Fat Mom Fucked By Teen Age Son

Few days back my sister joined with our home with her six months aged daughter. Her hubby married with another girl and compelled sis to share him with new wife, but sis was not interested the same, she told him clearly to keep away from her and live with your new wife.

He finally called my Grandma (GM) and told to convince her to cooperate with him, but GM also cursed him in very worst language like sinner, insolent, libertine, bastard and beaten on his cheek. GM told him as, she is taking off my sis back to our home and you never get her again to play with her life. Girls are not toys for male and they have also pride, we decided to get divorce from you, son of devil.

Brother in Law (BIL) begged to GM to forgive him and to recommend sis to accept him as hubby and stay with him, he will separate his second wife to another home. GM again cursed him, told to think, if your wife will marry another guy secretly, will you accept that? So you lost the chance to touch her and we take your child to our home because your second wife will harass and torture the tiny child. GM brought my sis along with the child to our home in an evening and called me by phone, informed the good news for me as well as mom.

I and mom smiled while hearing the good news. Mom thought, my sis will be safe with us and I also wished to fuck a young girl daily and I will be better than any other for my sis. Actually mom also started thinking to how share me with a mom and daughter. We closed our shop early that day and reached home with our son, my sis took my son with fondness and kissed his cheeks very lovely.

She thought, he is her brother and from our dad’s seed. But we both me and mom were got blessed by seeing my sis’s fondness to our child. Sis made tea for all of us and mom told her to serve me first, with a smile. I also took the tea glass along with her hand and hugged her by one hand from her behind and consoled her to keep calm, you will be safe with me and we will preserve you forever, never send you with any other man. I felt inebriated smell from her body and erotic smell of boiled gingili oil mixed with camphor from her hair, which started to entice me to feel, kiss her. But I controlled. I felt her whole body as withered and her face as a faded flower.

At the time of her marriage, her face was like a half blossomed rose flower but now looked as a tired female young deer resting, gasping after a terrible marathon run, being chased by a panther for finishing her life. I felt sorrow to her sad condition and tried my level best to make her pleased by touching, caressing her body over dress. Mom was also watching both of us thru’ the kitchen window with a smile, as she also wish to copulate me with my sis and keep my sis as my wife along with my mom and our kids.

Mom is already having a son/grandson from me and I have already sowed my seeds in her tore vulva and she is going to bear another foetus from my seeds, her second grandchild, but I have no any idea to justify others regarding birth of our second child. That day, mom told me to keep away from her, as she wished to have my sis to sleep with her. GM noticed, my face became dull, she told mom to leave my sis with GM’s room.

By hearing this, I got very much pleasure, be’cze, I was thinking, if sis sleep with mom, I will lose the chance to fuck mom. Also we both mom and me completely became couple in our home at all side with GM’s silent permission and blessing of God. Most of days, we were sleeping fully nude till to the morning, some time GM saw I am sleeping tired, pasted over mom’s body, between her widened huge thighs while she calling me for milking our goats. Always in the morning, I was sleeping on my mom’s chest after the final round fucking, due to the usual temper of a guy’s dick with urinal, without any precaution for preventing pregnancy and I cum in to my mom’s vulva.

After seeing me nude, GM moved to goat fold and I followed her after cleaning my dick with moms under skirt. Two of our young mother goats and one G’ma goats were not allowing milking by GM. They only allow me to touch their breast and some time I sneezed milk direct to my mouth and GM wondered about it. GM preserved me very much and always took special care about my health, I heard some time, she advising mom to take care of my food, since I am almost twenty years younger than my mom and sex between me and mom will harmful to my health due to the age difference. So mom daily asking me to what I wish to eat today and always she cooking dishes as desired me.


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