Wild Sex With My Soulmate

15 December 2015, a very special day of my life as on this day I was going to propose my love of life shraddha. I dressed properly and went to college. As I entered the main gate I saw her standing alone at the canteen. I parked my bike in parking stand and went near her.

‘Shraddha I want to say something, you know what.I.. I love you..’, I said

‘But I don’t, we are not even good friends and you are proposing me ’, she replied

It was a sunny day, I carried her to my bike and asked her to sit on it and said ‘I want to show you something please come ’

‘What!! What others will think about us? I am not going to sit on your bike’, she replied

‘Shraddha, I don’t want to listen to anything, come with me’, I said in a manly tone.

She sat on the back seat of my honda CBR and grabbed my waist tightly with her left hand and her right hand was on my shoulder. It was a wonderful experience for me, I was driving at a speed of 30- 40kmph, and after 10 min of the drive we reached our destination and that was my home.

No one was in my home. We both came inside, I carried her to my room and as she stepped inside, she was stuck for some moments.The walls of my room were covered by of her pics.I showed her a huge collection of stuff that belongs to her.Like her hanky, photocopy of her handwritten notes etc.

‘I am a very big fan of you, you are everything for me, it’s not love, its devotion’, I said

She took a deep breath and said ‘omg, how is this possible, how a person could love me to this extent? ’

It was as my room was welcoming her in a manner that stuff, walls and furniture’s were rejoicing in joy and greeting her ‘welcome shraddha, it’s a great day for all of us to see you here’

She was a bit confused and tensed.

‘What happened shraddha why are you tensed? ’, I asked

‘Sahil, you are awesome and I know no one on this planet would love me more than you but my parents will not allow inter-caste marriage’, she replied

‘In this era, you are talking such stupid stuff of ‘caste system’, how silly shraddha. For me your parents are as important as you and I promise I will take care of them ’, I replied

She took a deep breath, stood against wall with her leg crossed and said ‘no it’s not possible, you don’t know them they are very strict ’.I get close to her and hugged her without her consent, her soft and cozy body was engulfed in my strong masculine arms.She took a deep breath, pushed me back and said ‘sahil please stop this nonsense’

‘this is not nonsense shraddha’, I replied and hugged her again, this time she start losing control over herself.

She put her left hand on my triceps and glanced directly into my eyes, her eyes were saying something different, and her soft feminine body was engulfed by my strong muscular body. It was irresistible for her to control temptation.She was breathing very heavily.

‘Sahil I don’t love you, please stop this’, she said but her words were not supporting her actions.

She put her left hand on the upper back, right hand near lower lats. I felt her rhythmic breath on my chest. I grabbed her tightly and in return, she supported me by tightening her grip, her nails scratched my back. I was feeling the warmth of her breath; her natural aroma was creating intoxication in air.

‘Sahil I can’t do this, please stop’, she said

I put her lips in-between mine and start kissing, our breath was exchanging with each other. She started supporting me, suddenly our tongue started playing with each other.She grabbed my hair tightly and glanced into my eyes, this goes on for next 10 minutes.

And suddenly we broke apart, she said, ‘Sahil please!! Don’t do this. It is wrong’

I put my left hand near her waist and undid her light pink color salwar; she supported me by aligning her body accordingly. Now she was in her white color bra, I put my hands on her bare skin she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When her milky white skin came in contact with my strong arms,she melted like an ice cream and said, ‘Sahil,I don’t care what my parents think about love marriage, the only thing I know is that I can’t live without you anymore.marry me Sahil, marry me’ she said passionately

We start kissing very passionately and start exploring bodies of each other with our hands, she started biting here and there on my chest, abs, shoulder, collar bone. I undid her bra, her soft balls came out. She smiled looking at me it was as her balls were welcoming me to touch, suck and play with them.

She put my head in-between her balls and start massaging my hair and start moaning ‘aaahh it’s awesome’

I started sucking her left nipple like a baby and squeezed her right ball with my left hand. The aroma of her armpit was creating a sense of divinity in the atmosphere.

I put my hand on her kurta and untied it, it fell down, she hugged me very tightly, her butts were very soft and buttery, I squeezed them tightly she moaned ‘aaaaahhh’.

Her milky white legs were naked and I start massaging there with my hands.I carried her to bed and poured Milk on her body, she was feeling heavenly.

‘You made me complete Sahil, I love you so much’, she said.

I started licking her whole body from her toe to nose, each and every part of her body was sucking and licking her and she was moaning ‘Sahil I am yours, you are wonderful. I am sorry I never understood your true love. No one on this planet could love me more than you ’

After 10 minutes of massage, I undid her panty by grip of my teeth and she moaned ‘aaaahhh Sahil’,

Her pussy was completely wet, her precum was engulfed there.

I start licking outer lips of her pussy with my tongue she was moaning ‘Sahil .. aaaaahhh .. Its like heaven on earth.it’s amazing I never felt this before in my life’, I start biting there and I inserted by tongue inside her pussy. she start moaning very badly ‘aaahhaa aahhh Sahil.marry me please.I want to merge with you completely ’,

My tongue was exploring depth of her vagina, finally her first orgasm took place.she grabbed my hands tightly and her rapid breath pattern changed to slow and rhythmic one indicating me about it.

Finally I inserted my penis inside her pussy, and with first thrust she screamed ‘Sahil, Please stop. It’s going inside my please’ and hugged me very tightly.Blood was flowing from her vagina.

Tears came from her eyes, she kissed me passionately and said ‘you are wonderful Sahil’

As I start doing push and pull motion, she start screaming very loudly. we both were sweating heavily.After 10 minutes of vigorous fucking session it ends up by final 4-5 strokes which went very deep inside her pussy.Finally we both cummed together, her cum was overflowing from her pussy.The atmosphere was filled with aroma of our cum and sweet. It was a very wonderful experience.

Next day, in our college.

The girl who was very shy, never talk with anyone was talking with me incessantly, whole day she was with me, with her hands in my hands.everyone was surprised by her sudden change.

After 1 year we both get married and lived our life very happily.

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