Special Summer Vacation – Chapter 3

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Jaya came to me and hugged me, and gently planted a kiss on my lips, which I responded as taught by Latha.

Latha taught me to kiss with eyes open and not closed dreaming.. and I did which brought a sparkle in her eyes. She rubbed her tender long fingers over my back and buttocks and then moving the right hand to my cock, which was getting to become hard and erect.

I kept my left hand wrapped around her and move my right hand gently over her right boob which was a little hanging but filled full and firm, then moving into her pussy.

She parted her legs to allow my fingers to explore the sides of her pussy walls, the petals and the opening.

She slowly moaned, and unlocked her lips, moving my head to her boobs. I lowered my face to suck on the tits. ( Lalitha was watching and arousing herself by fingering her cunt and pinching her boob tits.) I licked Jaya’s tits and nibbled it gently with my teeth giving her spasms of delight.

She had a slender waist than Latha and I slowly kissed her down around every inch of her boobs, chest, belly, belly button, moving down to her waist, navel, and just above the love box just touching it slowly with my tongue tip teasing her.. and increasing her expectation.

She was squirming like a worm in the hot sun.. My hands were slowly rubbing her sides of the body ever so gently and then I moved down to her pussy for the first time. My fingering had made the dry passage moist. I licked her slit like a thirsty dog once and then avoided it licked the outside walls, and upper area. She was now convulsing her back and raising her pussy, begging me to devour it.

I now held her with both my hands on her buttocks and landed my mouth squarely on her cunt I could see her pussy walls pulsate.

I placed my mouth as though I was eating a peach and also sucking its juices with my tongue.. my tongue moving up and down the slit.

I could see her squeeze the walls and I had a reasonable sense of my tongue clicking on her clit and every time I touched it she twitched. Jaya appeared to be more sensitive and responsive than Latha is what I thought at that time. I later realized that Latha took the time to teach me a few things so it does not disappoint the both of us.

Jaya then moved away and wanted to do the 69’er.

We lay on our sides and positioned ourselves to treat each other. we started slowly and she lubricated my shaft with a thick gob of her saliva making the outer skin sensation less tingling and keeping the arousal to pleasurable limits. We did this for about 10 mins. I then turned around and kissed her. She held my cock and guided it to her cunt. I moved slowly with my cock a few strokes, becoming fully hard.

She then withdrew it and put the condom on. She wanted to know how it felt without the rubber. I mounted her in missionary position and we loved it and were enjoying it. Then I said I like to try the doggy position. She crawled to that position and remarked, I am not sure why boys like this position.

We were making love in this position for a few minutes. I told her there is another position I want to try. She said “Darling you have been very good so far sure love,” I told her this is called the wheelbarrow. I told her to keep her chest on a pillow or preferably the sofa lying on her belly.

Then going in between her legs I inserted into her cunt, this made the cock go squarely to her cunt and it directly landed on the clitoris area she said. I gently entered.. in and out.. as it touched the clit many times, she started to get wet.

I quickened the pace a bit, trying to keep it reasonable and not like how I have seen in porn movies. She loved it, and I loved it too.. the sensitive tip portion of the cock was rubbing on softer tissues of the pussy thereby allowing for longer pleasurable times.

We switched back to missionary position, she was now kissing madly in the lips, cheeks, neck and increasing the tightness of her pussy wall as I entered fully.I responded likewise and now she clasped me with her two legs.

I stayed inside her for a bit and then she wanted to go for the climax. I could see that she was moving faster, I managed to move a bit faster.. then she kissed me very sensually in my lips alternating between the upper lip and lower lip, which triggered the bow in me making me tense up stiff, the arrow was strung to the bow string and released. Just as the arrows were released she clasped me with her legs making me become one with her. We were locked in a deep kiss.


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