Wild Sex With Ritika

Hello people,

I am living in south Delhi and this sex story is about me and my ex-girlfriend. Her name is Ritika. She is beautiful and looks sexy although her figure is 32-26-30. She is very much horny and sex freaky. We had 3 years long relationship and after our breakup, it was hard for her to live without sex as we used to have a lot of sex at her place when were parents were not used to be at home.

Coming on to the story, this incident happened a few months back when she called me to meet up at her flat where she used to live with two other girls. She said that we will get intimate only and that doesn’t mean that we are in a relationship again. I understood her intentions that she only wanted to use me to fulfill her sexual desires. I went to her place with a vodka bottle and few cigarettes.

She greeted me initially and went to the kitchen to get some refreshment. I waited in the balcony and saw panties hanging of Ritika and her flatmates.

I got aroused by seeing those and sniffed them. I took one of the panties and starting masturbating by rubbing it on my erected penis. It was the panty of her flatmate Shefali.She saw me and got angry and said that we will not do anything. I knew she was jealous. After that, we started drinking and after quickly having 2 shots of vodka we both went to the washroom to smoke and there the ice broke.

Sex freaky Ritika started kissing me hard and we smooched for 2 minutes or so. I was remembering our past encounters while kissing her. In our past, we had sex on the rooftop, kitchen, her parent’s bedroom, bathroom etc.

I am very passionate and I decided to start it from the core. I just lowered her pajama and bent down and starting licking her puss. She shaved her pussy specially for that day.She was standing and moaning with her legs crossed over my face. She cummed and I drank all her fluids. I continued with that and she was moaning making sounds as aaa hh hh aaahhhh ahhhh aaaahah yesss lick it baby aaaahhh.

She became mad and I took her in my arms to the bedroom.

I made her nude and she made me nude. I wore her panty on my face and right away we started in missionary position as we both were striving for sex. Huhhhh.. I started thumping her.

To my surprise, she asked to abuse her in Hindi which she never did when we were in a relationship. I realized that she is a typical bitch. I increased my speed and start chanting chud saali. .Kutiya. .Bada rulaya hai tune mjhe pyar ke naam pe. .Chud behen ki lodi. She in return said haa chodo mjhe chodo. Meri choot phaad do. Ye tumhare lund ki pyaasi hai.

After that, she put her legs on my shoulders and I started thumping her harder. She was shouting ahhhh ahhhh ymmhh mmhgg ummhh fuck mee fuck meee.. Karo karoo karooo. Our sex hormones were at all time high and we were sweating like anything. I was about to come and loaded my sperms in her pussy. She shouted at me and I said shut up.

We were lying down on each other.

After 5 minutes of rest she started to suck my penis and within 2-3 minutes, it got an erection. We started in doggy style and started thumping her again. I took her pony in my hand and pinched her waist with the other hand and was fucking her and she was shouting chodo chodo aur zor se ahhhh aaahhh uuuhhh ahhh uhhhh ahhh ahhh mai randy hu fuck meeee. I think it was her fantasy fuck. She was a true bitch.She was thin.

After that, I took her in my arms and crossed her arms over my neck and I was standing with my penis inside her puccy and she was banging up and down and was moaning aaaaahhhh karo karoo pooora jaara haii pooraa jaara haii. Actually with that position you can actually hit the g-spot. I cummed inside her.

In the third trip, I put on a condom and I told her we will do anal. That was our first time. She said haan faad do meri gaand.

I tried to insert in her ass hole. She was shouting like hell as it was paining. The top of my penis was inside her ass and I started moving a bit. She shouted nai hoga mujhse.But I was not in a mind to stop as I was a hurt lover and half of my penis went in and made around 10-15 movements until she almost broke down.

I therefore stopped and she turned. I readily inserted in her pussy again and started thumping hard. She was crying and moaning chodo chodo chodo mjhe. .And I was shouting teri maa ki choot teri behen ki choot behen ki lodi and she was aaaahhh uhhhhh aaahhh. I cummed inside her. We were lying on each other tasting each other sweat.

After that, we started to explore each other in 69 position. I was licking her pussy and was fingering her ass hole. She was sucking my dick and was playing with my balls. Her pussy smell was ecstatic and eating her pussy like anything.I licked her so well that she cummed and sat on my face and was moving to and fro. Now I was mouth fucking her and that bitch was enjoying every bit of it. I don’t mind doing anything wild. I licked her ass hole also and she was all mad.

I left the place after an hour and said I will never fuck you again. She contacted me again but I rejected her offer. Nowadays she is fucking with her boss.

So this was my story. It was simple with all emotions attached and it was all real. Apologies for being lengthy and repetitive if at all I was.

I am very passionate and have a fantasize about females elder than me although I would not mind enjoying with any female of any age. I am just 25 living in south Delhi. I am single and not having any active sex life presently. Please see to it, my female readers. I live alone and will assure and respect your privacy. Kindly give your feedback on the sex story at [email protected]

Thanks everyone for your time.

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