Sex With A Friend In A Forest

Hai, ISS readers I am Kathir, 27, tall and fair from Erode. I am a big fan of this site; I have been reading ISS stories since my UG. After reading so many stories, I decided to share my experience with you. This is my first experience; which took place when I was studying UG.

I studied my UG in a reputed college where I entered with a lot of dreams. Since I studied in boys school I didn’t have any experience with a girl. I had a lot of fear to speak to girls. After entering the college I created a team with a group of boys. I was spending all the time with my friends, nothing happened for the first two years. In the final year, our attitude had totally been changed. Since I was in sports team I went to practice for most of the times. After won many prizes in inter college meet I was very famous among the girls, this I came to know through my girl friend later.

Here is my heroin named Tamil ( the name is changed) One of the beautiful girls in the college. Her stats 30-28-32, quite native color of Tamilnadu with long hair. She was slim with 5 feet tall and perfect structure. I liked her very much. In final year that was the time to celebrate Pongal function in our college.

On that day I wore white shirt and dhoti. A girl from my department came to me and complemented that I was so handsome that day. I was surprised since we have studied the same department she did not speak to me for two years but I knew her very well. I had Spoken about her to my friends many time about her beauty. I did not have enough time to speak to her because I was given two events to conduct like rope pulling and (sakku potti). During the even, he came and participated in the sakku potti. The day fully She was always staring at me I too liked that I responded her.

After that we passed smile wherever we cross but didn’t speak. I didn’t have the dare to speak. One fine day we spoke in the lunch time, she asked me what my lunch was. I replied that I didn’t bring lunch. By hearing this she gave me her lunch and told me “you take my lunch I share with my friends. I was very happy. After some days we were very close. We exchanged our mobile numbers. We daily chat in the night time about common things happened in our college.

While chatting she told me that she sighted me when I was in shorts in sports day and practice. Day by day we speak about our personal things. she asked me whether I loved anyone, I replied that yes I have a love affair with one girl, actually I was loving a girl with two side. Hearing this she did not SMS for some time after she enquired me who she was like that. After she knew about my love she texted me normally.

One fine day she said that she loved me through SMS. I asked her what; she replied that as a friend she loved me. I said me too. Our conversation was going on like that she helped me to speak with my lover many times because my lover was in other district. After some days I could find that Tamil loved me seriously.

So I also liked her way of speaking, care about me, etc. Conversation between us changed into romance and then sex chat very soon. I asked her kiss through SMS. she gave me without wasting a second. Our romance continued like this for more than one month. One day we had semester exam in morning batch after the exam Tamil invited me and her friend to her home.

While We were going to her home she texted me that without knowing the friend of her she wanted a kiss. I was so nerves after readying the SMS. We reached her home and completed our lunch there and Tamil called me inside her bedroom to see her photos. I called her friend also so that she would not suspect us. She also joined with us to see her photos.

I was sitting between Tamil and her friend. Tamil came very close to me her one breast touched my upper hand. I was speechless. I was not able see her photos because I was feeling her breast. That was the first time I sat close to a girl. Since my lover was in other district I did not have any chance with her to feel like that. It was new to me. After watching her photos we decided to leave to our home. Tamil’s friend went out from the room to take her bag.


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