Savita Bhabhi’s Short Romance In The Theatre

One day, Savita Bhabhi browsed online to check what to do for the weekend. Even Ashok had a weekend off. So, they planned for a movie. As usual, Savita Bhabhi wanted to see a romantic movie. Since it was a weekend, there was a heavy rush.

Ashok tried a lot to select the theatre since all the multiplexes showed full. But he knew a theatre around the corner with not too many people. Some even wondered why were they even running the theatre. Hardly ten people used to come on weekends.

But still, he could watch movie peacefully in the theatre. Savita Bhabhi too felt very much excited since she wanted that experience in the local theatre. She felt so tired of visiting costly multiplexes where people would maintain pin-drop silence while watching the movie.

Savita Bhabhi wanted men to shout, whistle, make a scene while watching an epic scene. She could not wait for the weekend. Finally, he took her to the theatre on Saturday and they could not believe their eyes. Unlike the rest of the days, the theatre had a “House Full” board outside. Thank god, they had booked the tickets online a couple of days ago.

Since all the seats had sold out, they had to sit according to the seat number. Savita Bhabhi did not expect this. So, she wore a transparent sari with the sleeveless blouse. As usual, she did not wear any panty inside. Just a petticoat which would not even extend to her knees. It stopped till her thighs.

The movie was very boring. Slowly, the people started to leave. Some even started to sleep while the others started to vacate the place. Even Ashok wanted to leave. But Savita Bhabhi insisted him to complete the movie. The main reason for that was, she liked the guy sitting next to her.

A tall handsome young man sat right next to her. Due to the poor lights, none could see anyone besides them. But this guy had noticed Savita Bhabhi when the light was on before starting the movie. So, he did not want to leave and wanted to play with her. Since she had brought her husband along, he felt scared at first.

Slowly, he kept his hand on her soft hand on the handrest of the chair. He prepared himself for the slap but she did not respond. On the contrary, she did not even look at him. He gathered some courage and placed his hand on her thighs.

Due to the transparent sari, he could feel the sexy and soft thigh clearly. He can also feel the inner skirt’s outline. Soon, he grabbed the inner skirt and tried to pull move it over her sari. He felt very surprised when he did not see any response from her side even for that.

He could hear a heavy breathing noise from her. Then, he came closer and rested his head on her naked arms. Soon, he felt a soft hand rubbing against his cheeks. He could not believe his luck. Slowly, he ducked and came close to her legs.

Then, he pulled up her sari carefully with his eyes on her and her husband. Both seemed to enjoy the movie. Savita Bhabhi reacted as if nothing happened to her. He could not ask for more that day. So, he pulled up the sari till her thigh and touched her soft and toned legs.

He wished he could see those legs in a light. But he felt very scared to focus a torchlight on his cellphone. That could catch her husband’s attention and they might land in a trouble. So, he started to rub her legs and she started to shake her legs since it felt a bit ticklish.

Slowly, he moved to her thighs and planted a kiss on them. She felt very horny but feared since her hubby might see him. So, she pushed his head away. He understood the situation. Slowly, he grabbed her hands and placed it on his crotch. Soon, she grabbed his boner with her hands.

He could describe the excitement he had at that particular time. Before he could do anything, Savita Bhabhi unzipped his pants and inserted her hand into the boxer he wore. Then, she took off his penis outside and started to stroke it.

She liked the length and played with his balls. They made her very horny and with another hand, she grabbed his hand. Slowly, she made way and made him touch the breast closer to him. He inserted his hand inside her bra and grabbed her breast.

When all these happened, she checks on her hubby since that might catch his attention. But fortunately, for her, he had slept already. Taking that opportunity, she soon, kneeled and took his dick deep into her mouth. He too felt very glad that the area had been vacated and only these three stayed back.

Savita Bhabhi sucked his penis more than a pro. After a while, she sat back and pulled up her sari and the inner skirt. Then, she pushed his head into her shaved pussy and he felt more than happy to return the favor. Meanwhile, he pressed her sexy breasts inside the bra.

He could feel the liquid oozing out of her cunt and he drank every drop of it. Both felt very much delighted and he adjusted his clothes while she did her’s. Finally, the movie finished and they left the place without even knowing anything about each other.

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