Molly Plugged By Her Son

Hello all, I’m Linda, Married to Sandy since nine years, I am a mother of a kid. As you know from my earlier post I was being rocked by Rocky – my aunt’s son. My mail id is [email protected]

We had many adventures over the bed, sofa, kitchen, bathroom, where not. It was going easy for the first two initial years. But there came an unexpected change on a day. On a Saturday afternoon, we were having a good session enjoying by forgetting the whole world. It happens, when my hole is plugged, the whole world goes out of the mind.But that day proved to be different. Rocky had come to my home with his mom, my aunt, Molly during vacations. However, we had a way for our enjoyment during late nights.

But this day, we planned to have a quickie during the afternoon as Molly was away with my neighbor. I was in the heights of passion; Rocky was driving me mad by licking and sucking my clits. Unfortunately, Aunt Molly entered the room too suddenly leaving no scope for us to escape. I’d give her a spare key just for her convince. Alas! it landed us in trouble. She felt as if she was suffocating by seeing us there. Rather it was her ‘son in action’ made her such.

We packed up from there and the whole house was pushed into silence until my son Kevin returned from his friend’s house in the evening. This relieved Molly a bit, she engaged herself with Kevin to calm herself down. This tension in her went on for a couple of days. Gradually, I noticed her returning to normal. I spoke to her on Tuesday to get a pleasant reply. Thinking this as positive, I started speaking about the troubled issue. She asked since when is this going on.

She was surprised to hear that her son has become a man two years back. She asked if I feel it is right. I had to speak to her for the next two hours to prove that it was not a criminal offense. After all, I knew that even she was not a sexually satisfied woman. It’s a common tale of every woman who is 40 plus. And I tried to play a card there. I asked what she feels about Rocky. I sensed she was a bit turned on after seeing him naked with me.

Gradually I started showing her some incest stories. And that night I called her up to watch an incest DVD portraying many mom son encounters. She initially watched only of curiosity but then she started to enjoy. She confessed to me that she’s feeling a sensation in her pussy. And finally, I was succeeded to convince this aunt – a 42-year-old mom without wasting any time I soon called up Santosh (Rocky). There was a glow in the eyes of Molly. She turned to me and asked me “shall I? why not?

You can re discover yourself here, this young stud can take it long”, I told her by pointing at Rocky’s cock which was covered under his pants.

Molly: “But I feel very embarrassed to start”

Me: “Rocky, it’s now your turn to make her a woman once again. She’s been not taken care much. Make her remember her teen age days.

Rocky: “Sure. I’ll show it, mom. I fact I was eyeing you from quite a long time, even before eyeing Linda”

Molly: “You bloody mom fucker. Why did you wait? Ram this mom now and here”

I was stunned to hear such words from Molly whom I considered orthodox. With this, she grabbed Rocky by his waist and kissed is lips continuously for more than ten minutes. I became just a silent spectator. Meanwhile, I went and locked the room in which Kevin was sleeping.

Molly: How is it feeling son? Oh! you’re dangerously hard. But suck my nipples and feel me first.

Rocky pulled her salwar over her head and removed her bra within seconds. He was anyhow experienced in that art. He sucked and sounds like poooh pooch pp… statted filling the house. And the DVD was playing in the background.Very soon Molly made her son naked to suck his cock. Astonishingly she deep-throated his tool just like a porn star. I asked her where did you learn al this? Were these thought in Churches during Sunday masses? (neen idaneela elli kalthe? Churchalli Sunday massnalli heli kotra?)

Molly: Hey. I just now watched on your TV. There is no need for somebody to teach these things. Isn’t it my bastard son? (hey.. eegaashte ninna TVli nodide alwa. Alde, intaddnella yaroo kalisabakilla, adu tannashtake brthade. Alwa nanna boli magane?)

Rocky started to shout “mom, I can’t hold, I can’t hold. I’ll be out” And within seconds I sensed that he unloaded but there was no trait there. Because Molly didn’t let even a single drop to fall out of her mouth. But there came a slight shining over her lips.


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