Pizza With Cleavage Toppings – Savita Bhabhi With Her Husband’s Cousin – Part 16

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Savita Bhabhi welcomed her husband’s cousin Krish to her home when he visited them for the first time. He was there to stay there for a week and appear for his exams. Her husband Ashok had left the country for his business purpose as usual.

Savita Bhabhi and Krish went along to send her husband off to the airport. On the way, Savita Bhabhi was sleeping and she felt something. She came to know that Krish was touching her body and she let him do that. She was pretending as if she was sleeping when he was enjoying his time. He removes his pants and made her touch his cock.He even pressed her boobs and touched her pussy.

Savita Bhabhi left a soft moan when she was not able to control her feeling anymore. He got scared and did not want to ruin anything. So, he set her clothes properly and cleaned everything. He started the car and soon they reached their home. He woke her up and both went inside. She went straight to the bedroom and was feeling very horny. But she did not want to rush up things. Since she wanted to take things slow, she decided to pretend as if she knew nothing about what happened.

When she came to the hall, she could see Krish with some guilt. She loved guys who do things secretly rather than the deliberate things. There was no fun in admiring those moments. She came to the hall and sat on the sofa.

Savita Bhabhi: What do you like to have for dinner?

Krish: Uh… Anything bhabhi.

Savita Bhabhi: Just name something.

K: I think, I will have Pizza today.

Savita Bhabhi: I love pizza. Your bhaiya never gets me one. Please order two.

K: Sure bhabhi.

Savita Bhabhi: I will get changed. You can also change your clothes and get fresh before the pizza arrives.

Krish ordered two chicken delight and went to change his clothes.

By the time, he came out, Savita Bhabhi was sitting in the hall, watching TV.

She was wearing a short white kurta and nothing for the bottom. Her nice white toned skin was very much arousing.

She crossed her legs and her inner thighs were clearly visible. Krish could see her panty line.

He was already hard on. So he tried hard to hide his boner and came in the corner seat and closed his crotch with the pillow on the sofa. He was sitting far away from her.

After a while, they heard the door bell. Savita Bhabhi stood before Krish could stand. He was glad that Savita Bhabhi went to open the door as he was not in the position to stand.

She opened the door and the delivery boy was stunned to look at a woman with that beauty standing like that. Savita Bhabhi had to wave her hand twice to bring him back to his senses.

Savita Bhabhi: Hello?

Delivery Boy: Sorry, madam. Your pizza.

Savita Bhabhi: How much?

DB: Bill madam.

Savita received the bill and breathed heavily to show her big boobs popping out. She always likes some extra attention.

She lifted her one leg and kept her sole on the door looking at the bill. Her sexy thighs were clearly visible and her panty appeared to arouse the pizza guy. She turned back to him and smiled.

Savita Bhabhi: Please wait here. I will get the cash.

DB: Sure madam.

Savita Bhabhi went inside and came closer to the pizza guy after some time.

Savita Bhabhi: So, it is 788, right?

DB: Yes, madam.

She inserted her hands in her bra and took out the cash. She purposely lowered her tops to show her bra to the pizza guy. He was completely crazy looking at her.

Krish was looking at everything and he was also getting horny.

Savita Bhabhi: Come on.

DB: Sorry, madam.

He left and she came in with the boxes. She looked at the hall table and it was too small to accommodate two big pizza boxes. With some innocent face, she told Krish,

Savita Bhabhi: Krish, do you mind if we sit on the floor and have our pizza?

K: Sure.

She sat down with the boxes and he too sat hiding his boner. She kept her legs wide spread and kept the box in the middle.

Still, her whole panties were visible and this was triggering his boner even more. He could not control himself. They enjoyed the pizza. After the dinner, she told Krish,

Savita Bhabhi: Krish, I feel very much tired and wanted to sleep. Seems, I will not wake up till morning. I will keep the door open, in case if you need something.

Saying these, she went to her bedroom. Her butt movement was arousing too.

He came to his room and tried to get some sleep. But he was not at all sleepy not because the place was new. His thoughts were fully occupied by his bhabhi.

After some hesitations, he decided to go to her room and at least jerk off looking at her. He reached her room and pushed the door with hesitation.

He slowly moved in and was shocked to see Savita Bhabhi sleeping without the kurta.

She was wearing just a bra and panties. Her deep cleavage was making him crazy. But the thing bothering him was, she had her hand in her panties.

She looked very horny and her body was making waves. She was finger fucking herself. He could also hear some moans.

To be continued…

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