Enjoying The Sleeping Bhabhi – Savita Bhabhi With Her Husband’s Cousin – Part 17

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Krish is Savita Bhabhi’s husband’s cousin. He came to stay in her home for a week to appear for his examination. But her husband Ashok had an important business meeting in London and hence, he left early. Savita Bhabhi was very much delighted as she could get a chance to enjoy a young cock after a long time.

Savita Bhabhi seduced Krish by showing her sexy assets while they were traveling back home after dropping Ashok in the airport. He was very much aroused and she made him hornier at home by wearing revealing clothes.

She gave a hint to him and went to the bedroom at night. Since he could not sleep thinking of Savita Bhabhi, he slowly came to her room and was shocked to see her in just a bra and panties.

Krish was very much excited to see her in that attire. He wanted to see more. She was lying on her stomach and her nice round ass was clearly visible to him.

He badly wanted to pinch her sexy butt and kiss them.

After a while, she turned over and he was very much shocked. Her hand was inside her panties. He could see the movement in her panties and she was very much horny. And he could sense that by the soft moans she was producing.

He was in no mood of going to his room and wanted to see her masturbating for the whole night.

She slowly made his way in the room and maintained silence. Her body was making waves and her breasts were dying to pop out. The erect nipples were very obviously visible from her bra.

After a few moments, one bra cup slid down and her nipples made their appearance. He was looking at the scene he had in his mind for a long time. He desperately wanted to cup those boobs and suck them.

Slowly, he bends down to see her naked pussy in her panties. He caught some glance when she was fingering her pussy.

He was standing there for three hours and he sensed something and hid behind the bed. She woke up and went to the washroom to pee.

She came out and removed her bra since the AC was not working properly.

After a while, she kept a pillow between her legs and slept soon. Krish slowly came in front of her and was looking at her sexy boobs. She had pink and erect nipples. he came near her and touched her boobs. But she was sleeping nicely and did not make any reaction.

He took it as an advantage and was feeling her sexy boobs. Suddenly, she stretched her body by yawning and lies on her back. Her whole boobs were clearly visible.

He cupped her both the boobs and was playing with her nipples.

Then, he sat on the bed and kept his body closer to her naked skin. He was rubbing her whole body and touched her round navel.

Slowly, he pulled her panties elastic and pulled it a bit lower to see her pussy. Her pussy looked like a clean white skin with a deep hole in between. Her pussy was nicely shaved and attractive. He touched her pussy and she moaned a bit.

After gathering some courage, he inserted his finger in her pussy and she continued to moan.

After finger fucking her for a while, her pussy started getting wet. He could feel the orgasm and he sniffed at her cum.

Krish had a nice wide smile on his face and he loved the moment. He wanted the time to stop for a while and he did not want the sun to rise from the east.

By the time he was licking her cum, she turned over and slept on her stomach. Then he got another idea. He removed her panties a bit. Her white ass was clearly visible.

He cupped her ass with his palm and kept his lips over her back. She smelled good and he was slowly pressing her butt.

Her ass moved in a seducing way and he removed his boxer. Then, he brought his hard dick over her sexy butt and rubbed it with his dick head.

Soon, he dipped his cock in her ass crack and felt the horny valley. He rubbed his dick for a while and took it out since he felt like coming. He waited for her to turn over.

She did turnover after thirty minutes and he came on top of her and touched his dick over her nipples. It was a nice feeling to rub a dick head over a female’s erect nipples. It gives too much pleasure to both the genders.

He came down and placed his cock in her navel. He was drilling her belly button with his cock for a while.

Finally, he came down and kept it over her pussy. He desperately wanted to fuck her wild and make her beg to stop. But he needed to be patient and do not want to ruin things which were under his control.

He was rubbing his dick over her cunt and was kissing her nipples. Then he licked them and slowly sucked them.

He was thinking to himself, “I wonder, why she is not awake yet. She didn’t feel a thing?” But she was showing some symptoms of waking up. He suddenly wore this boxer and left the room quickly.

As soon as he left, Savita Bhabhi opened her eyes and smiled at the door he kept open. She was enjoying everything he was doing. She told to herself, “It was nice, Krish. I can’t wait to have sex with you”.

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