Incest Become Adiction

Hi friends this is Rashmi from Jabalpur I’m a 19 year old girl with fair complexion and average body we have a joint family my parets and two uncles aunties and there children this is my true story this started when I was still younger and know nothing about sex My youngest uncle was about 27 at that time and was unmarrid he loved all the kids of our family very much and I was his favourate every night uncle tells us very interisting stories and all the kids love the stories one night after story sassion i sleept in his room it was common as we have a joint family and i was only a kid.

at mid night when I woke up I feelt that Uncle rubbing his palm softly on my pussy under my panty I felt very bed and dirty but did,nt respond due to some unknown fear and pretend like sleeping very deep after 15 minutes of rubbing I felt some sentation and strange exitement in my body and like his touching. after 20 mins uncle turned other side and sleept after few munits

I also sleept beside him next morning uncle and I behave normal but we both aboide eye contacts from next night I intensnally started sleeping with him and every night uncle rubb my pussy very softly and gently and I started liking his act very much and every night I pretend thet I’m sleeping very deeply.

It becomes a daily routine of my life fore next few weeks one night after rubbing my pussy for some time uncle remove my panty till my knees and very slowly started kissing and licking my pussy at that time I was feeling like haven and I was very excited but I did not respond and pretend like sleeping now uncle started locking my pussy and trying to insert his tunge insige it very furiously he was also squeezing my hips

I was enjoying I his act very much after few mins I cum first time in my life that was a very strange and sensational feeling after cum I felt that something rong had happened and felt very dirty and guilty I woke up very quickly and pulled my panty up seeing me woked up uncle stunned and surprise

I ran to my sis room without saying any thing and sleepet beside her that night i slept very deep and woke up late in the morning uncle and I were behaving very normal as nothing hade happened but i stoped sleeping in uncle’s room and even stoped participating in uncle’s storry sassion with other kids after 15 days

I feelt a very strong urge for rubbing and likking my pussy so at night when every one was sleeping I went 2 the uncles room and lay beside her I know that he was not sleeping but he pretending like he was sleeping very deeply and not responding me after 20 minutes of wait.

I took a very bold step I remive my panty and put uncle’s hand on my pussy first few munits uncle didn,t respond but after some time he start massaging my pussy very slowly and gentky I kept my eye close after few munits uncle strted for which I was wating means he started licking and kissing my pussy and squeezing my hips he also insert one of his finger in my ass whole after few munits of act

I cum in his mouth and stand up quickly and ran to my sis room slpeet beside her for rest of the night. now It become a rutine for me with 4-5 days gap whenever I felt the urge for sex I went to my uncle at night lay beside her remove my panty and he suked my pussy and after cuming I came back to my sis room and slept with her it continued for next 6 month and I become addict of it.

After 6 month uncle get a job in Nagpur and sateled there and this stoped for next 2 years during this period uncle got married and become a father of a quit girl after two years uncle transfered to jabalpur back and start living with us during this period I become yung and beatiful and my boobs were biggest from all of my frnd in school. I feelt very uncomfortable when all the boys and teachers looks on me very strangly so it was the diwali time and my aunty were her brother home as he was pregenent again after dinner

I went to my room and start stdying my uncles room was next to my room during study I felt very horny so I stoped study and switch off lights and went to my wed I left my door opeed intensionally at mid night when every one was sleeping I felt that someone laying beside me and trying to fulling my gaun up it was uncle I was sleeping facing the roof

I coperate with him in removing my cloths he did all this very slowly and gently and it take him 20 munits in undoing my upper and lower cloths he did not remove my cloths completly but only uncver my boobs and remve my lower and panty till my boobs and strte sukking my boobs I was feeling like haven then he went to down words and start licking and kissing my thies and then start liking my pussy after few mins he removes his under were and gave his tool in my hands.

I started massaging his dick very softly and slowly and at same time uncle was sukking my boobs one by one very furiously than uncle took a condom on his tool and with the help of my hand were it on his hard stick and very quickly he turned to me and ride one me he was kissing me on lips very tightly and his both hand were on my boobs and his dick was rubbing my pussy whole I also want to take his tool inside me and I hold his dick took it on my pussy whole amd take a jerk up side and it went half in then uncle lay down on me and start fucking me very fastly

I was also cooperating and didnt feeling any type of pain because his dick was not very big but average after few munits we both come to the climex together uncle take some long breaths and were his clothes and leave the room without saying any thing at that night

I sleep very deep and in the morning I felt very light and happy now it become a adiction to me and whenever I or uncle get the opportunity we both enjoyed sex but we never talked a single word about sex or our relatin and behaved normal friends this is not a story but it is a real incidient of my life so plese give your comments.

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