Savita Bhabhi And The Designer While Selecting The Dress

Savita Bhabhi and her husband felt very excited for the upcoming wedding anniversary. They both wanted to make it very grand. So, he arranged for the DJ night in his lavish home and booked the caterers for the Chinese and North Indian food for the guests.

When everything went as per planned, she came to Ashok one night and asked him if he had anything planned for the outfits for them. Savita Bhabhi looked very sexy in shorts which looked shorter than his underwear. She had just a shirt which just covered her sexy breasts showing her navel.

She looked sexy as always which made Ashok hard. He forgot the question she asked him and just kept staring at her assets. He wondered why did she even wear that outfit when almost her whole body appeared easily. She started to comb her wet hair since she came right from the shower.

Since it had been a while, she looked at his image in the mirror and asked him again about the dress. That made Ashok return to the earth and he told her that he had not given any thought about that.

Suddenly, Savita Bhabhi looked back at him with a surprise. An angry face in that sexy outfit. He could not ask for more. That time, he cursed himself for staying away from his wife most of the time. Well, used to curse very often for this mistake. Savita Bhabhi waved her hands again to shouted again with the same question.

Savita Bhabhi: You mean we should wear just a sari and your old suite like we used to wear on all the occasions?
Ashok: I really thought that would look cool.

Savita Bhabhi: Seriously? Honey, Please.
Ashok: Sure. What do you have in your mind?

Ashok could not control his erection when his wife calls him ‘honey’ or ‘darling’. She told him about her desire to have a designer wear for the event. He could not deny her will and told her that he would take her to the designer on the next morning. Savita Bhabhi felt very happy and they had nice sex that night.

Next morning, they came to a designer and Ashok introduced her to him. After explaining everything, he took her inside. He was working alone since it was a Sunday. He too felt mesmerized looking at Savita Bhabhi’s beauty. Then, he took her inside since he wanted to have the measurement.

The designer Mahesh looked very handsome and royal. His outfit alone told her how good designer he was. He showed her various clothes and asked her about her suggestion. Since her husband would not see her there, Savita Bhabhi had a naughty idea.

Savita Bhabhi: Can I try the clothes which the Hollywood actresses would wear for an event.
Mahesh: Tell me something specific.

Savita Bhabhi: I don’t know the name of those clothes. But they look very sexy. Some show the whole legs and covers just the pussy and breasts. While some show more cleavage etc.
Mahesh: I can understand what you mean.

But she actually meant to have some fun with this successful and handsome guy. He too understood it. First, he showed her come short clothes. But Savita Bhabhi did not show much interest in them. But still, she had a look at them.

Mahesh: First, let me remove your sari. If you don’t mind?
Savita Bhabhi: Sure.

He removed her sari carefully and as the time progressed, he started to feel horny. She stood with just a bra and panty in front of him. Her deep cleavage and her hot ass made him very horny and she could see his big boner.

Mahesh: For this outfit, you have to remove your bra too. It looks good with a topless body.
Savita Bhabhi: Really? Then, take it off.

He unhooked her bra and he could hear the heavy breaths of her. Her body started to shiver and he could see the lust in her eyes. He slowly kept his finger on her erect nipple and she moaned a bit. That looked more like an invitation.

Slowly, he bent and pulled down her panty. The sexy ass cheeks popped out and her hairless pussy had become wet already. Soon, he placed his hands on her cunt and started to finger fuck her. Meanwhile, she unzipped his pants and took his penis out.

While he finger fucked her wet cunt, she started to stroke his penis harder. He soon turned her around and inserted his penis into her ass. Some heavy strokes came into action and she controlled a lot from moaning. Mahesh handed over his boxer which she stuffed into her mouth to stop her moaning noise coming out.

Then, he turned her around again and knelt. “Madam, you need some lubrication in your pussy, if you wanted to wear this outfit”, he said and soon she replied, “Sure. Make it wet. Please”, in a husky voice.

Without any delay, he inserted his tongue deep into her pussy with her fingers opening the pussy lips. He started to suck the life out of her and again she stuffed his boxer in her mouth. Finally, he inserted his dick into her pussy and started to bang her hard.

The whole table started to vibrate and soon the leg of a table broke with a loud noise. Both felt scared for a while and soon, wore their clothes. They came out as if nothing happened and he told Ashok that he could collect the clothes after a week. But he wanted her to come daily so that she could make sure about the customer satisfaction on every stage.

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