True Story Of An Indian Mother – Part 4

This story is part of a series:

Mom was gently pacing in the bedroom, waiting for her lover, her Man, Khalid. Khalid entered and turned to close the bedroom door behind him. He had his back towards her. Mom, as soon as she saw Khalid enter, she rushed towards him and held him from behind, just like a Lioness pounces on the prey. Khalid turned and lifted her face and then the KISS, the violent liplock that I was so eager to watch. They were literally eating each other’s mouth.

Khalid took her in his strong arms and lifted her a bit, so that her feet were in air and their faces were at same level.It eased my Mom to kiss Khalid. He slowly moved toward the bed. He didn’t sat on the bed but kept standing nearby.After some time Khalid put Mom down. But she didn’t let their mouths detach.

She raised her feet and stood on her soles, never letting their kiss break. It was like how they kissed in Goa, their mouth wide open, both pushing their faces forward as if to enter other person’s mouth, not possible to tell whose tongue was in whose mouth. Mom’s hands were constantly up and down Khalid’s back, while Khalid was massing Mom’s ass mercilessly over her saree. Then she put her hands inside Khalid’s loose Kurta. I could easily fathom the movement of her hands inside his Kurta, messaging his back.

Then I saw one of her hand move to the front and over Khalid’s crotch. She grasped his balls from over his pyjama and then moved up gently messaging the length of his circumcised cock. They continued in this manner for about 10 minutes, Mom massaging Khalid’s back and circumcised cock , and Khalid groping Mom’s ass over her saree.

After 10 minutes of salivary exchange, they separated, Mom lowered her feet. Looking into Khalid’s eyes, she moved both her hands towards his kurta buttons and started opening it one by one.

Then she proceeded to lift it up, Khalid raised his arms to let her take the kurta out. She threw it on floor and immediately lowered her face on his nipples. She gently nibbled on both nipples and then licked his hairy chest with her tongue. Meanwhile Khalid too pulled the pallu from her shoulders. Mom lowered her arms to allow the pallu to fall down. Khalid then put his handside her petticoat to take the saree out, and her saree too fell on the floor, above Khalid’s kurta.

Mom then untied the strings of his pyjama and it fell down. Khalid moved out of his pyjama. He was wearing white v shaped jocks that had big bulge. Khalid’s hand proceeded towards her breasts while Mom held Khalid’s circumcised cock from over his underwear with one hand, her other arm passed from under his shoulder toward his back and she gently pushed Khalid toward her. They engaged in lip lock again. This time Khalid had bent downward a bit to bring his face to the level of Mom’s face and make it easy for Mom to take his tongue in her mouth.

While Khalid’s hands were busy pressing her breasts, Mom continued to massage Khalid’s circumcised cock and back with her hands. A little later she inserted her hand inside his underwear and continued messaging, then after some time she pulled Khalid’s underwear a little down to release his massive 9’’ circumcised cock, it was easy for her now to massage it. They continued in this manner for some more time.

Finally Khalid moved towards the bed, while sitting down their kiss broke. He sat down on the side of the bed with his legs on floor, while Mom was still standing besides the bed in her blouse and petticoat.

She then squat in front of the bed, facing Khalid. She pulled on Khalid’s underwear, Khalid lifted himself to allow Mom to remove his underwear. His circumcised cock stood erect. He had lifted his torso with the help of his elbows lying on the bed. Mom stood up, bent forward, kissed his nipples, licked his chest with her tongue and continued to lick his stomach, she inserted her tongue in his navel and then moved towards his circumcised cock.

She then held Khalid’s shoulders and pulled him forward. She again squat in front of him. Khalid put his hands around her neck and removed the gold necklace she was wearing and put it on the table beside the bed, while Mom was busy kissing his thighs. Her breasts were right at the level of Khalid’s circumcised cock. She then looked into his eyes.

Mom then slowly proceeded to open her blouse. When she opened all the hooks, she removed her blouse in a seductive manner, all the while looking straight into Khalid’s eyes. Her Mangalsutra, which was lying in front of hooks, was displaced and turned towards her back now as she pulled the two open ends of her blouse to remove it.She threw it away carelessly and it landed on Khalid’s pyjamas.


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