True Story Of An Indian Mother – Part 2

This story is part of a series:

I had already spent last one hour watching the videos and ejaculated once. But I was hungry for more. I had never thought Mom could be so aggressive in this age. I opened third video.

This one was in the bathroom, Khalid was probably adjusting the camera. I could see the bathtub and large surrounding area. The black petticoat was lying on the floor nearby Bathtub. Mom was sitting inside the tub. Her torso upto her breasts was visible, rest was underneath the soapy foamy water. Also one of her knee was outside the water and resting on the sidewall of bathtub. So I thought she is completely naked now. Khalid zoomed in the camera a little bit so that it covered just the bathtub.

Soon he came to the view. He was completely naked and his 9’’ circumcised cock was fully erect saluting the sexuality of my Mom. Before he entered, Mom got up and took off her panties. And threw them over her petticoat. OMG She had clean pussy, then she laid down again and Khalid too entered the tub and laid over her.

Same thing again, their lips locked, Khalid pressing her breasts and erect nipples while her hands were constantly travelling up and down his back. Again the familiar sounds, of slurping tongues and intermixed with mellifluous sounds of her bangles. This continued for some 10-12 minutes. Oh How they sucked and chewed each other’s lips and tongues.

Finally Khalid started moving up and down, I realized this is the first time Khalid’s circumcised cock had entered Mom’s cunt and that too without a condom. He was slow initially and then his pace increased. And Mom’s moans grew louder.

Her hands were now on his ass. His ass will momentarily come out of water and again disappear. Her hands followed same pattern, Oh it was beautiful. Her fair forearms covered in Mehndi, bangles and her ring finger, still having her marriage ring, pressing Khalid’s dark ass, her nails, polished red, digging into his ass globes and sending the message that she desperately wants his circumcised cock inside her pussy. Soon Khalid stopped. He lifted himself from her and came out of tub, She also stood up.

Now Khalid laid back and she climbed over him. She was on top now, I think she liked it more. She had been very aggressive in the first 2 videos. I was going to see more aggression from her. I anticipated more. They held each other’s hands, their fingers entwined into each other.

While lying over him, she first licked his wet hairy chest with her tongue and then she moved to his nipples. She was chewing them just like she was chewing his lips.

She would try to take his nipples in between her lips and try to lift it and it will slurp out. She even bit it a couple of times. Her Mangalsutra was hanging between her boobs, and I desired to see her Mangalsutra touching his circumcised cock once again. All this time she continued to lick his nipples.

I wondered her lips had been touching only 3 things in these videos: Khalid’s circumcised cock & balls, his lips & tongue and his nipples & hairy chest. Finally she moved to his lips and locked her lips with his. She adjusted her pubic area over his circumcised cock. She separated her entwined hand from his hand and it disappeared in the pubic area between their bodies. Probably she directed his circumcised cock into her pussy. She again held his hand with her hand and started moving up and down slowly.

Their passionate kiss, It was as if they wanted their mouths to melt into each other and become one. I had never seen such kiss before, not even in porn.

Slowly her movement became faster. As with Khalid’s ass, her ass will too momentarily come out of water and then disappear. Only difference was her ass was very fair compared to Khalid’s black ass and was fleshier.

Soon her ass movement became vigorous. Oh my Gosh, She was moving much faster than Khalid when he was pumping her. She appeared like a tigress pouncing on her prey. The sounds were unique, the sound of their bodies banging against each other mixed with splashing of water.

After 10 minutes of animal like banging, both came together with loud moans. I think someone standing outside their hotel room would have heard them too. But they were careless. Khalid ejaculated for the 3rd time and first time in her pussy. Oh I missed that, I was desperate to see Khalid’s circumcised cock entering Mom’s clean shaven pussy and the union of their pubic areas, but it was all occurring under water. But still it was more than I could take, I too ejaculated second time in the night. Still I wanted more.

Mom continued to lie over Khalid. His hands were caressing her back, occasionally he would play with her hair. I noticed that Mom had not taken off her Mangalsutra, even when she was making love to Khalid who was not her husband.

Somehow I also wanted the same. It made her adultery more depraving, making love with another man while wearing the symbols of her previous marriage, the Mangalsutra and her wedding ring. Her Mangalsutra was hidden between her ample cleavage and his hairy chest.

While lying over her she again kissed him. This time it was not French kiss, but just their lips pressed against each other, there was no probing of tongues or chewing, just lips touching each other and gentle pecks, Mom moved her face left to right and right to left to rub her lips gently over his lips.

Occasionally she took his lower or upper lip in between her lips and would gently pull it towards her. After about 7-8 minutes of caressing and pecking on lips, she lifted herself up and moved out of tub and disappeared from view.Khalid too came out of tub. My god his 9’’ circumcised cock was still erect. And I was already exhausted with just 2 ejaculations.

He lifted camera and focussed it on Mom who was cleaning herself with towel. She moved toward him and wiped him off too with same towel. He lowered his camera towards his circumcised cock, Mom was holding his circumcised cock with one hand while cleaning his body with the other. I saw her lifting her feet, probably she kissed Khalid.

Finally she hung the towel and came back towards him. Khalid focussed the camera on her Mangalsutra lying in middle of her breasts. Her nipples were erect, which showed she was in mood for more.

She held his circumcised cock with one hand and started to move out of bathroom toward their bedroom. She was moving ahead of him, her hand still holding his circumcised cock.

Khalid would focus the camera from her bangle clad Mehndi covered fore-arms and Mehndi covered hand holding his circumcised cock, to her back that was covered with wet hair sticking to it and her ass globes that oscillated as she moved. Finally she laid on the bed spreading her legs wide, giving wide view of her clean shaven pussy.

She looked into camera and with a hot moan and highly seductive hoarse voice said, I want you inside me again. NOW.I want your semen in me. COME and TAKE me! Make me feel like a WOMAN again.

Khalid closed the camera. I was now eager for Video 4.

When I clicked on video 4 I anticipated the video to start from where video 3 ended, that is mom naked on bed. But I was wrong. Video 4 started like video 2, with focus on TV. The only difference was that this time a Japanese porn movie was playing, in which a lady was being fucked by her neighbour (as I imagined). As is customary in Japanese porn the Lady and her Lover were involved in deep liplock. The camera angle was same again.

Khalid was holding the camera. His legs were visible, but he was wearing an underwear now, Black V shaped Frenchie, there was a huge tent in it showing that his 9’’ was already erect. I could see one bare leg of Mom lying over Khalid’s leg.

After about 2 minutes, Mom said “Why are we watching this? We can already kiss better than them.” Then Khalid told her that He had brought a huge porn collection with him.

He said he imagined they would watch them together and make love in a fancy manner like in the porn, But he said “I am surprised that you already fuck so good, I needn’t teach you anything. I thought I’ll make you my sex slave, I’ll make you crave for me, You’ll beg for more from me. And Now it is I who is craving for more! You have made me your slave.” Mom said “I crave for you. Now stop this video and lets make our own video.” She closed the TV. Khalid adjusted the cam on the table beside their bed. Only the bed area was visible. Mom mounted on him.

To my surprise she was not naked. She had worn the nightwear he had bought for her. The sleeveless almost transparent cape tied near her waist with the belt and reached just the upper part of her fleshy thighs.

Again the familiar sight, their lips locked, I was jealous, how she craved to take his lips, or his circumcised cock in between her lips. Their kissing continued. Their kissing continued for 15 minutes or so. My god it was divine, how the two lovers were lost in each other’s mouths, their eyes closed, only movement was occuring in their lips and their chewing. Mom had moved her head sideways.

She had opened her mouth wide and was trying to take Khalid’s mouth into her own mouth, I could only see the union of their wide open mouths. They were probably playing with their tongues in their interlocked mouths. But it was difficult to tell whose tongue was in whose mouth. Mom must be feeling the hardness of him as the waist line of her was on the same area of Khalid’s waist. Therefore she at times shw would lift her ass to adjust her pubic area so as to make a contact with Khalid’s hardness.

Her both the hands were in his hair trying to search something within the head. Both the hands of Khalid were within the cape and on Mom’s ass in the back side and only the sketch of his palms was visible below her panty as it was engaged in pressing hard the naked white flesh of Mom’s ass. He was moving his hands with constant upward and downward movement within the panty and Mom was moving up and down her whole body over his body. By that way the erected circumcised cock of Khalid was repeatedly being in contact with the her pussy.

After some time, Khalid held her left hand with his left hand and inserted in between the two bodies where both the private parts are united. Then Khalid removed his hand leaving only the hand of MOM in between. Nothing in between was visible to me but I could well guess that Mom must be messaging his rod. The movement of her left hand indicates that she was constantly playing with the circumcised cock of Khalid.

In the meanwhile Khalid opened up the belt of her cape from the front side and tried to remove that from her body.She separated from him and lifted her upper body to take the cape off, in a seductive manner as if performing strip tease, and threw it on the bed carelessly. Oh the black bra was also semi transparent and showed her erect nipples. Her panties were like thongs, only her pussy lips were covered, and there was a noodle strap that travelled from above her hip bone to behind her ass.

After throwing her cape off, she inserted her hand back in his underwear and lay over him and the same position. This continued for another 10 minutes. Then Khalid opened up the her bra from the back and tried to lift her from her naked shoulders to remove the bra from her body.

When she was leaning against Khalid’s body, her left hand came out of the junction and rested on his hairy chest.The swinging water melons of Mom were clearly visible with a big nipples fully erect. Khalid took it in his mouth and then let it slurp out making a nice sucking sound. Khalid was so excited to see this that he extended his mouth upward to suck her nipple instantly. The sound was so erotic. Instantly Mom moaned loudly. Khalid was hissing out of ecstasy.

The total room was filling with all the erotic sounds. Khalid madly tried to kiss every part of Mom’s hanging breasts with erect nipples. All of a sudden Mom lifted herself from Khalid’s body and made herself stand on the bed. Khalid quickly removed his underwear and his fully erect 9’’ circumcised cock came out of that. He then started to masturbate with his hand by looking at her actions. Mom lowered her black panty to show the most vital part of her body to him.

She lifted her leg to came out of the Panty and move closer to him. Khalid stood up from bed and took the camera and put it on another table, zoomed it so that only the bed was visible from the side. Then Khalid went back to the bed and lay down. Mom was still standing on the bed completely naked.

She bent down and moved toward him. Khalid welcomed her with both his hands and made her sit on the lap facing each other. Thighs of Mom encircled the waist of Khalid like a snake. Out of pleasure Mom was trying to hold him as tightly as possible. Both of Khalid’s hands are now engaged in real measurement of her ass.

Khalid inserted his left finger in the her cunt, Mom virtually jumped over from that and then fell on the his lap. She was smiling seductively and madly kissing him. OOOHHHH, she moaned and her hand came within the joint area of his circumcised cock and her pussy. She tried to hold his circumcised cock and touch the entrance of her cunt.

Then after a jerk, Khalid inserted his circumcised cock in her pussy and Mom started moving her wide ass madly.This was the moment I had yearned. My Mom eagerly taking a circumcised cock in her pussy that was not her husband’s. It was a beautiful sight.

Both their hand behind each other’s back, travelling up and down and feeling each other’s body, their lips locked, the boobs of my mother pressing very hard against his hairy chest and in between their writhing upper torsos, was her Mangalsutra. The moans of my mother were so loud that she probably forgot that someone outside could hear her.She was looking very sexy.

After about 10 minutes Khalid lied on the bed below and Mom was on top of him to fuck him mercilessly. She moved her ass forward backward just like in the bath tub and sometimes she made a slightly circular move.

Khalid was kneading her breasts, her upper torso was bent forward toward him and Mangalsutra was hanging over his chest. Khalid took it in his mouth, pulled the Mangalsutra gently and dragged her towards his hairy chest to make her lie on his chest. They were again kissing each other’s lips with deep smooching sound.

Mom was moving her ass continuously with great speed, up and down round and round. Khalid’s pubic area was colliding with the pubic area of Mom waist and was creating a POUCH POUCH sound. I found it very hard to believe the sexuality of my Mom at this age. I was amazed to see Khalid’s libido too. She was 42, he was 53 and their activities in the first 4 videos would shame even a young newly married couple in their 20s.

After some time they both moaned loudly, her thrusts slowed down and I knew Khalid must have come deep inside Mom’s pussy. Khalid kept coming for nearly half a minute, and Mom’s womb was full with Khalid’s semen.

My ultimate fantasy had come true, to see my Mom naked, making love to another man skin to skin, her pussy forming a vice like grip on someone else’s circumcised cock, the naked skin of her pussy in contact with the naked skin of someone else’s circumcised cock (or without a foreskin, Khaild’s circumcised cock was circumcised). Oh how they kissed after they had exhausted each other.

And then I could see Khalid’s semen leak from the sides of her cunt and dripping on her thighs, My God Khalid had ejaculated for the 4th time in less than 5-6 hours they had been together and he still ejaculated a truckload of thick semen. Some of it fell even on the bed too, I guess Mom too relished this, A rod that was not her husband’s tearing into her cunt and putting the sacred seed in her womb.

And then with a final kiss She got up from him and laid back on his side, Oh my God, my moms cunt was stretched so wide and Khalid’s semen was still flowing out of her pussy and dripping on her thighs.

She took some of it with her fingers and licked it and inserted same finger in Khalid’s mouth too. Both lovers enjoying their love juices after a passionate love making session. They kept lying naked on the bed and kept on fondling and kissing each other. Mom put her leg on his waist and embraced him.

Her back was towards the camera and from the movement of her head it appeared she was kissing him again too.And the movement of her arm up and down on his body, suggested she was caressing his chest and stomach and probably circumcised cock too.


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