Mom Pleases Dad All Night

Hi guys this is the next part of my mom and dad’s sex escapade. My parents are working in big mnc and thus don’t have much time to spend together, but whenever they get they spend it together by having hot sex. My mom is 45 years old but looks like she is in her late 30s, she has maintained her body and have great stats of 36-30-36. My dad is a good looking man and has a great sexual appetite. My parents have maintained a great sex life, and fuck and satisfy each other’s desire. As they are getting more mature my parents please their sexuality as much as they can.

Now straight to the story, Mom and dad had a party to go, both of them were getting ready, dad was wearing a blue shirt and black trouser, and mom was in black saree with red blouse. Dad “ you are looking hot.”

Mom smiled and said “we have some time you can make me feel hot.” Mom and dad were standing near the dressing table. Dad got really happy hearing this and pulled near him, mom was now in dad’s arms, his hands placed on her waist and hips, dad tightened his grip, and kissed mom. Dad took mom’s boobs in his hands and gave it a squeeze and then kissed her cleavage. Mom kissed dad’s cheeks and then his lips.

Dad took his shirt off and mom took her saree off, he unhooked mom’s blouse slowly, and pressed her boobs, kissing her neck and cleavage. Mom’s hands were in dad’s hair, pulling him near her cleavage.

Dad took mom’s blouse off and then took both of her boobs in his hands “they are so firm” and then excitedly took mom’s boobs in his mouth and sucked her tits, and with one hand on her waist and other on her ass, squeezed her body.

Dad then stopped the sucking and looked into mom’s eyes. Mom gently moved her head near dad’s face and then kissed him. Dad unknotted mom’s petticoat and then pulled it down. Mom was looking exceptionally hot in just her black laced underwear; dad started feeling mom’s body and then hungrily took mom’s boob in his mouth and started sucking it.

Mom went on the bed and pulled dad on the bed. Dad went down on her kissing her cleavage and stomach, dad then took her panty off and then kissed her pussy calmly. He then started licking her pussy; mom was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples. While dad was licking and eating mom’s pussy, mom was moaning “aahhhaa aaaa mmm hmm hhmm umm ahahh ahaa…..yeah baby ohhh hhh yeahhh hhhh hh.” Dad face was deep into mom’s pussy. Mom was stirring on the bed in orgasm.

Dad stopped and mom pulled him up and kissed him and said “now you stay put.” Dad laid back, mom swiftly took dad’s belt off and then unbuttoned his pant and took it off. Mom looked at dad’s under wear and said “that’s a big bulge, I think I should let it out.” Mom kissed dad’s dick and then pulled his under wear. Mom started licking his dick sensually; she massaged it and gave soft kisses. Mom licked his dick and then swallowed it, mom then started sucking his cock.

Mom was playing with dad’s dick and balls “you like it?” dad “ohhh yeahhh aaaa ahaaa.” Dad’s dick was hard now mom looked at him and slowly licked it and kissed it and said “now fuck me.”

Mom and dad got on their knees and then mom positioned herself in doggy style, and dad was behind her. He squeezed and kissed her ass, “you have such a great fuckable ass.” Mom blushed; dad easily pushed his dick into her ass, mom “ooohhh yeeehh.”

Dad started fucking mom’s ass, her tits were moving as dad shot every stroke into her. Mom “aaaah ahaha yeaha hahah aaaaahh.” Dad fucked mom with pleasure for couple of minutes, then he took his dick out, and started rubbing it on her ass hole. Dad then inserted his dick back into her ass an took mom by her stomach and pulled her near himself, now mom and dad both were on their knees, with dad’s dick inside mom’s ass.

Dad kissed mom’s neck and shoulder, dad then started fucking mom powerfully, dad’s on hand was wrapped around mom’s waist and the other was squirting her pussy. Mom was moaning loudly “aaahahh ahaaah aahahhaha hahahah aaaaa ahaaaa ahaahh ahaaaa.” Dad fucked mom very strongly, the bed was squeaking mom’s boobs were bouncing madly; mom took dad’s hands and placed them on her tits. Dad grabbed her boobs and squeezed them, mom “oooohhh ohhh yeaaahha ohhhh fuccck ohh aaaaah yeah.”

Dad and mom both were all sweaty and breathless, dad took his dick out and kissed mom’s back. Dad got off the bed and then drank some water and then came back on the bed, now both mom and dad were hydrated and ready to continue their fuck session.

Both were on knees and kissed each other, mom hugged dad tightly and kissed his chest “fuck me hard baby.” Dad took mom’s face and kissed her.

Mom lay down, dad went behind her and took her pussy, he was squeezing her boobs and kissing her neck and then calmly pushed his dick into her pussy. Dad then gradually increased his rate of knots.Mom “ohhhh ahah ahaha haaaaa aaahh hahah hah hahhaha ohhhh yeah ahaha.” Mom turned her head and kissed dad, mom’s tits were bouncing frantically, mom “oooohh fuuccckk oooo ohhh yeaa aaahhh.”

Dad stopped the fucking, and gave her slow but hard strokes into her pussy then took his dick out and inserted it back in for couple of times. He then pushed his dick back in and started fucking her hard. Mom was having a orgasm and was moaning loudly “aaahhaa a a ahaha hhaha haha a aaahahh auoo uouu uuuooo oooohh hhhh ummm aahahhah ahaha ahaa.” Dad squeezed mom’s boobs “ohhh fucck yeaaaah umm uuum.” Dad was just slowly fucking mom.

Dad “come on kavita don’t stop now, I am very horny.” Mom looked at dad and said “oh me too.” Dad lay back down and mom got on top of dad, and took his dick in her hand and rubbed it on her pussy then inserted it into her pussy.Mom was on top of dad with her hands placed on dad’s chest, mom started moving her ass, and thumping her pussy. Mom “ohhhh aaha hahh ahaaa aa yeea aah.” Dad squeezed mom’s tits and then moved his hand down and grabbed mom by her waist.

Mom was moving her crazily and giving all the pleasure to dad. Dad “ohhhh yeahhh ooohhh oooo aooo ohoh ohhh.” Mom stopped moving and brought her face near dad’s and kissed him. Dad wrapped his hands around mom’s waist and shoulder and swiftly rolled over and came on top of mom.

Mom got electrified by dad enthusiasm “ahhh kamal” and smooched dad. Dad kissed mom’s neck and boobs, dad got on his knees and placed mom’s right leg on his shoulder and squeezed her boobs then started fucking mom. Dad started stroking mom powerfully. Mom “aaaah aaaahhha a aa a aahh aaaah aaaaha aaah aaaa haah aaaaah.” The moment dad let go of mom’s tits they were bouncing like mad. Dad parted mom’s legs and fucked her sensually, mom “aaah aaaah aaaah aaaaaah yeaah ohhh oohh.”

After couple of minutes dad came inside mom and laid flat on top of her with his face buried in mom’s boobs.

Both mom and dad were breathing heavily, mom’s hand were in dad’s hair. Mom said “ I love you kamal.” Dad got up and moved up and now was face to face with mom and said “I love you too kaita,” and then kissed her. Mom and dad wrapped in each other bodies laid there for some time and then got up and dressed and went for their function.
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