Sanjana – The Elegant Sexy Lady

Hi, this is Amit once again with one my recent encounters. For starters, I’m from Mumbai, 36 yrs, 5’10”, athletic, good looking and one with a high drive. I travel a lot and this has given me opportunities to experience some of the best sex with some of the best women. Do write back on [email protected] Now, for the story.

It was one of the usual travel days for me on work. I had to visit Dehradun on a business assignment and I took a flight from Mumbai, via Delhi. It was an early morning flight and then a layover at Delhi airport when I took a bit of a rest in the lounge.

While there, I spotted a lady sitting right across. She was well dressed in denim, a shirt and a suave jacket on top. She was fair with sharp features and big eyes. Her hair was streaked and though she appeared to be tall, she was wearing heels. She was busy reading a book and took a short glance at me, then continued reading. This lady appeared to be affluent and very stylish. I appreciate women who know how to carry themselves.

Time passed and I boarded the small aircraft. I was looking outside the window and suddenly a scintillating fragrance came from nowhere. I was taken aback to see that the same lady was seated next to me and my heart skipped a beat! She gave me a smile and I returned one graciously too.

The plane took off and after a while, I started working on my laptop and browsing some pics. Little did I know that she was taking a sneak peek. “Nice pics”, she remarked. I replied,”Oh thanks, they are just some general adventure ones”. “You seem to be quite adventurous,” she said. I replied, “Well, that I am.” And so the conversation started.

We introduced each other. She was from Dehradun and owned a boutique there. She traveled frequently to Delhi.Her name was Sanjana and she was 45 yrs of age, 5.6 inches tall, yes quite well proportioned, full lips and large eyes and wore a nose ring. She had big boobs and a nice ass. She said that she hailed from a business family, a single mother with 2 daughters.

Sanjana was really good to talk to and we shared some light jokes. She was impressed with my knowledge about a variety of subjects as I was impressed by her being smart and suave. We exchanged our numbers and she asked me how long will I be in town. I replied by saying that it’ll take me 2-3 days to complete my work and will then head back. She invited me to her boutique. We landed and bid goodbye.

The next day I received a message from Sanjana. It read, “Hi. I hope Dehra Dun is treating you well. Why don’t you drop into my boutique this evening? We can then plan a dinner somewhere. I’m also getting bored these days as my daughters are out of town.” I was thrilled and replied back in the affirmative.

I got ready in the evening after reaching my hotel and picked up some flowers on the way to her place. Her boutique was a premium one and very well done up. She was happy to see me and I was stunned. She wore a full dress and had set her hair. She looked gorgeous.

We chatted for a while then she suggested a nice restaurant where we headed to. We ordered some drinks and started with general chats. Slowly we moved to more personal aspects of our lives. She revealed that she was separated a few years back and her ex-husband was in Delhi. She moved back to Dehradun with her parents and started her own business.

Then out of the blue, she said,”You know, I really like you coz you are unassuming and a very good listener….and well you are handsome as well”, and winked. I replied, “Well that’s a huge compliment coming from a gorgeous lady like you. Believe me, you are of the very few women I have liked. Thanks!” So what do you like in me?” she asked. I said, “ You are intelligent, independent, beautiful, gracious and you don’t look your age.” She laughed on that and said I knew how to treat women. She came closer to me and kind of cozied aside. We ordered another round of drinks.

Sanjana asked for a vodka and I had a single malt whiskey. The weather was chill outside. She looked at me intensely as the alcohol was having an effect on her and a bit on me too. I felt a tingle inside and sensed there’s much more coming. This excited me and I had a boner. She noticed it as I adjusted myself and she chuckled.


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