me.

They were a few steps behind. Suddenly, one girl’s leg got twisted due to the high heels and she pushed me by accident to save herself. She stabilized the balance but I lost mine and fell down the stairs. The girls got panicked and let out a small scream. I was badly injured and was taken to the hospital.

My leg was fractured and my hands were injured. There was no fracture in hands but I couldn’t move them due to the pain. There were rashes all over my body near my thighs and on my dick, there was a big scratch due to the roughness of stairs. Finally, I was taken home. Doctor asked me to take bed rest for at least for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, I was brought back home and was made to rest. I couldn’t wear any clothes due to the pain. So, my mom just covered my body with the shawl. It was around 12 pm, my doorbell rang. It was the girl who pushed me. Mom invited her inside. She told sorry to my mom. Mom told it’s ok since it was just an accident. She got a call from my aunt asking her to come to her home for some urgent work.

Mom told that she got some urgent work. So, she will be back in 2 hours. Then, my mom told that she will call her neighbor aunt to stay till she comes back. Then suddenly the girl said no to my mom because she will be here till she comes back. Mom tried to refuse since she is a guest. Then the girl told not to worry as it was her mistake and she wanted to help me. After a while, mom agreed and then went to aunt’s home.

I asked about her name. She told it’s Preeti. Then she sat beside me and started to talk. She asked me, “how are you feeling?”. I said I have a pain all over the body. She said, “I am really sorry, I don’t know how I pushed you”. I consoled her saying, “Hey chill, no problem. It happens.” Then, she asked me to show the injuries.

I tried to show her but due to the pain in hand, it was difficult. She noticed it and then got up and she herself started to move the Shawl slowly. Firstly, she moved it from the fractured leg. She was worried seeing that. She asked how many days would it take to heal. I said at least 40 days. Then, she saw the wounds on my thighs. So, she moved the shawl further. I suddenly stopped her saying I am not wearing anything inside.

She laughed a bit and stopped. She told she will be careful and no need to worry. Then she slowly slid the shawl further revealing my thighs. Suddenly, the shawl fell off revealing my dick. Now my whole bottom was naked from the stomach to legs. She froze for a few seconds and then covered me back. She was shocked seeing the rashes on my stomach too. Then she jokingly told that at least your dick is safe and laughed slightly.

Then I told even that is not safe. She was shocked again. Then, she asked me to show what happened there. I told no. But she insisted and moved the shawl from my dick. She tried to see the wounds without touching it. The wound was actually in the back part. So it was hidden. Since she couldn’t see the wound, she took my dick in hand and then saw the wound on the back. It was nasty. Seeing that, she touched the wound with her finger. I shouted a bit in pain. She left my dick and said, “sorry sorry”.

Due to her touch on my dick, it started getting hard. I was embarrassed and asked her to cover the shawl. But she was a bit naughty girl and hence she teased me for a few seconds. Then, she covered it. Now there was a tent visible clearly. She again laughed. Then a reminder popped in my mobile saying lotion.


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