The First Time By Bhaijan

Hi friends, it is my first story so if anything wrong please forgive me . It is my first experience so am writing it I was totally inspire by all of the writers here.

So, coming on the story….

Let me said you about me am fair, have a little biceps and have nice hairstyle. I was 18 years old that time

After the summer break I gone to my school. It was the first day of mine in that school, though I have studied there when I was in preschool. Every girls and boys were looking at me and were praising about my looks , I felt shy and move forward .

Soon a girl meets me and said you are atif ,.I said “Yes” she said that she was my classmate and lead me to our class room.When I enter everyone was looking at my looks my tight shirt and my pants were just below my waist and everyone was just talking about me I said which seat is empty . One of friend said that one seat is vacant but I may not like it as he said the person besides you was not so studious(as everyone knows am good at studies always come in 1st 2nd or 3rd rank in my class )

I went and sit there after 5 mins

I saw a guy ,walking in just a little taller than me, fair tone nt as me .But still cool nice hair style. Built body .Big eyes- looks so adorable like baby ,he came near me I like him but at that time I did not have any intension.. For him

Then he said am “Maksud “And I said “Hi atif “He said” at last ek bhai mila “And I said” bhaijan” and we both laugh, I like him as he dont bother or disturbs me while I do my studies but I was distracted by his charming looks .Soon we had a sanskrit period our teacher was absent so arrangement teacher. I was singing a song and so mak (shorty maksud) was staring at me. I notice his bulge his in pants but didnt say so

Suddenly my pen fall down we both bend down to pick it up as soon we both touch the pen and we face each other by my chance ours lips were touching each others, both of ours eyes were a little wider but none of us take step back .We stay there 1/2 mi and then a sound broke my sense thats “Whas going on” that was our teacher, I said” sir my pen was fallen down”

Now I was totally pink in colour with shyness and I look sightly to mak he was touching his lips and was giving a naughty smile at me,

I was feeling werid but exitment was running in me as well… After I week we become very good frnds and we did a lot of mischifes and we both were acting as brothers I call him as bhaijan which makes him a little elder than me..So after 1 week I arrange a party,). I invited most of my classmates and we did the party. I was wearing a dark blue designer kurta and everyone was praising it . I like when people do that but soon I found a someone who was in my level no one else my bhaijan mak.He enter wearing a black deginer khurta as we were muslims we wear khurtas as often.

He came and hug me its very common for me and for my friends as everyone knows that we r like brothers then suddenly I shouted ahhhh as mak bite on my ear saying you looking sexy..The sound of party was loud so no one hear it party was over now and now I was all alone as my parents and bro and sis were out of town I said mak to stay in my home that night he call hs parents as his home was near to me and his parents know my parents very well he didnt hesgitate and tell mak to take proper care of me I told to get shower and he said ok I was going to give him the towel when I got a shock that he was in front of me nude and I was staring at his body- gosss what a body muscles, tits were looking so well and navel was so cute, little soft hairs on his body ohh…God I was just stand suddenly I get sense and mak comment” hey bhai esa kya dek raha hai and pose like a girl and said itne bhi khubsoorat nahi hu” and I said “Oo plzz” and hand over the towel and gone for changing my dress we both went on bed wearing boxers only as it was hot climate that time we had a little soft drinks before bed time .

Guys now that main story of my life or I say the new turnover of my life

At night nearly 1 am I found something wetty feeling on my chests I tried to pull my hand and notice they were tied, I was shocked my hands and legs were tied up with bed pillars and I saw mak was on me. I say wow mak .What the hell…. What the fuck r you doing on me and before I could say anything he kissed on my lips and make it lip lock he was doing it passionately and I was getting lust by his odor he was smelling so nice both of ours cocks were nOt pointing straight by then I want to touch my dick but I cant I was trembling..And begging to untie me mak was nOt listening to me he was kissing me .Licking me .Biting my nipples and I was just moaning and saying mak plzz ….But I know that I was liking it . Soon I saw him playing with my dick he was just touching it and leaving it and I was getting more horny I beg him to untie me I want to hold my dick

I was started precumming he was licking it –ohh got,!! What a feel I was dying for touching my dick I beg him “Bhaijan plzz choodo na “He said me” bhai I want you from the first day and now am all his” I was teasing by him and now he was biting me I was moaning in pain and pleasure I was pulling myself but it vain he tied me too hard I was begging him but he didnt listen me then he take my cock in his mouth ohh god what a feeling warm and moist his touch was amazing I wish to go deeper so I was pushing my waist in him now he was gagging but still he was sucking it am loving it and after 10 mins I did a deep thrust and let all my warm cum in him some comeout from his mouth some nose but I was sure he drink the max

Then he lick me I had a 6 inch cock and mak had 6,2 now its his turn but he want it wild he sat on chest and his cock was on my face and said I never did so so he said “Bhaijan ke baat maan” and I said “Ok bhaijan” soon he put his cock in my mouth oh got it was salty and my nose was hit his pubic hairs•• oo god he had a manly smell there at first I dont like it that much but after it I just love it now my mouth was paining and he was doing deep throat I was gagging and begging to plzz take out but he was not listening to me and gagging me more and more .

It last after 15 min he put his hot and salty cum in my mouth I dont to even take that in my mouth but I had no choice as I was tied up and I had to drink it now he untied my legs and put then in air and I found his tongue was in my ass hole°° yahh allah wht a nice pleasure I was just going melt by his act and now he was going to fuck me he said now am gonna fuck you by thinking so I was crying and begging to pplzz leave me.

I was fair and cute in looking ,tears r rolling out. He said plz dont cry and he wont fuck me I say plzz am sry but now he said I wont fuck you but now you r going to have pain and he insert one of his finger in my ass hole and I shouted a lot ahhhhh I never thought of putting anything in my ass hole and now a finger was all in my ass I was crying and beg him to leave I was saying “Ahh maksud ahahh hmm ppllz ahh chid de yaar plzz ahh” he said” bhai tu mast lagta hi rote wakt” and now he was.Fingering me vigorously and I was feeling like am in heaven that time but he never use two fingers he said that will be painful… I like his kindness now he untied me I was free now and feeling really special with mak whole night we were doing kissing smooching ,69,and many more I started loving him as my gf and he too after that he took me to shower and so clen each other and we slept nude hugging each other really tightly

So guys this was my first experience hope you like it and please comment and mail me in [email protected]

I Atif love you all wish I will soon be here with other stories ..

Till then khuda hafiz

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