Sex With Ex Girlfriend With The Help Of Weed And Fucked Her Every Hole

Hi everyone, I am ganja man. I am an average person in looks, height 5.5 normal but a fat dick. I wanna narrate a story which was a true incident of my life about how ganja got me my ex-girlfriend back.

Now, without boring you all, let me come to my sex story.

I live in Mumbai and had a great girlfriend named Hena. She was a Muslim and a painting artist. She was from a well-reputed family and had a very sexy figure.

She was fair, a bit short and had huge boobs 36DD. She was 26 years old and we had a relationship for about 8 years.She never tried different positions or adventures which I loved to do. I loved her a lot but things were not working out.

So she decided to leave me because my finances were going down. Now because of all these conditions, I took on to drugs because I could not forget her and her body. So I started smoking weed (ganja) on a regular basis.

Days passed and my habit of weed didn’t stop. Now we had common friends who were concerned about me and told Hena about my situation and she decided to call me.

She called me and tried to explain me about living a good life but I wasn’t interested in listening to her. So she told me to come to her house after 3 days as her parents were going out of town so that she could talk to me in private. I agreed.

After 3 days, I reached her house at 6 pm.

She welcomed me in and we were sitting on the sofa. Looking at my condition, her face was sad and was trying to explain to me that the relation couldn’t work and how she understood that after 8 years and all.

While listening to her, I was making my joint and I started smoking up. Well, all the windows were closed due to the AC in the main room. So the smoke started to affect her and the conversation went on like this…

Hena: “Please understand, don’t spoil your life”

I: “it is already spoiled after you left”

Hena: “I know you loved me dear. I loved you too but I have moved on in life”

I: “I loved you.. No, Hena I love you and will always do”

The weed started taking effect on both of us.

Hena: “I want to help you, dear. Even if I am not there in your life, I can’t see you like this. I want to see you back to work and get settled”

I: “Not possible Hena you were my first love. Without you I am incomplete.”

Now by this time I was rolling my second joint and the room is filled with weed smoke.

Hena: “Just tell me how I can help you? What should I do to get you out of this? Please tell me.”

I: “I wanna make you mine the way I want it. It was always my dream to be satisfied but you never wanted me to experiment in sex. I wanna do that, maybe that would help because I lust your body when I have weed and that makes me more addicted to this weed.”

Hena was thinking of what I wanted as she was very stiff while having sex and didn’t even try different positions.

Hena: “Ok, I am yours do whatever you want with me for 3 days. I won’t say anything and will obey every word you say.”

I: “Really will you do that for me?”

Hena: “I wanna give you everything you craved for in our relationship.”

I: “Ok, then remove your clothes”

She obeyed and sat on the sofa removing her clothes fully naked in front of me while I was sitting beside her.

Hena: “Now I am all yours tell me what you want to do.”

I: “Have a joint with me.”

I made my third joint and told her to get a Pepsi. We both had it and we both were totally high.

I went close to her having some Pepsi in my mouth and started smooching her and in return giving her some Pepsi to drink as well. Then I started pressing her boobs and licking them like crazy circling her areola. Then I stopped and took her to her room. Her room had paint brushes, paint, rose flowers in the flower vase, hookah as well.

I pinned her against the wall and started smooching her again pressing and slapping her boobs to which she was moaning a little. Then she had some painting colors with I took in my hand and started to paint her boobs with my hand. She caught my hand.

Hena: “What are doing baby??”

I:  “You said you are mine. I will do everything with you that I wanted.”

By saying this I gave her hard slaps on her boobs and pussy to which she moaned, “Ahhhhh. Nikiss stoppp it.. Fuck me I can’t take all these foreplay babyyyy”

I: “No, today you will take it and do what I say or want to do”

By saying this I continued to paint her boobs with rani pink color but didn’t color her tits. Then I went to her pussy area which was hairy and painted it red while rubbing her clit.

Hena: “Baby you will kill me today fuck me na baby pleaseeee”

I never had got a blowjob from her so I asking her for one. She went down and started taking my cock licking it sucking it and I mouth fucked her and shot my load into her mouth which she tasted for the first time.

Then I took the tit in my hand and pulled it up to make her stand, slapped her boobs again and push her to bed. Then I took out my phone and started clicking her pictures in sexy positions. I said, “If you don’t to it I won’t fuck you”. She agreed because of the weed effect and thirst for my cock.

Then I went down near her navel and licked it like hell. She was going completely mad. I moved to her hairy pussy and started licking it. It was wet and juicy. I bit her clit many times and stretched it with my teeth roughly.

She couldn’t take it anymore and took my cock in her hand and shook it asking me to fuck.

Hena: “Bas kar dekh meri chut kitne gharam ho gai hai mar na plsss ahhhhh pleaseee ahhh don’t bite ahhhhh my clitttt fuck me you bastard”

I took my dick and rammed it in her pussy and started stroking like mad dog.

Hena: “Ahhhhhh allah bahut dukh raha hai slow mar plss ahhhhhh”

After five mins she started going mad and saying, “Aur maar jor se phad de chut ko”. While saying this, she was opening her hole and stretching it. After 20 mins of fucking her, I came in her pussy and she came twice.

We sat on the bed after sex. I was playing with her boobs and she asked, “Are you happy now?”

I said, “No, I have 3 days and your body is mine.”

Hena “Chod liya na aab kiya karega”

I:  “Let’s have another joint.”

She agreed and we had another joint now in full power.

She came near me and started sucking my cock again which was a surprise.

I: “Ajj kiya baat hai tum mera muh me le rahi ho.”

Hena: “Ajj tere ganje se jayda tere laund ka nasha chada hai chod na aur plsss 5 mahine se chut bukhi hai aaj mai teri hun.”

I: “Aaj gand maroga teri”.

Saying this, I put my finger in her ass hole. Hena was surprised and said, “I have never done it before. Please, not my ass.”

I asked, “Don’t you want me to lead a good life or not?” to which she agreed.

Now we were in 69 position and I was licking and fingering her ass which was very tight.

Hena was moaning, “Ahhhhhh oooiiiiii maaaa phad diii reeeeeee”

Then I got up put her in doggy position and slapped her ass red.

Then I told her to spread her ass cheeks and positioned my dick at the ass hole and gave a push. But only half of my dick went in and she started shouting, “Nikal kutte it is paining… Niks pleaaasee… Ahhhhhhh… Pleaseee.. Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh”. But I pulled her hair and rammed her hole like there was no tomorrow and tears were rolling from her cheeks.

After sometime, she started to enjoy it and pain became pleasure. We fucked for another 10 minutes.

I was cumming and she asked me to cum in her ass. I said, “Nooo, you will take it in the mouth” and she started blowing me again. She loved my cock mixed with her ass smell and cum. I shot my cum in her mouth and she cleaned me dry.

Then we smooched a lot and cleaned ourselves. We were in the bathroom and she was pissing. I said, “Don’t wash your pussy” and I licked her pussy with some piss on her hair which she loved. Then when I went to piss and she also cleaned me the same way and we went to the bed naked.

What happened the next 2 days will come in part 2 and 3. If you liked my story, please give feedback on [email protected]

Any lady wants to contact me for adventure and sex in Mumbai, please do so on the same id.

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