True Story Of An Indian Mother – Part 3

This story is part of a series:

I opened video 5. It was of the beach and nothing more. Mom was wearing the same clothes as in the pics I had seen earlier. Then it ended. I started video 6. It was similar to 5. There were some gentle kisses between Mom and Khalid on the beach but nothing compared to what I had seen earlier. Video 7-10 were same. I ended day 1.

I wanted to start watching Day 2 videos but then I noticed the watch, it was 3:30 AM. I shut down my laptop, and went to bed. But sleep eluded me. I had never imagined my simple looking submissive Mom could be so aggressive in lovemaking in bed and that too with a stranger she had met barely 2 weeks ago.

Then I imagined the excitement of watching videos of next 20 days that I would do next day when she would be office and my brother in school and I alone at home. But I couldn’t take the vision away, She lying over Khalid and moving her ass mercilessly over his circumcised cock. I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

Next day I woke up at 8, my usual time. My brother had already left for school. I immediately realized last night videos and got an instant erection. Mom was getting ready for her office. She usually left at 8:15, but today she was late. And she was dressed differently. She had worn a pink chiffon saree with matching sleeveless blouse.

Although the saree was not as revealing as she wore in her lovemaking sessions with Khalid in Goa but it was different nevertheless, she never wore sleeveless blouse earlier to office. I felt something fishy. Anyhow she left around 9 AM. I immediately resumed my session. Day 2.

One video after another I continued to watch. Oh it was heavenly, divine experience to watch them fuck like animals, such a treat. Their passion for each other knew no bounds. Both were insatiable.

They tried all sorts of positions 69, doggy style, on floor, on table, standing, squatting. I ejaculated on 3 scenes. One in which both were standing naked, Mom’s head raised and her & Khalid’s lips engaged in liplock (as was such a common sight in all videos), Khalid had lowered his head to receive her luscious lips in his mouth, her left breast pressed on his hairy chest, her Mangalsutra was sort of stuck in her right nipple that was erect with excitement, her right forearm, (I describe again) her forearm clad in red green bangles like those of newly wed bride her right hand that was coated with Mehndi was gently massaging his 9” erect circumcised cock. Khalid’s both hands were resting on her ample buttocks and massaging them roughly.

Second scene on which I ejaculated was in which Mom was lying on her tummy, Khalid was lying over her, his both hands were pressing her breasts, Khalid had entered her pussy from behind. She had raised her torso a little bit, with her left hand she had clenched Khalid’s hair and her head was turned back, to receive the mouth of Khalid in her mouth. Oh what a hot kiss it was.(I was amazed, they simply did not get tired from kissing each other.)

Her Mangalsutra was clenched between Khalid’s iron like grip of hands and her breasts. Third scene was most intense. Mom and Khalid had brought bottles of honey and chocolate sauce. Mom was lying completely naked on the bed on her back, erect nipples on her breasts were pointing upwards.

Khalid was lying on his tummy by her side, wearing only his underwear. His face was near her breasts. He was holding the bottle of honey in his right hand. Khalid would pour some money right over Mom’s erect nipples and then lower his face to lick it with his tongue.

Then he would open his mouth wide, and take the nipple and large portion of surrounding breast into his mouth and pull it upward, and then let it slither out making a deep slurping sound just like those in porn movies.

Khalid was biting her nipples and her breasts with his teeth. He was pulling her breast with his mouth, upwards and sideways in a rough manner. His left hand was busy fingering Mom’s shaven pussy vigorously. He had inserted two fingers first, and then when she became hot and started lubricating, Khalid had inserted 3 fingers in her pussy, pinching her clitoris hard.

Mom was having divine experience, the expression on her face told all. She had clenched Khalid’s hair with one hand and the bedsheet with the other. She was bending a bit to raise her breasts, as if sending the message ‘Here take it all’ and exhorting Khalid to take more of her breasts in his mouth and pull them harder


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