My Encounter With A Cute Waiter

It had got very late for me returning from office. Some urgent work came up at the last moment. By the time I could complete it, it was past 11:30 at night. Tired and hungry, I dragged myself to the bus stop hoping to get something which can take me to my house. Waiting at the stop with me was another guy of about 21 age, slim, clean shaven and fair. In all he looked cute. He was wearing a slim fit body hugging jeans with a t-shirt. The fitting of his jeans gave nice glimpse of his round ass.

I noticed the guy staring at me. It was a stare more than a casual glance. I ignored it thinking it to be an outcome of my tired naughty mind. I felt like peeing and with no bus or car coming I thought of taking a leak in the drain next to the bus stop. I went behind the stop, opened my fly and took out my dick and started peeing.

After few seconds, I noticed the guy coming next to me apparently also to take a leak. He stood close to me. Too close for comfort of a normal person. He open his fly and took out his dick and started peeing. I noticed him staring at my tool which in fact is quite meaty and big even when not hard. A thought came to my mind. After i was done, I gave a good shake to my dick and instead of putting it inside my jeans, I started playing with it. Giving slow hand job to my tool, it was now fully hard and i could see the guy’s mouth salivating. He too was playing with his dick which though not like mine was quite impressive. But my mind was after his round and tight ass.

Decide to go for the kill I asked him in Hindi “lena hai?” to which he replied “haan” and immediately held my hard tool in his soft hands. The shade of the bus stop was giving us the much needed cover even though there was no one around. After given a few stroke to my tool, he asked if he can suck.. I told him yes but not here, didn’t want to do on a open road.

He suggested there is a under construction apartment few steps ahead where we can go. I was skeptical. He sensed it and said there is no one there at night. I agreed and we started walking towards the apartment after stuffing our hard dick into our jeans (yeah it’s painful). On the way he told his name was Raashid and works at a restaurant nearby as waiter. As we approached the apartment, I noticed it was an abandoned under construction apartment & dark inside with 3 floors constructed. He seemed to have been to this place earlier as he knew the way inside. He entered before me and i was following him. We reached inside using lights of our cellphones and stood near a corner which was covered by 3 side with a wall.

He just hugged me and started kissing me wild. His hands were moving all over my body, his hands were fast in reliving me of my t/shirt, and his hands were playing with my tits finally reaching the place where my already hard dick was .I too was pressing his cute bums moving my hands inside his t-shirt lifting it up. He quickly removed his t-shirt and sat on his knees, unbuckling my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. He quickly pulled my jeans down and started licking my dick over my undies, making it wet with his saliva. Soon my undies were down too and he started sucking my tool and licking my balls.

He was an amazing and experienced sucker taking my 8 inch thick rod deep in his throat. After about 10 mins of sucking and deep throating he stood up. I was my turn to please my boy. I started kissing him wild biting his pink n juicy lips. Our tongues seemed to be fighting to get into each other’s mouths exchanging our juices. His body was smooth as a baby. With my fingers moving to his nipples, I found them stiff. I went down to give them a lick & nibble them. He was letting soft moans. Licking n kissing his sweaty body was intoxicating. Moving further down, I unbuttoned his jeans and with one pull both his jeans & undies were down. He was clean shaved down also.

I held his 6 inch tool in my hand, giving it gentle strokes before taking it in my warm mouth. By now his moans turned more loudly n his breath heavy. My one hand was giving massage to his silky hairless balls while the other was squeezing his bubble butts trying to reach his glory hole as my tongue was working on his shaft. I gestured him to turn around which he did and also bent his butt outward toward my face. Spreading his ass cheeks, I buried my face into his crack. My tongue was now rimming his tight hole, pushing deeper with each lick to loosen it. My hands were still working on his dick and balls. He seemed you be in ecstasy. Spitting in my finger, I tried to loosen up my guy. As I dig one finger, he felt the pain.


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