Mom Became My Partner In All Sense – Part 1

Hi all Desitales readers, myself Vijay and this is my first story. So I request you to pardon me if there are any mistakes.

This is an incest sex story. So if anyone who is sensitive to such stuff, please stay away from this story.

Now coming to the story.

My name is Vijay as I had said before. I am an engineering graduate from the southern most part of Tamilnadu. This incident happened when I was searching for a job after my graduation. I was 21 at that time with average build body.

My mom’s name is Pavithra. She is from a middle-class family.

But after her marriage with my father, she was introduced to the rich society (as my father was from a very rich family). She was married to him at the age of 21. I was born in the very first year of their marriage.

About my mom. She was at her start of her 40s at the time of this incident. But no one would say she is above 40. She was very beautiful with long hair and beautiful size. Her figure was 36-34-38. She had big round ass which was her most attractive part.

Like any other South Indian women, she used to wear saree. As my father was busy with his business and stayed away in Chennai, I was alone with my mom in that big house with some servants.

I had never thought of a sexual relationship with my mom as I had no such feeling for her. Of course, until this incident happened.

One day I and my mom were coming home back from the temple.

It started raining suddenly and as we were on the motorcycle, I searched for a perfect spot to take a hide from the rain. At last, I found one, and we stopped at the bus stand. It was getting dark and the rain was not going to stop. So my mom said to continue the journey and go home in the rain.

I started the bike and rode towards our home. It took me some time to reach home as the road was not clear.

We reached home around 8:30 at night. We got down from the bike and got into the house. When I put on the lights, I was shocked. I saw my mom totally wet in her white kasavu saree.

As she was wet, her whole assets were visible perfectly. I saw the clear shape of huge butts and boobs. I understood that she was not wearing a bra as I could see the small spot of her black nipples through her blouse. I was not able to move for a while, but I regained myself and just turned my mind to other things.

But that whole night, I was dreaming about my mom. I had read many incest sex stories and all of them came to my mind. I decided to seduce her and get her as my wife.

From the next day, I started spending more time inside the house. I was looking for a perfect opportunity to execute my tricks to seduce her. I started praising her often about her cooking, dressing etc.

One day, I asked my mom whether we can go out for a day trip. She was very happy because my father does not take her out as he was busy with his business.

We started our trip at early morning. We went to the museum, then had our breakfast at a roadside shop. I and my mom were very fond of the local food as we eat such food rarely. There I saw a male dog and a female dog cross-breeding.

I asked my mom –

Me: amma antha patti enna pannutu? (mom, what those dogs are doing?)
Mom: attu tan innate perukka pakkutu( they are trying to make a baby dog)

At that time I asked her (as if I was a boy who knew nothing about this)

Me: does we humans also give birth after doing this?
Mom: yes that’s how new babies are born.
Me: mom I don’t know any think about it. Can you please explain?

Mom was shocked by my question.

She said, “I am sorry. I think you are teasing me. I know boys of your age knows all about this.”

On hearing this, I said: “Mom, I am telling the truth. I don’t know this, please explain.”

She said, “Please stop this non-sense. You will come to know this when you get married.”

But I was not in a mood to leave her and I requested again and again.

At last, she told me what happens between two individuals in order to make a baby. But she did not explain the deep contents properly. But I was happy with her reply and we continued our journey.

We reached our home back at night 7 pm. Our dinner was ready on the table prepared by our maid Dharshni (I also had an eye on her). I and my mom ate our dinner and went to sleep as we were very tired.

On the next day, I brought home an adult book containing some incest stories as part of my plan. I took that book to my mom and asked her as if I was asking doubts.

Me: mom, I got a book from a friend. He told me that we can learn how babies are made from this book. But I can’t find the portion. Can you please me help to find it?

My mom was shocked to see the book. She was very angry and threw that book at me and said shouting, “Don’t ever ask such things or even think about such things”.

I left the book there and went into my room and started crying as I was afraid she might tell it to mom.

But after some time, I started thinking positively and went back to the hall to get the book. But to my surprise, the book was not there. I searched for it all around. I then thought that mom would have taken the book and would have torn it into parts in anger.

The day went as usual. But I had not talked to my mom on that day after that incident.

At night, I was not able to sleep. I just came out of my bed and went to my mom’s room to say sorry to her.

But to my surprise, her door was locked and the lights were still turned on in the room.

I looked through the keyhole to see what she was doing. What I saw there was out of my imagination.

My mom was on the bed, she had lifted her saree to her belly and she was rubbing her pussy. I saw my book on her hand. She was just reading it and was fingering.

She was saying my father’s name in a low voice while she was doing this. I watched all this and then went back to my bed. Now I had real hope that I could make love to my mom.

Next day mom woke me up with the tea. She told me that she is not angry with me anymore. She also asked me not to ask such things again. I agreed. I also enquired about the book as I did not find that book in the hall. I told her I wanted to return it to my friend. She said she had burned that book.

Now I proceeded to my next step. I took the newspaper and started reading an imaginary loudly. The news was about a mom and son relationship. Mom heard it and she said that the news will not be true and it would be a cooked up story as such kind of incident will not happen.

I opposed her by saying that such incidents are happening and told her some cooked up stories as real. Surprisingly, she started believing it and said: but..It is a sin.

Me: no mom.There are many moms who see their husbands only once in a year or so. For them, it would be very difficult to get rid of their feelings and so they use their sons. It is not a sin. While having sex there is no relationships but only two individual who are enjoying it.

But mom was not ready to listen. So I also said, “If I had that book (sex book) I can prove you that because it had such stories”.

There was not much conversation after that but I was sure that my mother would search for such stories in the book.I went out to the shop and brought two cameras with mic and as I was an electronics engineer, I knew how to fix it.

I fixed it in my mom’s bedroom and in her bathroom. I connected it to my laptop. I saw at night my mom getting into the room.

After a while, she was in the bed was wearing a black saree. She slowly took the book.

She opened the book and was searching for the story. She found it and started reading it. After a while, she raised her saree and petticoat up and started fingering. She was not wearing any panty. I was watching it and my brother was rock hard. I took my cock and stroked it hard.

Meanwhile, my mom was moaning, “Ahhhhh mmmm”

To my shock, she started saying my name, “Ahhh vijayyyyy my sonnn fuckkkk mee harrrrd ahhhhh, fuckkkk your mommmm aahhhhh.”

I was so excited to hear this and I masturbated twice.

Next day I woke up early but was on the bed thinking about mom. My cock became hard. I heard footsteps and I quickly pretended to be asleep. It was mom and she had brought me tea. While she was leaving, her eyes were stuck at my penis and she was staring at it for more than a minute. She suddenly regained her senses. Her face became shy and she left the room.

I now understood my plan was a success. I got up from my bed, drank my tea and went downstairs. My mom was in the bathroom. I heard her moaning. I thought she was masturbating. From that day, I realized that her attitude towards me was changed.

She was wearing a transparent saree. Her blouse was also transparent making her two big melons clearly visible. I was not able to control myself from staring at her. In the evening, she came to me with a glass full of milk. While handing it to me, she intentionally slipped a little.

So she started cleaning it by bending down and showing me her back. Her big butts were in front of me and it was so hard to control. I now understood that she need me.

Without thinking anything else, I slowly touched her butts with my hand and turned her to me. I placed my hands on her shoulder and gave a flat kiss on her lips. She also responded well. We broke the kiss after 2 minutes. I was in hurry to fuck her but she stopped me and asked me to wait till night. She also said we have to do some other things before that.

The proceeding incidents are very erotic. I will explain all in my next part. I expect everyone to convey your reviews as this is my first story. You can mail me at [email protected]. I will be looking forward to your mail and instruction.

What did you think of this story??


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