True Story Of An Indian Mother – Part 4

This story is part of a series:

Mom was gently pacing in the bedroom, waiting for her lover, her Man, Khalid. Khalid entered and turned to close the bedroom door behind him. He had his back towards her. Mom, as soon as she saw Khalid enter, she rushed towards him and held him from behind, just like a Lioness pounces on the prey. Khalid turned and lifted her face and then the KISS, the violent liplock that I was so eager to watch. They were literally eating each other’s mouth.

Khalid took her in his strong arms and lifted her a bit, so that her feet were in air and their faces were at same level.It eased my Mom to kiss Khalid. He slowly moved toward the bed. He didn’t sat on the bed but kept standing nearby.After some time Khalid put Mom down. But she didn’t let their mouths detach.

She raised her feet and stood on her soles, never letting their kiss break. It was like how they kissed in Goa, their mouth wide open, both pushing their faces forward as if to enter other person’s mouth, not possible to tell whose tongue was in whose mouth. Mom’s hands were constantly up and down Khalid’s back, while Khalid was massing Mom’s ass mercilessly over her saree. Then she put her hands inside Khalid’s loose Kurta. I could easily fathom the movement of her hands inside his Kurta, messaging his back.

Then I saw one of her hand move to the front and over Khalid’s crotch. She grasped his balls from over his pyjama and then moved up gently messaging the length of his circumcised cock. They continued in this manner for about 10 minutes, Mom massaging Khalid’s back and circumcised cock , and Khalid groping Mom’s ass over her saree.

After 10 minutes of salivary exchange, they separated, Mom lowered her feet. Looking into Khalid’s eyes, she moved both her hands towards his kurta buttons and started opening it one by one.

Then she proceeded to lift it up, Khalid raised his arms to let her take the kurta out. She threw it on floor and immediately lowered her face on his nipples. She gently nibbled on both nipples and then licked his hairy chest with her tongue. Meanwhile Khalid too pulled the pallu from her shoulders. Mom lowered her arms to allow the pallu to fall down. Khalid then put his handside her petticoat to take the saree out, and her saree too fell on the floor, above Khalid’s kurta.

Mom then untied the strings of his pyjama and it fell down. Khalid moved out of his pyjama. He was wearing white v shaped jocks that had big bulge. Khalid’s hand proceeded towards her breasts while Mom held Khalid’s circumcised cock from over his underwear with one hand, her other arm passed from under his shoulder toward his back and she gently pushed Khalid toward her. They engaged in lip lock again. This time Khalid had bent downward a bit to bring his face to the level of Mom’s face and make it easy for Mom to take his tongue in her mouth.

While Khalid’s hands were busy pressing her breasts, Mom continued to massage Khalid’s circumcised cock and back with her hands. A little later she inserted her hand inside his underwear and continued messaging, then after some time she pulled Khalid’s underwear a little down to release his massive 9’’ circumcised cock, it was easy for her now to massage it. They continued in this manner for some more time.

Finally Khalid moved towards the bed, while sitting down their kiss broke. He sat down on the side of the bed with his legs on floor, while Mom was still standing besides the bed in her blouse and petticoat.

She then squat in front of the bed, facing Khalid. She pulled on Khalid’s underwear, Khalid lifted himself to allow Mom to remove his underwear. His circumcised cock stood erect. He had lifted his torso with the help of his elbows lying on the bed. Mom stood up, bent forward, kissed his nipples, licked his chest with her tongue and continued to lick his stomach, she inserted her tongue in his navel and then moved towards his circumcised cock.

She then held Khalid’s shoulders and pulled him forward. She again squat in front of him. Khalid put his hands around her neck and removed the gold necklace she was wearing and put it on the table beside the bed, while Mom was busy kissing his thighs. Her breasts were right at the level of Khalid’s circumcised cock. She then looked into his eyes.

Mom then slowly proceeded to open her blouse. When she opened all the hooks, she removed her blouse in a seductive manner, all the while looking straight into Khalid’s eyes. Her Mangalsutra, which was lying in front of hooks, was displaced and turned towards her back now as she pulled the two open ends of her blouse to remove it.She threw it away carelessly and it landed on Khalid’s pyjamas.

She then put her hands on her back and removed her bra, she threw it and it landed over Khalid’s underwear. She was left only in black petticoat now and upper half of her body was bare. Now she bent forward and kissed Khalid’s s erect circumcised cock. I waited breathlessly, what she was going to do next. I was in for a surprise. She took Khalid’s circumcised cock and gently kissed it. And then she his circumcised cock in her mouth and started moving her face up and down over it.

She then rubbed it on her erect nipples. She continued to gaze into Khalid’s eyes. There was pure carnal lust in her eyes. She would gently turn her naked upper body to one side to bring her left breast in front of his circumcised cock, then turn to other side to bring her right breast in front of his circumcised cock. When her breast was in front the circumcised cock, she would press the tip of Khalid’s circumcised 9’’ circumcised cock on her nipples, She was gentle in the beginning.

Then she became a little rough. She had clenched Khalid’s circumcised cock tightly in her Mehndi coated hands and pressing the circumcised cock with great force on her nipples. She continued to do this for next 5 minutes. All this while she was licking her lips with her tongue and gulping her throat, as if her mouth watered at the site of 9” erect circumcised cock.Then she bent a little forward, put both her hands on her two breasts from the side to bring them closer and form a sort of tunnel between them.

She then proceeded to bring the Khalid’s circumcised cock right in between the tunnel.

OMG, she was going to give boobjob to Khalid’s circumcised cock. Mom had just started moving her torso up and down to massage his circumcised cock that she stopped as if she remembered something. She then put her hand on her Mangalsutra which had turned while she was removing her blouse and was lying on her backside now.

She adjusted her Mangalsutra right between her breasts. She then again, put her hands on the sides of her breasts and created the tunnel, such that her Mangalsutra was right in the middle of the tunnel. She bent forward and took Khalid’s circumcised cock in between the tunnel and started moving her naked upper body, up and down. Mom’s Mangalsutra was now right between her breasts and Khalid’s circumcised cock. She continued massing Khalid’s circumcised cock with her breasts. She was slow at start, then she gathered pace. In between Mom would lower her face to kiss the tip of Khalid’s circumcised cock and lick any pre-cum that oozed out.

Mom continued for some 15 minutes. Then from the expressions of Khalid’s face it looked like he was about to come.Mom increased her pace further. She was literally jumping now. Finally Khalid climaxed and ejaculated. Mom had already turned her face downward to receive Khalid’s virile semen. She had her mouth open, and the first shot went right into her mouth, I guess it would have hit her throat straight. She then lifted her face and looked straight into Khalid’s eyes.

The second shot fell on her neck, began to flow downward and over her Mangalsutra. She instantly removed her hands from her breasts and loosened the grip of her breasts from his circumcised cock, took Khalid’s circumcised cock in her right hand and directed it straight in front of her Mangalsutra. 3rd 4th and 5th shot hit her Mangalsutra straight.

When Mom’s Mangalsutra was completely drenched with Khalid’s semen she directed Khalid’s circumcised cock toward her breasts. Khalid’s circumcised cock continued to spew out semen, but it was not in form of shots but coming out gently. 15 seconds later very low amount of cum was oozing out.

She put Khalid’s circumcised cock on her nipples and the nipples of both breasts were covered with Khalid’s thick semen. Khalid’s circumcised cock stopped ejaculating after about 25 seconds. Both looked into each other’s eyes.

She took her tongue out. She had not swallowed Khalid’s semen from the first shot in her mouth. It was still lying on her tongue. She licked her lips with her tongue and in this way her lips were now covered with his semen. She then put her one hand on her tongue and picked up some semen and applied it on already semen drenched Mangalsutra.

She then swallowed the rest of it. Khalid’s circumcised cock was now becoming flaccid. But it was still harder than normal. Mom took his semen covered circumcised cock in her hand and rubbed it over her face, nose, lips, cheeks and then over her forehead where she had applied bindiya and her maang where she had put sindoor. Her maang was now filled with Khalid’s semen.

She then rubbed his circumcised cock on her neck and finally on her Mangalsutra. Oh how depraved she had become. But she had avenged her husband’s adultery. She then lifted Khalid’s underwear from floor and cleaned herself, her neck, and face with it.

Khalid too bent forward and picked up Mom’s blouse and cleaned his circumcised cock with her red blouse. Mom then lifted herself, and opened the door and moved towards bathroom to clean herself. Oh her body looked great, clad only in black petticoat, her upper torso bare, wearing nothing but a Mangalsutra that lay beautifully in between her breasts and the gold chain circling her waistline and passing over the navel.

Her fair naked skin made great contrast with the black petticoat. Meanwhile Khalid gently reclined on the bed, with his back propped up on bedpost, his legs spread and his circumcised cock now flaccid, lying limp on his body. Mom went and came after 2- 3 minutes.

Mom came back and laid down on bed besides Khalid. She put her arm on his chest and played with his nipples and hair. She was lying sideways, her face near his face and she was gently kissing his cheek. She was lying over Khalid’s left arm. She would occasionally move her hand and press Khalid’s flaccid circumcised cock. After some time, Mom put her left arm under Khalid’s head and turned his face towards her with her left hand and they started kissing again.

Khalid started messaging her bare back with his left hand, while his right hand he was massaging and pinching her right nipple. Mom’s right arm was busy travelling up and down, caressing with her hand Khalid’s naked body, his hairy chest and his circumcised flaccid circumcised cock.

Mom, still in her black petticoat, put her right leg over his legs. They continued for some time. Soon Khalid’s circumcised cock bacame rock solid again. Her hand, covered in Mehndi, gently massing his balls, her slender fingers with red coloured nails worked like magic on Khalid’s circumcised cock. It was a treat to watch her very fair Mehndi clad hands clasping Khalid’s dark circumcised cock in firm grip. When she could feel Khalid’s circumcised cock’s hardness in her hands, she moved over Khalid’s body and mounted him.

She now wanted to feel the manly hardness of his circumcised cock on her pussy. Their pubic areas met. Although she still wore the petticoat, she was gently moving up and down thus massaging her pussy over his crotch. Her breasts pressed hard against Khalid’s chest, would also move up and down as she moved. Khalid gently massaged her back. Her hair was loose and covered her back.

Khalid liked new their silky touch. Continuing in this manner for some time, she finally lifted herself opened the strings of her petticoat, lifted herself and removed her petticoat and panties in one go and threw them on the bed nearby.

She sat on her knees, one leg on either side of Khalid’s body, took his hard circumcised cock and rubbed on her pussy for some time. Khalid lifted his hand to press his breasts, kneading them, pulling her erect nipples to some distance and then let go. Finally she took Khalid’s circumcised cock in her pussy, and laid down on his manly body. Their upper bodies met, and they engaged in liplock. They were not kissing hard, chewing lips or playing with tongues, but were simply pecking each other’s lips.

After some time she moved her legs, which were folded and lying on either side of his body, and stretched them straight over his body. Now their bodies were perfectly aligned. Khalid lying below, Mom on top, her face over his face, her lips over his lips, her breasts against his hairy chest with her Mangalsutra in between, her pussy over his circumcised cock, her legs over his legs. They had spread both their arms wide, clasping each other’s hands, their fingers entwined.

She was moving gently, Mom’s pussy skin to skin with Khalid’s circumcised cock was generating heat with the friction between their skins. Unbelievably they remained in this posture for 45 minutes. She was still moving gently.It prolonged their intercourse, and Khalid’s circumcised cock could spend more time inside her pussy. I think the friction between the skins of Khalid’s circumcised cock and Mom’s pussy generated enough heat to make them hot and increase their pace. Mom began to move a little fast.

Then something happened to Khalid, as if the tight grip of Mom’s pussy around his circumcised cock awakened the Hulk inside Khalid. He turned, Mom was now under him. He put his right arm under her ass for support. He lifted his face and broke the gentle kiss they were engaged in for last 45 minutes. Both looked into each other’s eyes intensely. Khalid then signalled Mom to open her mouth wide. She did. Khalid too opened his mouth wide and lowered his face over her. This was a violent kiss.

And then he started pounding her hard. This generally did not happen. Most of the times, Mom used to be on top.But now it was reverse. Khalid was moving up and down and pounding her pussy mercilessly, all the while locking their mouth in violent kiss. I had never seen him move so fast in all their videos. He was unstoppable. His right hand was under Mom’s ass, supporting her and at times lifter her ass a bit to enable greater penetration.

His left arm was stretched wide and his hand was clasping Mom’s right hand tightly. Mom had formed a vice like grip by folding her legs around his body just below Khalid’s ass that was moving up and down vigorously. Mom’s right arm was behind his back. She would occasionally put it on his ass and press hard, as if applying pressure to force his circumcised cock travel further inside her pussy, or she would move it over his back and clench her nails in his back.

Her reddish nails had made scratch marks on Khalid’s back. This egged Khalid on further to up the ante, to tear her pussy with his circumcised cock, the digging of her nails into his back was the sign of her desperation, her desperation to have his circumcised cock in her pussy, his 9” circumcised cock vigorously sliding against the inner walls of her pussy.

Khalid broke the kiss and lifted his face up to look at Mom’s face. Mom had closed her eyes. When the kiss broke, she opened her eyes; both were looking into each other eyes. When Khalid would push his circumcised cock inside Mom’s pussy, her eyes would open wide, as if Khalid’s circumcised cock had penetrated so deep inside her, that its tip touched her womb. Khalid lowered her head in between her face and shoulder, Mom’s face was also lying between Khalid’s face and shoulder now. She had her eyes closed now, which she would open wide whenever Khalid penetrated deep. She was biting his shoulder now with her teeth.

I had never seen such ferocious pounding. It was merciless. How was Mom bearing it? On the other hand the actions of her hand, eyes, teeth showed that she wanted more of this. Finally after about 20 minutes Khalid ejaculated. He slowed down in a gradual manner, like when a reciprocating engine is stopped. Mom also loosened her grip.

He continued to ejaculate inside her pussy for 20-25 seconds. Then he turned and laid on his back, Mom’ left arm was under him. I could see big teeth marks on his left shoulder made by Mom. Mom’s left shoulder too had bite marks. This red love bite mark looked beautiful on her fair body. Mom’s pussy was still dripping with his virile semen, that spread on her thighs. She gently lifted her ass to take it all in; she didn’t want to waste even a single drop.

She gently turned towards him and put her head on his hairy chest. She put her right hand and gently pressed his circumcised cock that was limp now. Both lay exhausted in each other’s arms and slept in that posture. They didn’t had another session after that. They had to recharge their energies. They had two full days of steamy love making ahead of them.


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