Fat Mom Fucked By Teen Age Son

Few days back my sister joined with our home with her six months aged daughter. Her hubby married with another girl and compelled sis to share him with new wife, but sis was not interested the same, she told him clearly to keep away from her and live with your new wife.

He finally called my Grandma (GM) and told to convince her to cooperate with him, but GM also cursed him in very worst language like sinner, insolent, libertine, bastard and beaten on his cheek. GM told him as, she is taking off my sis back to our home and you never get her again to play with her life. Girls are not toys for male and they have also pride, we decided to get divorce from you, son of devil.

Brother in Law (BIL) begged to GM to forgive him and to recommend sis to accept him as hubby and stay with him, he will separate his second wife to another home. GM again cursed him, told to think, if your wife will marry another guy secretly, will you accept that? So you lost the chance to touch her and we take your child to our home because your second wife will harass and torture the tiny child. GM brought my sis along with the child to our home in an evening and called me by phone, informed the good news for me as well as mom.

I and mom smiled while hearing the good news. Mom thought, my sis will be safe with us and I also wished to fuck a young girl daily and I will be better than any other for my sis. Actually mom also started thinking to how share me with a mom and daughter. We closed our shop early that day and reached home with our son, my sis took my son with fondness and kissed his cheeks very lovely.

She thought, he is her brother and from our dad’s seed. But we both me and mom were got blessed by seeing my sis’s fondness to our child. Sis made tea for all of us and mom told her to serve me first, with a smile. I also took the tea glass along with her hand and hugged her by one hand from her behind and consoled her to keep calm, you will be safe with me and we will preserve you forever, never send you with any other man. I felt inebriated smell from her body and erotic smell of boiled gingili oil mixed with camphor from her hair, which started to entice me to feel, kiss her. But I controlled. I felt her whole body as withered and her face as a faded flower.

At the time of her marriage, her face was like a half blossomed rose flower but now looked as a tired female young deer resting, gasping after a terrible marathon run, being chased by a panther for finishing her life. I felt sorrow to her sad condition and tried my level best to make her pleased by touching, caressing her body over dress. Mom was also watching both of us thru’ the kitchen window with a smile, as she also wish to copulate me with my sis and keep my sis as my wife along with my mom and our kids.

Mom is already having a son/grandson from me and I have already sowed my seeds in her tore vulva and she is going to bear another foetus from my seeds, her second grandchild, but I have no any idea to justify others regarding birth of our second child. That day, mom told me to keep away from her, as she wished to have my sis to sleep with her. GM noticed, my face became dull, she told mom to leave my sis with GM’s room.

By hearing this, I got very much pleasure, be’cze, I was thinking, if sis sleep with mom, I will lose the chance to fuck mom. Also we both mom and me completely became couple in our home at all side with GM’s silent permission and blessing of God. Most of days, we were sleeping fully nude till to the morning, some time GM saw I am sleeping tired, pasted over mom’s body, between her widened huge thighs while she calling me for milking our goats. Always in the morning, I was sleeping on my mom’s chest after the final round fucking, due to the usual temper of a guy’s dick with urinal, without any precaution for preventing pregnancy and I cum in to my mom’s vulva.

After seeing me nude, GM moved to goat fold and I followed her after cleaning my dick with moms under skirt. Two of our young mother goats and one G’ma goats were not allowing milking by GM. They only allow me to touch their breast and some time I sneezed milk direct to my mouth and GM wondered about it. GM preserved me very much and always took special care about my health, I heard some time, she advising mom to take care of my food, since I am almost twenty years younger than my mom and sex between me and mom will harmful to my health due to the age difference. So mom daily asking me to what I wish to eat today and always she cooking dishes as desired me.

Later I start playing my mom’s butts and breast in front of GM and she never mind it, be’cze mom became cute, younger, much beautiful, pleasant, and happy perfect women after I started to fuck her and became mother of my child. GM also wished and blessed both of us and accepted us as young couple and started to treat me as the man or our home and her son in law. My son was always played with GM and she also very happy to keep my son on her chest. I noticed some time, GM feeding her dried but huge nipple to my son and by seeing this, I wish to fuck my GM also bec’ze her breast was so huge sized, swelled and found stronger than mom’s breast.

When I was I home, I had been always keep to touch my mom’s body and hug her and mom felt disturbance some time but GM warned mom, he is so tender and fresher, he will keep out from you after some days when his greed, you just obey him and never object. Or he might mount on your breast in front of me, don’t give the chance me to see that.

Mom went to bed with my son and I slept in same room on the floor, GM looked both us seriously and partly closed our door and she went another room with sis and her child. One hour later, I woke up and mom warned to stay there, as sis might come to our room for talking with mom. But around 11 PM, GM came out of her room by hearing crying sound from goat fold and called me to assist her.

We both went to goat fold and the front part of my shots were projected with my dick in fully erected condition like a bow from bottom to the top and some time touched at GM’s butts and she kept calm and she found guiltiness to lose my morning urinal tempered chance to fuck and tear my mom’s pussy. But I noticed the tickled twist of GM by touching a hot, erected young dick on her butts creak and I felt she needs my dick inside her cleavage some time, but she afraid to tell me the same. We didn’t see anything near the goat fold and return back to home. I asked GM, if sis child slept or not.

GM smiled and told me: Don’t act with me, I understood the power of your ….to penetrate in any were of a women and now you need to know your sis is slept or not, am I right? I am sorry for disturbing you like denying your food from the dining table. You have the full night to have your ever tasty hot dish and distinguish your inner fire.
I also smiled and told: Yes, thanks GM…..

GM: Don’t worry about your sis, she has already slept and will wake up next morning only, so you are free in the night. Your pasture is also ready on her bed, don’t be gluttony, go and conquer your Everest peak and make your holy pond Manasasarovar between your mom’s legs more glittering and remove all the mud from her depth.
GM left me in front of my room told: Close the door from inside as you are making a sound like tusker mourning while mating with his female. If your sis wakes up, I will take her to another direction, so go inside and make your pair pleased.

I very much thanked to GM, kissed her and pressed her huge butts purposely and rubbed my dick with her fat loins, her vagina was projected beneath of her belly like her vagina covered with a tortoise shell between her legs joins. She pushed me and removed my hand from her butts and pushed in to my room and told: You are not enough matured to conquer all the peaks of our Himalaya home, make me grand and grandmother again, as your pair might wait her mate. In the mean time, GM found the huge size of my cock and I she felt; I greedily wish to fuck my GM also.

I closed the door and fall on my mom’s breast with full power like a lion jumping an catching a tuskers cranium, as I got the open credentials to collapse my mom’s pussy and all the mountains, depth, cliffs from mom and GM, since my mom’s breast grown up almost double than my first fuck with her and she also aware of the change occurred on her body and mind with a young guy’s touch, crassness, loving, passionately greedy needing from a you loving guy, and also almost ten year of the disregarders from my dad, she became a young lover of me and she started to see me as her perfect mate and very much thanked me for fucking her and distinguish the hungry and thirsty of her vulva and her huge breasts, butts, clit daily. Lot of times she told me same with very much shyness and loving and kissing me when in our shop, whenever we got free.

We were closing our shop for lunch for three hours and we lay on the floor by hugging each other, but she never allowed me to fuck her in our shop, as according to her, that will be sin before God. But whenever I need, she lifted her saree and allowed me to kiss, lick, suck in her fat thighs, fleshy vagina, her long clit and allow drinking her milk along with beating on her breast like a male lamb on his mother goat’s udder. She also very much thankful to me to made her a young, cute, beautiful and happy woman with my unending mad love, hugging, touching, and caressing her. I placed a mirror in front of her vagina and she found her pussy became more beautiful, soppy, glittering and projected more ahead and her clit became longer than before I started to suck it.

Previously there was some swelled flesh pieces (obesities) on her back thighs beneath her butts and back of her hands above the elbow joins, reverse side of her neck but my continues caressing, pressing, massaging and crushing , now her hands and thighs are became well shaped and totally she became a beautiful woman in our domicile after our secret marriage. GM also became very much happy for seeing my mom like so young, shy new married bride and me as a tender grandson in law of her and she always pray to God for blessing both of us with long life and gift so many kids to play her with them.

By falling on mom’s chest with a fluck sound, I tried to untie her blouse and bra, but I stunned, she had already removed it and actually she was waiting her beetle to drink the honey from her vagina.

She warned me: Eat my flesh slowly dear, as your sis is so younger than me and she also hungry and thirsty for a young dick in her vagina and you are the same beetle to drink her pussy juice and breed her with your cock and seeds. So give me some rest and you have a lot of sheaf of corn to trample and thrush out and have to ooze your hot thick bitumen in to your sister’s young, wet, cute, tight, thirsty, hungry, vulva, plough and sow your seeds in to her tender field and reap more corn from her field, as she is so young, fertile, greedy, perfect than me for your age and your strong gigantic tool.

I started suck her nipple with vigorous mad mood and mourned like a bull before mounting a cow’s hump and pressed and licked in her both armpits and she became ticked with my tongue in her fat armpits. There was a swelled piece in both her armpits and found projected to both side while she will be on standing position but now looked like a parted knee pan (shell cover of a husked coconut). She automatically widened her fat thighs and accommodated my cock in her vagina so easily, told me to fuck her slowly, since there is chance to wake up my sis. But I already started threshing out her fat body with a mad mind. Sometime later, I finished my cum inside her womb, I lay down on her breast for a long time and purposely ignored her words and given a slap on her left cheek first time.

Me. You must obey me, what I tell you, otherwise, I will kill you, I have the right to beat you remember, as I am your new hubby. She kept silent and allowed me to lie on her chest by keeping her nipple in my mouth. I tried to suck her both nipple together, pulled both breasts to her middle chest and she also supported the same of her breast. Al last I won to suck her both nipple together madly, bite her left nipple, pulled with my tooth strongly and stirred by m tooth in round shape and she mourned by closing her mouth with her hand, enable to block her sound came out.

Mom: I told you few months back, you will beat me like your dad, you did it but I like it dear, whenever you need, you beat me, I will afford the same with very much pleasure and will cry silently, as you are my son and new hubby, also I have no any other way, I became your fucking toy and I allowed to be played by your both hand, dick, chest, lips, teeth and you can beat and torture me at any way you need dear. She cried very loudly and I closed her mouth with my hand.

Me: No mom, dad had beaten you as he was not interested on your flesh and he started to mate with another young girl’s flesh, but I beat you due to the style of my fucking. I love you very much dear but I will beat you madly my dear fat worse, as a guy will get more pleasure by beating his pair while fucking her and also you are my mountain pass for getting me training to drive over any women, since you are a son fucker. You are the great Mount Everest and I am Mr. Tensing Norway, I am conquering your parts and now I know the entire secrets of your lumps, pits and cliffs of your body and I will crush and make flat perturbed you and I will enter thru’ your soppy, smelly doorway and excavate your inner mysterious treasure like a Post Graduate Geographic student and I will gain 100% marks in my final exam of my excavation of a woman’s body…..OK?

Mom: You kill me dear, I already yielded to you and I only intended to get pregnant from your seed and die by giving birth to your child, but I also enjoy your toil to satisfy me, do whatever you need with me.

By hearing these words from my mom, I shocked and felt sorrow on her, I hugged her and told.

Me: No my sweet gigantic fucking balloon, my sponge bed, I need you till my entire life not only as a fucking partner but also my life partner and mom of my lot of children and I am ready to fuck you even in public place if you need. Also I wish to see my second child deriving from your womb by tearing your vagina and your sufferings for making me again father/siblings. Can you imagine the relations between me, you and our children?

Mom smiled and her face looked shyness, guiltiness and love to her son and grand kids.
Mom smiled with utter confusion and told: God will decide, now we are couple, you are preserving all of the three women in our home, you have the right to do anything on our body. I am just obeying you and if you need, the rest two will be wide their legs, but I have only one request, please leave your GM, as her parts are so old and not match with your young tool. You just fulfill your desire on my body and soul dear, If God decided to get me pregnant again, I will bear your child in my belly and give birth in front of you and you get satisfy by seeing my suffering and tearing my vagina by your kids.

I got excited on her word, got my soul and body more strength and tightened, my dick also erected like an iron rod lifted, I looked on her fleshy vagina and started play with her both breasts, pressed from the bottom to the top and all the milk started oozing thru’ her nipples. I started sucking both nipples each other separately and at last together, drunk her entire milk till both breasts got emptied and freed her breasts and those fall down and hanged near to her each armpits.


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