Wild Sex With Most Beautiful Girl On This Planet

Hello friends, this is Sahil again and today I am going to tell a real incident and sex story with Deepti, she is a very beautiful doctor and works in a private hospital, firstly we became facebook friends normal chatting goes on and we came very close to each other.

As I mentioned earlier she is damn hot and beautiful. When she came close to me various aspects of her personality opened in front of me like her childish and vamp personalities. Her vamp personality activates especially when we were talking in the middle of the night and she started talking wildly. So without wasting any time I am going to start my story.

‘Heyyy sahil..how are you? ’, her voice came as I picked her call.

‘I am fantastic Deepti, what’s going on? ’, I answered

‘Nothing very special, I am feeling very horny right now, unzip your button naa Sahil I want to bite on your collar bone’, she said passionately.

‘Deepti stop!!! I am in the middle of the market and you are making me horny, please don’t do this right now… I will call you as I reach home’, I replied

‘No I want you right now, I love teasing you and I will make you horny in the middle of market’, she replied passionately

‘Deepti please don’t do this yaar, you know I am helpless when it comes to sex…. Listen I am going to cut the phone’, I hung the phone

The only thought bothering me was ‘she used to talk sex to ex-boyfriends too’, but her beauty was enough intoxicating to shatter her flaws and to love her endlessly.

‘Deepti I love you, do you love me? Marry me Deepti’, I said as she picked up phone

‘No I don’t love you Sahil’, she replied

‘Then why you do all that drama and all’, I said in anger

‘Ok I will not do it, please leave me alone Sahil I don’t love you’, she replied and cut the phone

It reminds me a beautiful hind song ‘ khobsurat hai wo itna saha nahi jaata kaise ham khud ko rok le raha nahi jaata.Chand main daag hai ye jaante hai ham lekin..raat bhar dekhe bina usko raha nahi jaata’

Finally, she called me in night and said ‘ I am sorry sahil, I love you I said you na babyy you are awesome..aa jao mere paas.. Main hug kar leti hun tumko.. Aa jao mere paaas naaaa..mela shonaaaa mela baby ‘

‘You know what deepti your innocence and beauty makes you flawless although you are an ocean of flaws’, I replied.

‘Sahil undress yourself pleaseee !!! I am feeling horny and want to eat you right now’

‘Ok deepti let me undress you first, what you are wearing right now?’ I said

‘Yellow color top and blue jeans’, she replied

‘I am going to undress your top deepti and going to touch your soft skin with my hands, now you are nude deepti,completely nude in front of me, accha tell me color of your nipples ?’, I said

‘It’s light pink‘, she replied

‘So from today onwards you are my pinky’, I teased her

‘I am not pinky but if you like this name I am your pinky from today onwards’, she said

‘I want to kiss your beautiful lips, your lips are like rose and I am going to suck them, our tongue are dancing, saliva is exchanging with each other and my hands are experiencing the wonderful experience of your skin, the softness of your skin is giving me an experience of mango pulp’,I said

‘Aaahhhaaa aaahhaaaa open your jeans, where is your scooby, I want it’, she replied

Scooby is the name of my penis given by deepti and doobi doo is the name of her pussy and when we copulate it becomes scooby doobi dooooo..

‘I am undressing your jeans deepti and now you are in your pink color panty, your butt is softer than your cheeks’, I teased her

Her butt are very soft and I love see red marks when I slap her creamy and buttery butts, sometimes I bite their it leave red marks although it creates a lot of problems to her while sitting.

‘I want to eat you sahil, come on jaanu I am licking your scooby, it’s really very tasty I love it… Fuck me sahil fuck me I want you sahil inside me fuck me..I am dying without you sahil …’ she said

‘Yes I am going to insert my penis inside you..and I inserted it slowly…. Just take a deep breath I am inside you’, I said

‘Aaaahaaaaa hug me tightly..I love you sahil..saaahiiill I love you push it deeper inside me… I want to be the mother of your child..fuck me sahil..I want it..be like a wild animal and fuck me… fuck me sahil harder and deeper inside me sahil..I want you …’ she replied

‘Yes meri jaan..I love you too Deepti… And I inserted my scooby in your doobi doo Deepti I am doing pull and push motion.. I am inside you Deepti …’, I said

‘Aaahhaaa sahil you are great and I love you..fuck me..I love you jaaanu.. You are mine sahil and I want to surrender my everything to you..Fuck me sahil and make me pregnant..you are a dog and I am your bitch.. Fuck me like a bitch.. Make me your bitch sahil.. ’, she said

‘Our bodies merge with each other and we both slept in this position for whole night’, I said to her

And suddenly door bell rings and I cut the phone.

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