Savita Bhabhi With Her Husband’s Cousin – Seduction – Part 15

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Hello, Desi Tales readers. This is the continuation of the story, “Savita Bhabhi With Her Husband’s Cousin.” Kindly read the previous stories for the better clarification.

Savita Bhabhi had a nice early morning sex with her husband. She finished her shower and her husband informed her that his younger cousin would be staying in his home for a week for his exams. But (un)fortunately, he would be leaving the country for a week. Soon, they heard the door bell and Savita Bhabhi wore a night gown without wearing any inners. When she opened the door, she was shocked and mesmerized to see a handsome young man in her door step.

He looked like he was 23 to 24. He was fair, tall and had good arms with a broad chest. His legs were longer and that made him look taller than he actually was. He, on the other hand, too lost his mind on seeing such a sexy chick. Savita Bhabhi looked 25 even though she was 29. She just came out of the shower and hence her hair was a bit wet. Still, some water droplets were dripping and appeared like small pearls on her hot cleavage.

She was wearing a green night gown which was covering her inner thighs and her milky white thighs and toned legs were attracting his eyes. But her cleavage too was trying hard to catch his attention. He was totally confused where to concentrate. After a considerable amount of time, Savita Bhabhi spoke,

Savita Bhabhi: Are you Krish?
Krish: Yes. Are you Savita Bhabhi?
Savita Bhabhi: Yes. Come on in. Your brother and I were expecting you.

Krish came in and he greeted his cousin. Ashok asked him to make himself comfortable and feel free to ask if he needed anything. That evening, Ashok too his beloved wife Savita Bhabhi and his cousin to the airport and he received a nice send off from his family. Krish and Savita Bhabhi returned to the car and Krish told Savita Bhabhi that he would drive. She sat in the front seat while Krish was sitting in the driver seat.

She was wearing a sari when Krish was wearing a normal jean and a t-shirt. The sari was a low waist one and hence he could see her sexy waist with the proper curve. Only a slight breeze was required to move her sari a bit to look at her navel. It was a two hours journey from the airport to their home.

Savita Bhabhi was already tired and so she started sleeping. That gave him a good opportunity to fulfill his initial desires. There was a heavy traffic and so he was driving slowly. He purposely applied brake suddenly and kept his hands on her sexy boobs to protect her from falling. She woke up suddenly and she could see the traffic before them.She turned her face towards Krish as his hand was still on her breast.

K: Traffic. Really awful.
Savita Bhabhi: Hmm.

She went back to sleep. She liked his touch on her breast and hence she did not wear any seat belt as she wanted that feeling again. She was not sleeping actually and she was pretending as if she was sleeping. Krish tried waving his hand and touching her regularly to make sure that she has slept nicely. Then, he gathered some courage and pushed her pallu aside. This was not only showing her navel, even her breasts were clearly visible. He goes hard on immediately. He stopped the car in the lonely place.

He made sure again that she was indeed sleeping. Savita Bhabhi made sure that she made him believe that she was in a sound sleep. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Then, he grabbed her hand and made her touch his hard dick. She controlled the smile and she was enjoying what he was doing with his penis.

She felt,”Hmm. This feels good. Let me wait and watch what he does next. Hope, he is not scared and leaves what he is doing right now. His cock looks better than that of Ashok”. He made her palm to touch his complete cock and his dick head was shivering. It became pink in color which Savita Bhabhi wanted to feel with her tongue very badly. But she wanted to see the extent he take her.

After a while, he touched her boobs over her blouse and pressed it for some time. He held her hand and made her give him a nice handjob. He stopped before he could cum as that would end his sex drive for a few hours. He wanted to do more while she sleeps. He kept her hand on his cock and went down. He lifted her sari along with her inner skirt and pulled it up till her thighs. Then, he touched her sexy white thighs and kissed them.

After some time, he pulled her clothes even higher and had a good view of her blue panties. He slowly kept his fingers over her panties and felt her cunt. The pussy hole was clearly visible in her panties. Then, he removed it to see her sexy naked pussy which was cleanly shaved. He inserted his finger deep into her pussy and was finger fucking her.

Savita Bhabhi was very much horny when he was fingering her but she controlled her feelings. She liked this kind of fun more than the actual sex. She enjoyed being used than the hardcore fuck. Soon, her pussy got wet and her boobs were bigger than the usual. He could see her hard nipples. Some soft moans were coming from her mouth. He got scared.

To be continued….

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