True Story Of An Indian Mother – Part 2

This story is part of a series:

I had already spent last one hour watching the videos and ejaculated once. But I was hungry for more. I had never thought Mom could be so aggressive in this age. I opened third video.

This one was in the bathroom, Khalid was probably adjusting the camera. I could see the bathtub and large surrounding area. The black petticoat was lying on the floor nearby Bathtub. Mom was sitting inside the tub. Her torso upto her breasts was visible, rest was underneath the soapy foamy water. Also one of her knee was outside the water and resting on the sidewall of bathtub. So I thought she is completely naked now. Khalid zoomed in the camera a little bit so that it covered just the bathtub.

Soon he came to the view. He was completely naked and his 9’’ circumcised cock was fully erect saluting the sexuality of my Mom. Before he entered, Mom got up and took off her panties. And threw them over her petticoat. OMG She had clean pussy, then she laid down again and Khalid too entered the tub and laid over her.

Same thing again, their lips locked, Khalid pressing her breasts and erect nipples while her hands were constantly travelling up and down his back. Again the familiar sounds, of slurping tongues and intermixed with mellifluous sounds of her bangles. This continued for some 10-12 minutes. Oh How they sucked and chewed each other’s lips and tongues.

Finally Khalid started moving up and down, I realized this is the first time Khalid’s circumcised cock had entered Mom’s cunt and that too without a condom. He was slow initially and then his pace increased. And Mom’s moans grew louder.

Her hands were now on his ass. His ass will momentarily come out of water and again disappear. Her hands followed same pattern, Oh it was beautiful. Her fair forearms covered in Mehndi, bangles and her ring finger, still having her marriage ring, pressing Khalid’s dark ass, her nails, polished red, digging into his ass globes and sending the message that she desperately wants his circumcised cock inside her pussy. Soon Khalid stopped. He lifted himself from her and came out of tub, She also stood up.

Now Khalid laid back and she climbed over him. She was on top now, I think she liked it more. She had been very aggressive in the first 2 videos. I was going to see more aggression from her. I anticipated more. They held each other’s hands, their fingers entwined into each other.

While lying over him, she first licked his wet hairy chest with her tongue and then she moved to his nipples. She was chewing them just like she was chewing his lips.

She would try to take his nipples in between her lips and try to lift it and it will slurp out. She even bit it a couple of times. Her Mangalsutra was hanging between her boobs, and I desired to see her Mangalsutra touching his circumcised cock once again. All this time she continued to lick his nipples.

I wondered her lips had been touching only 3 things in these videos: Khalid’s circumcised cock & balls, his lips & tongue and his nipples & hairy chest. Finally she moved to his lips and locked her lips with his. She adjusted her pubic area over his circumcised cock. She separated her entwined hand from his hand and it disappeared in the pubic area between their bodies. Probably she directed his circumcised cock into her pussy. She again held his hand with her hand and started moving up and down slowly.

Their passionate kiss, It was as if they wanted their mouths to melt into each other and become one. I had never seen such kiss before, not even in porn.

Slowly her movement became faster. As with Khalid’s ass, her ass will too momentarily come out of water and then disappear. Only difference was her ass was very fair compared to Khalid’s black ass and was fleshier.

Soon her ass movement became vigorous. Oh my Gosh, She was moving much faster than Khalid when he was pumping her. She appeared like a tigress pouncing on her prey. The sounds were unique, the sound of their bodies banging against each other mixed with splashing of water.

After 10 minutes of animal like banging, both came together with loud moans. I think someone standing outside their hotel room would have heard them too. But they were careless. Khalid ejaculated for the 3rd time and first time in her pussy. Oh I missed that, I was desperate to see Khalid’s circumcised cock entering Mom’s clean shaven pussy and the union of their pubic areas, but it was all occurring under water. But still it was more than I could take, I too ejaculated second time in the night. Still I wanted more.


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