New Beginning With Swapna Aunty

Hi everyone, this is Ram, 32 years old narrating my first experience here. I am a regular reader in ISS and thanks to all for sharing their experiences. I am basically from Chennai and now moved overseas and have settled down. This story is about my aunt who came to stay with me for a month. Let me tell about my aunt, her name is Swapna around 40 years old, she is a widow and has 1 kid, and he is studying college there. I and Swapna are close for a very long. Since I moved overseas 8 years ago I didn’t get much chance to spend with her. So one day I asked her if she wants to come and spend some time away from her regular routine. She hesitated first and then she finally agreed after 2 weeks time. Now she has finalized her tickets and came in the month of March. It’s summer perfect time to visit as she does not like the winter cold.

Finally the day came and she arrived around 10pm on a Saturday night, let me tell something about her. Swapna is a bit short around 5feet 10inch, medium built and very fair. She was wearing a nice t shirt and a jean when she arrived. Since we are meeting after a long time, I went closer and gave her a hug, she responded by a hug too. She looked bit tired from her 22 hour journey, so asked her if she wanted to eat outside or get some take away. She suggested take away. We were talking on the way home and once we reached she refreshed herself and had some dinner. While dinner we sat together and we’re talking about childhood, almost spent couple of hours. We both felt very good after the conversation and I asked her to sleep as she looked tired and arranged bed in the guest room.

On Sunday I woke up around 9am and went to see how Swapna was doing, she was still in deep sleep. She only got up around 12pm. After she woke up it was usual and we spent some time talking. Finally it was 8pm and I asked her if she wants to have some wine, she said yes. So I poured wine in both our glass and started to drink. I poured the 3rd in about an hour time and now both we’re getting bit tipsy, slowly our conversation went about my marriage

S- so when are you going to get married, you are wasting your time
R- I want to, probably next year.
S- You had a girlfriend, what happened there
R- yes and now gone our separate ways, it’s been a year now
S- what happened between u both?
R- it’s a long story, maybe for another day.
R- enough of me, tell me about you, how have u been doing?
S- She paused for a while and said after uncle passed, it was not the same.


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