True Story Of An Indian Mother – Part 1

This story is part of a series:

My younger brother woke up and started crying. Mom heard his cries and had to rush back. I quickly got down and pretended to be asleep. Mom entered the room and made him sleep. 15 mins later there was a knock at the door. I knew it was Khalid. Mom looked at me once. I pretended to be asleep. Mom quietly opened the door. She explained to him that she can’t come now, but said that she’ll finish what he has started.

We returned in the morning. Khalid told me what mother had told him. He said that he thinks that she is in love with him. He will tell her the truth but not the whole truth.He’ll say he is not the boss of her husband but a colleague. He acted thus so that he can get to her and tell her the truth. But he’ll not tell her our secret.

A couple of days later Khalid told me that he had met my mom today and told her the truth as planned. Even to his surprise she took it very well and didn’t get angry. But he didn’t tell me anything about his plans to take my mother to bed and make passionate love to her.

When mom came home she didn’t tell me anything about her meeting. A couple of days later mom told me that she has to go on a training relating to her job. She will be gone for 3 weeks. So she said that I and my brother have to stay with my Nana nani in the village for 3 weeks. I smelt something fishy because this was the first time she ever was attending any training. She will leave on Saturday. There were still 2 days to Saturday.

Meanwhile Khalid was completely avoiding me. He didn’t answer my repeated calls.

Next day when she returned from the office I saw she brought a big bag with her. She immediately put it in her closet as if hiding from me. I pretended not to see it. When she went to the temple in the evening I immediately opened her closet and opened the bag. There were a lot of new clothes in it. There are 5 new sarees which I could only guess from outside as the packets were still unopened, But I could see the models wearing the sarees on the cover. All the blouse were sleeveless and very transparent.

Then there were around 5 packets of lingerie and nightwear. Again looking at the models I could guess what was inside. It was a two-piece undergarment set, bra and lacy panty thongs, and a sleeveless cape that barely reached the thighs, a belt to tie the cape. Then there was some stuff related to makeup and a lot of bangles. A couple of packets of i-pills. I was sure that Khalid had brought this stuff for her. And this trip had something to do with him.

Suddenly her mobile phone rang. She had forgotten to take it with her. I quickly put the bag inside the closet and rushed to see her phone. I got a shock when I saw the caller Identity..’Khalid Janu’. I didn’t answer. Then after some time there was an SMS. It was from Khalid. I opened it. It read “How are the clothes jaan-e-man. All set for our Honeymoon in Goa now!” I now knew of the whole thing. It excited me to new levels, my mom was planning to celebrate her second Honeymoon with another man without even marrying him.

Anyway on Friday we left for our grandparents home. Next 3 weeks were agonizing. I wanted to see my mom in action with Khalid, and I missed all the things. I cursed Khalid.Anyways, after 3 weeks, we returned on Monday.Mom had got a lot of tans. I asked her what happened. She said that her training classes were in the open in New Delhi. So she got tan.

2 days later I noticed an SMS from Khalid that read “Did you like the pics and videos :X” when she was out to visit the temple.

I immediately opened her laptop and searched .jpg. I got numerous hits. I located the folder. It was titled HONEYMOON: PRATIBHA and KHALID. I was feeling the adrenaline. I immediately brought the pen drive and transferred the whole folder. It was 15 GB in size. My excitement knew no bounds.

I transferred the stuff to my laptop. I immediately opened the pics folder. There were many subfolders with dates. I opened the first one. There were some general pics of sceneries etc. Couple of the hotel room. Then there were pics of beach, Mom dressed in beachwear, not a bikini, but a loose sleeveless kurti that barely reached her waist and loose salwar that ended above her ankles.

She had worn anklets as well. Khalid was in underwear. One of the pics had them smooching, not French kissing but just touching each other’s lips and I knew I was in for a treat. Then there were pics of theirs in the room. Then there were series of pics of their kissing. This time it was a passionate kiss, their tongues entwined, chewing each other lips. I notice Mom had worn new bangles and had applied Mehndi on her hands and forearms.

Then Mom came back from the temple and I closed my laptop. I was eagerly waiting for the night to see the ‘action’.When everybody slept I opened the video folder. Here again, there were date-wise sub-folders. I immediately opened the first on Sunday-Day 1. There were around 10 videos. I opened the first one. The video showed mom sitting in front of the mirror and applying lipstick. She was dressed in a Black sleeveless blouse, I could only see this much from the side view. Then she got up and faced the camera. Oh my..the blouse was very low cut, the saree was completely transparent, it showed midriff and navel.

She had worn a lot of bangles that covered half her forearm. Her mangal-sutra was prominent, lying in between her ample cleavage. She approached the bed and sat down.Khalid then got up and placed the camera such that the whole bed was in view. Then he also came in view. He was dressed in typical pathani kurta-pyjama. Then he sat beside my mother, she moved forward and gently pecked on his lips. Then again. 4-5 quick pecks. And then she grabbed his face and put her lips on his, soon they were engaged in a passionate kiss. Kissing each other’s lips like lollipops. Then she gently opened his kurta buttons while kissing. Breaking off their kiss, Khalid removed his Kurta.

Mom immediately placed her hand on his bulge and opened the nada of his pajama. He got up and removed his pajama too. He had a V-shaped Frenchie underneath that barely hid his huge boner. Mom too got up and removed her saree. She was in a petticoat and blouse now.

Again their smooch started, her hand was on his circumcised cock, while he was pressing her boobs. Slowly he started to open her blouse while continuing to lick her lips. He got stuck at the 3rd hook. She helped open the last hook and removed her blouse and threw it on the floor. Underneath she had a stylish black bra that hardly hid her assets. They were bursting out. Mom was left only in black bra and black petticoat.

Now Khalid got up from the bed and removed his underwear. Mom also removed her bra. Khalid laid on the bed.Mother tied her hair back again and followed him on the bed.Mother had her upper body completely naked, she had her petticoat covering lower body. Her mangal sutra laid prominently between her breasts. Khalid was lying upright facing the ceiling and mother were laid sidewise facing Khalid.

She came near him that their bodies met. Khalid planted a kiss on her head and another one on her lips. Mother closed in on Khalid still as she put one of her legs over his. Khalid stretched his arms and mother rested her head on his chest. Khalid put his hands over mom and placed his palms over her shoulder as mom was running her fingers on his chest, gracing his hairs as they were talking.

This continued for another 15 minutes, the mother would occasionally pull her hands down on his body, caress his naked circumcised cock and occasionally give it a stroke.Then she got up and took his circumcised cock in her mouth. She looked at it closely before kissing it gently with her lips and she started licking the head of his circumcised cock with her tongue before slowly taking into her mouth.

Slowly she started gathering momentum and picked up the pace at sucking circumcised cock. His circumcised cock disappeared right up to her throat every time she took it in. She continued sucking and spitting on his dick. Her hands were quickly moving up and down on his circumcised cock, her bangles were making a nice sound.

Khalid started moving her hand all over her breasts, he played with her breasts, the intensity of her thrusts started increasing, soon Khalid started moaning ahhhh prathiba, I love you don’t stop. I’m cumming!

As she heard this she started moving quicker and started using a lot more tongues. Suddenly Khalid’s legs started shivering and he held Mom’s head on to his circumcised cock with his hand.

Soon, Khalid closed his eyes and shot a heavy load of cum into my mom’s mouth. She drank most of it, however, he shot out so much cum that some of it fell onto her boobs.Khalid lay on his bed senseless as mom got up to clean herself.

Khalid was still lying on his back. His dick was flaccid now. She came back. She was still wearing the black petticoat.Her hair was open due to vigorous up and down movements on his circumcised cock. She let it remain open, they covered half her back. She laid down on Khalid’s body, her boobs pressing against his hairy chest. Her Mangalsutra lied in between their bodies. She put her mouth on his lips and they were again engaged in gentle kissing. Again their kiss got passionate.

Then suddenly she moved to a side, her one hand grabbing his circumcised cock and massaging it. They were talking about something. Khalid got up from the bed and closed the camera.

The 2nd video started with a focus on TV, an Interracial porn movie was playing. A blonde was giving a blowjob to a big black circumcised cock. As the camera zoomed out, I saw Khalid’s legs and his flaccid circumcised cock. He was holding the camera in his hand. Mom was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the door of the attached bathroom opened.Khalid shifted camera focus from TV to bathroom. And Mom walked out. She was wearing just her black petticoat and of course her bangles and Mangalsutra.

As she was moving towards bed she raised her hands to tie her open hair. Oh! Her clean armpits and how her big boobs that jiggled with the movements of her arm. She came and laid beside him, she began gently massaging his circumcised cock with her hand. The camera again focussed on the TV and the blowjob was still going on. Her hand could be seen massaging his circumcised cock which was getting erect. Then she suddenly grabbed the TV remote and closed the video and said “Time for Live Action”.

She got up from the bed, went to the dressing table and applied lipstick on her lips. She came back, laid on the bed and took his circumcised cock in her mouth. She was doing all sorts of things with it. Grabbing it and oscillating it vigorously, put some saliva on it and spread her saliva on it with her hand, rubbing it over her forehead, eyes, nose, lips, and cheeks. Oh, How she relished Khalid’s circumcised cock.

She was continuously rubbing her lips on his circumcised cock, starting from balls the entire length to tip and at tip, she would lick gently and then rub back with her lips from tip to balls again. She continued in this manner for 5 minutes. Then she raised herself a bit and rubbed Khalid’s circumcised cock on her erect nipples and Mangalsutra. She was continuously staring into the camera with eyes full of lust and desire while doing all this.

She again lowered her head and took it into her mouth and started moving up and down vigorously, sometimes licking the balls and entire length with her tongue. Oh God, she was better than the blonde in the movie. Her bangles made a sweet sound while clinking with each her with the movement of her arm and it was mixed with deep slurping and gulping sound coming from her mouth. Her hair was loosened again due to her movements and covered her face.

Khalid tried to put them back with his hand so that her face can be seen. She again raised herself a bit and tried to tie back her hair. When she did this, her Mangalsutra which was hanging from her neck and lying on Khalid’s thigh earlier got displaced and was now touching Khalid’s circumcised cock. Khalid’s circumcised cock now had prominent lipstick marks due to her vigorous licking with her lipstick coated luscious lips.

When she again lowered herself she took both his circumcised cock and her Mangalsutra in her mouth.

After about 5 minutes she raised her head again and looked straight into the camera. Her hand began to move violently over his circumcised cock. Oh, the speed! Khalid was in 7th heaven, he was moaning hard. She knew he was going to cum, she continued it at an increased pace. Oh, the expression on her face and her eyes. I ejaculated and I wasn’t even touching my Circumcised cock. Finally, Khalid came. He shot his cum, a blob fell on her forehead.

To my surprise, he continued to ejaculate for next 20 seconds. After the first short, now it was coming out gradually, like boiling milk coming out of the pot, or lava flowing out of the vent. Her hand, still holding his circumcised cock, was covered with semen. Even her wedding ring was covered with it. What she did afterward was pure depravity. She licked her hand and ate/drank all the semen. Then she grabbed his semen covered circumcised cock and rubbed it on her nipples, areolas, her neck, her Mangalsutra.

Then she lowered her face and rubbed his circumcised cock on her lips as if she was applying lipstick. She mimicked the whole movement of applying lipstick, only that the stick, in this case, was Khalid’s circumcised cock. Then she folded her lips seductively as women do after they apply lipstick. She did this 4 more times. Then she picked more semen lying over his circumcised cock and surrounding area and rubbed it on her lips, mouth, her nipples, Mangalsutra, and her forehead.

She picked more of it and drank and moved towards him and kissed him. Khalid shifted camera towards their faces, she transferred his cum into his mouth and they were engaged in a liplock. Then she broke the kiss and said let’s take a bath. She moved towards the bathroom. Her back was towards the camera. Her upper torso was bare while the lower half was still covered in the black petticoat. Oh, the fair skin of her back looked contrasting to her black petticoat.

Finally, she disappeared behind the bathroom door. Khalid closed the camera and the video ended.

(To be continued)

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